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Secret No More: T



Write the FBI and request, by name and file number, the one or ones you are interested in under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (5 USC 552). For best results use our sample letter as a template. The FBI’s address is:

Records Information Dissemination Section
170 Marcel Drive
Winchester, VA 22602-4843

If you are requesting files on an individual you will need to include the individual’s birth date and proof that the individual is deceased or is more than 110 years old. Acceptable proof could be a copy of an obituary, death notice, news story, Social Security Death Index (SSDI) record printout, or encyclopedia entry. Wikipedia is not acceptable to the FBI.

List which files you want, mention if you are a member of the press, and tell the FBI that you agree to pay reasonable fees up to $30 without additional permission so that they can process your request. In some cases, members of the media can request and receive a waiver of fees otherwise charged under FOIA. To receive a fee waiver, members of the media must explain to the FBI how release of the information will further public understanding of how government works, and how you intend to disseminate that information. Standard copying fees for FBI Freedom of Information material are 10¢/page, with the first 100 pages free. Again, we urge you to use our carefully worded sample letter as a template.

The information contained in
Secret No More
was obtained and developed by:

Michael J. Ravnitzky

Tafoya, Eugene A. HQ-1990004175
Tafoya, Eugene A. – ATPD Assn Libyan HQ-1990003485
Takizawa, Kichiro HQ-0930001097
Takizawa, Kichiro – Multi-Section File HQ-0020000427
Tario, Michael John -Select Svc A 1920 Case HQ-0250617290
Tartakow, Jerome Eugene HQ-0310069194
Tartakow, Jerome Eugene HQ-0310075507
Tartakow, Jerome Eugene HQ-0490018129
Tartakow, Jerome Eugene HQ-1000380609
Tartakow, Jerome Eugene HQ-1450002579
Tartakow, Jerome Eugene HQ-0260107055
Tartakow, Jerome Eugene HQ-0650058236
Tartakow, Jerome Eugene HQ-1900014128
Tasker, Ewell G. HQ-0310066863
Tass News Agency HQ-1000183386
Tass News Agency HQ-1740003142
Tass News Agency HQ-1850000687
Tass News Agency HQ-1000486881
Tass News Agency HQ-1050067845
Tatlock, Jean HQ-1000017828
Tatlock, Jean – Alleged Communist HQ-1000235538
Tatum Edward Lawrence Dr. HQ-1610002020
Tatum, Roosevelt HQ-0460048526
Taylor, Telford – Communist Attorney HQ-1010001298
Taylor, Telford – Communist Attorney HQ-1210039765
Taylor, Telford – Communist Attorney HQ-0620088217
Taylor, Telford – Communist Attorney HQ-0770010183
Taylor, Telford – Communist Attorney HQ-1050239938
Taylor, William Henry – espionage HQ-1210007370
Taylor, William Henry – espionage HQ-1380000348
Taylor, William Henry – espionage HQ-0650056402
Taylor, William Henry – espionage 19505 HQ-1000370362
Teller, Edward Dr. HQ-0770073070
Teller, Edward Dr. HQ-1160002713
Teller, Edward Dr. HQ-1330000222
Teller, Edward Dr. HQ-1510000530
Teller, Edward Dr. HQ-1160002730
Teller, Edward Dr. HQ-1900007611
Telvi, Abraham HQ-0150034821
Telvi, Abraham HQ-0720000964
Telvi, Abraham HQ-0510000430
Temkin, Douglas – FBI Break-In WEAFUG HQ-1000470978
Teneiken, Ernst HQ-0970000114
Teneiken, Ernst – Leader -Germ. Nall Allnce HQ-1000049664
Tenneson, Richard Roger, POW Repatr. HQ-1000404372
Tenrikyo Mission HQ-1020000091
Tenuca – Major Case 1950’s HQ-0880003277
Tenuto, Frederick PH-0880000433
Teresa, Vincent HQ-0870104540
Teresa, Vincent HQ-0870100142
Teresa, Vincent HQ-0870100938
Teresa, Vincent HQ-0870091175
Teresa, Vincent HQ-0260364671
Teresa, Vincent HQ-0870102002
Teresa, Vincent HQ-0870143043
Teresa, Vincent HQ-0890004926
Teresa, Vincent HQ-0920016097
