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Secret No More: V



Write the FBI and request, by name and file number, the one or ones you are interested in under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (5 USC 552). For best results use our sample letter as a template. The FBI’s address is:

Records Information Dissemination Section
170 Marcel Drive
Winchester, VA 22602-4843

If you are requesting files on an individual you will need to include the individual’s birth date and proof that the individual is deceased or is more than 110 years old. Acceptable proof could be a copy of an obituary, death notice, news story, Social Security Death Index (SSDI) record printout, or encyclopedia entry. Wikipedia is not acceptable to the FBI.

List which files you want, mention if you are a member of the press, and tell the FBI that you agree to pay reasonable fees up to $30 without additional permission so that they can process your request. In some cases, members of the media can request and receive a waiver of fees otherwise charged under FOIA. To receive a fee waiver, members of the media must explain to the FBI how release of the information will further public understanding of how government works, and how you intend to disseminate that information. Standard copying fees for FBI Freedom of Information material are 10¢/page, with the first 100 pages free. Again, we urge you to use our carefully worded sample letter as a template.

The information contained in
Secret No More
was obtained and developed by:

Michael J. Ravnitzky

Valachi, Joseph HQ-0700035395
Valachi, Joseph HQ-0920013028
Valachi, Joseph HQ-0920004282
Valenti, Anthony – US vs Valenti HQ-1220000314
Valle, Juan Hernandez HQ-0030000041
Valle, Juan Hernandez HQ-1000161159
Valle, Juan Hernandez HQ-0250494741
Vallecilla, Robert Lane – BOPNO HQ-0650034537
Van Deman, Ralph H. HQ-0650001242
Van Deman, Ralph H. HQ-0940037516
Van Deman, Ralph H. LA-0610000472
Van Dongen, Helen HQ-1050013178
Van Dongen, Helen Victoria Rosa HQ-0400071776
Van Dyke, Willard Ames HQ-1000427271
Van Dyke, Willard Ames HQ-1050218646
Van Gogh Painting worth $100K HQ-0870120961
Van Meter, Homer – Dillinger Gun HQ-0260007290
Van Meter, Homer – Dillinger Gun HQ-0620029777
Van Meter, Homer – Dillinger Gun HQ-0870025562
Van Meter, Homer – Dillinger Gun HQ-0880014928
Van Meter, Homer – Dillinger Gun HQ-0910000015
Vandever, George -atty defend IWW HQ-0610001879
Vanover, Hursel Billy HQ-0310087657
Vanport City, Oregon Disaster HQ-1200000735
Vanzetti, Bartholomeo HQ-06100000126
Vaughn, Robert HQ-1050155574
Verber, Otto HQ-0650058841
Videm – March-Demonstration HQ-1050138315
Vierack, George Sylvester HQ-0970000391
Vierack, George Sylvester HQ-0510000299
Vietnam Veterans Against the War HQ-1000448092
Vietnam Veterans Against the War HQ-1000415697
Vietnam Veterans Against the War HQ-1000478375
Vietnam Veterans Against the War HQ-1570034898
Vietnam Veterans Against the War HQ-0950193115
Vietnam Veterans Against the War HQ-1760002391
Vietnam Veterans Against the War HQ-1000472940
Vietnam Veterans Against the War HQ-1000471946
Vietnam Veterans Against the War HQ-1000448092
Vigorita, Gabriel – BOPNO HQ-0920009046
Vigorita, Gabriel – BOPNO HQ-0930035602
Vigorita, Gabriel – BOPNO HQ-0260178891
Vigorita, Gabriel – BOPNO HQ-0260159452
Vigorita, Gabriel – BOPNO HQ-0260026752
Vigorita, Gabriel – BOPNO HQ-0260024623
Vigorita, Gabriel – BOPNO HQ-0260032025
Vigorita, Gabriel – BOPNO HQ-0260189126
Villard, Oswald Jamison HQ-0610001630
Villard, Oswald Jamison HQ-1000006136
Villard, Oswald Jamison HQ-0610000901
Villard, Oswald Jamison HQ-0610001147
Villard, Oswald Jamison HQ-0400006853
Vincent, John Carter HQ-1210011900
Vincent, John Carter HQ-0620080659
Vincent, John Carter HQ-1900005052
Vogel, Edward -Chicago mob figure HQ-0920000345
Vogl, Carl A. – Germ-Amer Bund HQ-1000068243
Von Bohlen, Ludwig – alias Bach HQ-0640025742
Von Hohenlohe, Stephanie HQ-0650001649
Von Lewinski, Karl Juife HQ-0650001290
Von Rauttter HQ-0650016273
Von Wimmersperg, Jochem Frei herr HQ-0650009524
Vonsiatsky, Anastase A – Bund HQ-1020000077
Vonsiatsky, Anastase A – Bund HQ-0650001675
Vonsiatsky, Anastase A – Bund HQ-0510000308
Voorhis, Jerry – 94040SUB05678 HQ-1380002268
Vorse, Mary Heaton – Journalist HQ-1010003044
Voss, Otto Herrmann – BOPNO HQ-0650000748
Voss, Otto Herrmann – BOPNO HQ-1000193436
Voss, Otto Herrmann – BOPNO HQ-0730015171
Voss, Otto Herrmann – BOPNO HQ-1000208507