Teresa, Vincent HQ-1630042794
Teresa, Vincent – Big Vinnie HQ-1370006705
Terminal RailRoad Co – Texas City DS HQ-1200000065
Terpil, Frank E. – Illegal Arms Sales HQ-0970005427
Terranova, Ciro – 1920’s Gangster HQ-0600001499
Terranova, Ciro – 1920’s Gangster HQ-0620035793
Terrell County, GA -James Griggs Raines HQ-0440013105
Testa, Phillip HQ-1660000345
Testa, Phillip – Chicken Man HQ-0920006547
Testa, Phillip – Philadelphia Crime Boss HQ-1660000860
Texas City Disaster – Late 1940s HQ-1200000065
Texas Southern University Race Riot HQ-1570007407
Thayer, Earl – BOPNO HQ-0700062482
Thevis, Michael George HQ-1450005561
Thevis, Michael George HQ-0920012071
Thevis, Michael George HQ-1660006656
Thevis, Michael George HQ-1830000679
Thevis, Michael George HQ-0920016266
Thevis, Michael George HQ-0920014566
Thevis, Michael George HQ-1450004213
Thevis, Michael George HQ-1450004582
Thevis, Michael George HQ-0870136924
Thevis, Michael George HQ-1450004511
Thevis, Michael George HQ-0280001146
Thevis, Michael George HQ-1450004734
Thevis, Michael George HQ-1450004928
Thevis, Michael George HQ-1450003924
Thevis, Michael George HQ-1450004881
Thi Dinh Ba – Vietnam Ambassador to U.N. HQ-1050289260
Thomas, Eugene HQ-0440028601
Thomas, Norman HQ-1050036421
Thomas, Norman HQ-0422060971
Thomas, Norman HQ-1730001628
Thomas, Norman HQ-0610010767
Thomas, R. J. – United Auto Workers HQ-1000051840
Thomas, Sharon – Church of Scientology TP-183-0000727
Thompson, Frank HQ-0560004901
Thompson, Harry Thomas HQ-0650000615
Thompson, Luke Floyd -CIA double uncov HQ-0020002281
Thompson, Robert – Communist Party HQ-1000052444
Thompson, Robert G -Hoover Brief Presid. HQ-0940057090
Thompson, Robert Glenn HQ-0900001190
Thompson, Robert Glenn – Pass-Mil Sec HQ-0650068227
Thompson, Susan – Former Weatherman HQ-0360002669
Thorelson, Jacob HQ-1000039625
Thorelson, Jacob HQ-1000335820
Thorelson, Jacob – House of Representat. HQ-0090005865
Thorner, Daniel HQ-1000373415
Throne, Sidney HQ-0580001694
Thurmond, Thomas H. HQ-0070000375
Tibbitts, Thomas P. Private HQ-1000970
Tieri, Frank HQ-1660006004
Tieri, Frank HQ-0930017690
Tieri, Frank HQ-1830004327
Tieri, Frank HQ-1820003986
Tieri, Frank HQ-1790001505
Tieri, Frank HQ-1790000893
Tieri, Frank HQ-1790000866
Tieri, Frank HQ-1790000678
Tieri, Frank HQ-1790000463
Tieri, Frank HQ-1370035656
Tieri, Frank HQ-1830000920
Tieri, Frank HQ-0920017409
Tieri, Frank HQ-0620115161
Tieri, Frank HQ-1830004239
Tieri, Frank – Crime Boss HQ-0920006246
Tijerima Case – Reies, Hugh HQ-1000448154
Tijerina Case – Reies, Hugh HQ-1050173626
Tijerina Case – Reies, Hugh HQ-0880066392
Till, Emmett – Kidnap and Murder 8-28-55 HQ-0070007714
Titti, Americo – Axis Loyalty HQ-0250121423
The Badak – Dutch Ship Passengers HQ-1000191757
The Badak – Dutch Ship Passengers HQ-1000036450
Tocco, Jack HQ-0490014941
Tocco, Jack HQ-0420019018
Tocco, Jack HQ-0920018504
Tocco, Jack HQ-1660006594
Tocco, Jack HQ-1660006043
Toledano, Margarita Lambardo HQ-1000072392
Toledano, Vincent Lombardo -Mex. Labor HQ-1000004326
Tomahawk – Espionage Poland HQ-0650076631
Tombota, Henry – Evacuation Claim Act HQ-1290000001
Top Echelon Criminal Informant Program LA-13700004336
Top Hoodlum Program HQ-0920004226
Top Hoodlum Program – 62-9 and subsect. HQ-0620100008
TOPLEV 1950s Intelligence HQ-100-3
  sub 99
Torres, Manuel HQ-0030000041
Torres, Manuel HQ-1000361642
Torres, Manuel Rabago – BOPNO HQ-0090021360
Torrio, John HQ-0750001388
Torrio, John HQ-0090014533
Torrio, John HQ-0320018224
Torrio, John HQ-0620050948
Torrio, John HQ-0620098475
Torrio, John – BOPNO HQ-0620040811
Tougaloo College HQ-0940063857
Tougaloo College HQ-1570001648
Tougaloo College HQ-1740000582
Tougaloo Political Action Committee HQ-1000454529
Touhy Case HQ-0070000077
Touhy Case HQ-0070000086
Touhy Case HQ-0760008902
Touhy Case – Roger Touhy HQ-0620098259
Tourine, Charles – the Blade – Hoodlum HQ-0630000069
Townsend Harris Association HQ-1000194138
Townsend, Francis HQ-0620042959
Townsend, Francis HQ-0880000222
Townsend, Francis HQ-0620030987
Townsend, Ralph W. HQ-065-2193
Townsend, Ralph W. SF-0650000089
Townsend, Willard Saxby HQ-1400020237
Townsend, Willard Saxby HQ-0770052199
Trachtenberg, Alexander HQ-0610002115
Tracktenberg, Alexander HQ-0540000603
Trade Union Educational League HQ-0610000714
Trade Union Educational League HQ-0610000506
Trade Union Educational League HQ-1000000003
Trade Union Educational League HQ-0390000915
Trade Union Educational League HQ-0610007358
Trade Union Unity League HQ-0610000714
Trade Union Unity League HQ-0390000915
Trade Union Unity League HQ-1000000003
Trade Union Unity League HQ-1000096104
Trade Union Unity League HQ-0610007358
Trafficante, Santos HQ-0920002781
Tramuti, Carmine HQ-1790001378
Tramuti, Carmine HQ-0920004197
Tramuti, Carmine HQ-19000018095
Tramuti, Carmine – ITAR Gambling HQ-1660004843
Transocean News Service – Manfred Zapp HQ-0650006225
Transocean News Service – Manfred Zapp HQ-062-6225
  sub A
Trapnell, Garrett Brock HQ-0260317774
Trapnell, Garrett Brock HQ-0260349345
Trapnell, Garrett Brock HQ-0250468991
Trapnell, Garrett Brock HQ-0910036333
Trapnell, Garrett Brock – skyjacking HQ-1640002229
Trapnell, Garrett Brock – skyjacking HQ-1850000270
Trapnell, Garrett Brock – skyjacking HQ-1630018714
Trapnell, Garrett Brock – skyjacking HQ-0070072510
Trapnell, Garrett Brock – skyjacking HQ-0560005457
Trapnell, Garrett Brock – skyjacking HQ-1370036891
Trapnell, Garrett Brock – skyjacking HQ-1640005015
Trapnell, Garrett Brock – skyjacking HQ-0090064113
Trapnell, Garrett Brock – skyjacking HQ-1050306402
Trapnell, Garrett Brock – skyjacking HQ-1050123345
Trapnell, Garrett Brock – skyjacking HQ-1970001757
Trapnell, Garrett Brock -see Barbara Oswald HQ-0260244831
Trapnell, Garrett Brock -see Barbara Oswald HQ-0260281335
Trapnell, Garrett Brock -see Barbara Oswald HQ-0260336542
Trapnell, Garrett Brock -see Barbara Oswald HQ-0020001488
Trapnell, Garrett Brock -see Barbara Oswald HQ-0260428988
Trapnell, Garrett Brock -see Barbara Oswald HQ-0630000583
Trapnell, Garrett Brock -see Barbara Oswald HQ-0870118877
Trapnell, Garrett Brock -see Barbara Oswald HQ-0870120200
Trapnell, Garrett Brock -see Barbara Oswald HQ-0870120213
Trapnell, Garrett Brock -see Barbara Oswald HQ-0880043511
Travis, Maurice Eugene HQ-1220000155
Travis, Maurice Eugene HQ-1000028287
Travis, Maurice Eugene HQ-1000108199
Traylor, Milton – kidnap and shooting HQ-0070014991
Trepper, Leopold – Russian Agent WW2 HQ-0650057605
Tresea, Carlo HQ-0610001335
Tresea, Carlo HQ-0620026206
Treuhaft, Robert E. – ACLU Attorney HQ-1000421790
Treuhaft, Robert E. – ACLU Attorney HQ-1900000548
Treuhaft, Robert E. – ACLU Attorney HQ-1340010776
Tri State Car Theft Program HQ-0260060200
Trinkhaus, Charles HQ-1000403031
Tristani, Rick – Obscene Photos Business HQ-0310093470
Trohan, Walter HQ-0620096885
Trotsky, Leon HQ-0650029162
Trotsky, Leon – aka Lev Bronstein HQ-1210006402
Trotsky, Natalia HQ-1050059635
Truckers Boycott – 1974 Independent WFO-0600000678
Truman, Harry S – Attpd Assassination of HQ-0030000036
Trumbo, Dalton HQ-1000072270
Trumbo, Dalton HQ-1000138754
Trumbo, Dalton – BAPNO HQ-0090008984
Truong, David – Pass Govt to Viet Spy HQ-1050298634
Truong, Hung Dinh – spy Vietnam 1978 HQ-0650076230
Truong, Hung Dinh – spy Vietnam 1978 HQ-1050298634
Tsien, Hsu Sheh – Chinese Rocket Scientist HQ-1210021450
Tuomi, Kaarlo Rudolph – Soviet Spy HQ-105007624?
Tuomi, Kaarlo Rudolph – US Double Agent HQ-0650066114
Turkey – Enemy Sabotage Attempts HQ-0980024876