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Secret No More: S



Write the FBI and request, by name and file number, the one or ones you are interested in under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (5 USC 552). For best results use our sample letter as a template. The FBI’s address is:

Records Information Dissemination Section
170 Marcel Drive
Winchester, VA 22602-4843

If you are requesting files on an individual you will need to include the individual’s birth date and proof that the individual is deceased or is more than 110 years old. Acceptable proof could be a copy of an obituary, death notice, news story, Social Security Death Index (SSDI) record printout, or encyclopedia entry. Wikipedia is not acceptable to the FBI.

List which files you want, mention if you are a member of the press, and tell the FBI that you agree to pay reasonable fees up to $30 without additional permission so that they can process your request. In some cases, members of the media can request and receive a waiver of fees otherwise charged under FOIA. To receive a fee waiver, members of the media must explain to the FBI how release of the information will further public understanding of how government works, and how you intend to disseminate that information. Standard copying fees for FBI Freedom of Information material are 10¢/page, with the first 100 pages free. Again, we urge you to use our carefully worded sample letter as a template.

The information contained in
Secret No More
was obtained and developed by:

Michael J. Ravnitzky

Sacco-Vanzetti Case HQ-0610000126
Sabotage-Administrative Matters HQ-0980015904
Sabotage – Army Intel From G2 HQ-0980028272
Sacoda, William Joseph HQ-0070002152
Sahl, Mort HQ-0940051223
Sahl, Mort HQ-0090037924
Sahl, Mort LA-1000059835
Sale-Importation Soviet Propaganda CG-1000025793
Salamon, Rudolf HQ-0650038556
Salamon, Louis Flores HQ-0260123305
Salamon, Louis HQ-0660004809
Salter, John R. Jr. HQ-1390002304
Salter, John R. Jr. HQ-0440022358
Salter, John R. Jr. HQ-1000433798
Salter, John R. Jr. HQ-1390005933
Salter, John R. Jr. HQ-1900026178
Saltis, Joseph – 1920’s Gangster HQ-0690000501
Salerno, Anthony – Fat Tony (Organized Crime) HQ-0580008244
Salerno, Anthony – Fat Tony HQ-1660001690
Salerno, Anthony – Fat Tony HQ-1820003260
Salerno, Anthony – Fat Tony HQ-0440076456
Salerno, Anthony – Fat Tony HQ-0440074751
Salerno, Anthony – Fat Tony HQ-0920007263
Salerno, Anthony – Fat Tony HQ-0920007263
Salerno, Anthony – Fat Tony HQ-0920003905
Salerno, Anthony – Fat Tony HQ-0870087855
Salerno, Anthony – Fat Tony HQ-1650001195
Salerno, Anthony – Fat Tony HQ-1660004224
Sampson, William, Killed by KKK HQ-1960000940
Sampson, William, Killed by KKK HQ-1970002291
Sampson, William, Killed by KKK HQ-0310041858
Sampson, William, Killed by KKK HQ-0440081521
Sampson, William, Killed by KKK HQ-0420263583
SANE Committee for sane nuclear policy WFO-0610000112
SANE Committee for sane nuclear policy WFO-1000035631
Sanger, Margaret HQ-0360001301
Sanger, Margret HQ-0610001026
Sankey, Verne – 1930’s Gangster HQ-0070000050
Sampson, Arthur F. HQ-2080000040
Sampson, Arthur F. HQ-2080000059
Sampson, Arthur F. HQ-2080000081
Sampson, Arthur F. HQ-2080000084
Sampson, Arthur F. HQ-0460028709
Sampson, Arthur F. HQ-1610008636
Santi, Josef ‘ Liktor Assozion HQ-1000015466
Sartain, Albiert E. ‘ BOPNO HQ-0730000002
Satiacum, Bob ‘ Puyallup Indian Leader HQ-1820003497
Savage, Abe L. VOA re Theo H. Savage HQ-123-8490
Savage, Theo. Herzl ‘ CPUSA Member HQ-121-6770
Saxbe, William HQ-161-9923
Savio, Mario HQ-9-43500
Savio, Mario HQ-176-1388
Savio, Mario HQ-44-26027
Savio, Mario HQ-100-443052
Savio, Mario HQ-190-1853
Saxe, Susan ‘ Refuse Testify Grand Jury HQ-100-461112
Saxe, Susan HQ-98-46611
Saxe, Susan HQ-91-37738
Saxe, Susan BS-100-41729
Schaffa, Noel C. ‘ Private Eye Jewel Theft HQ-087-0000030
Schaffa, Noel C. HQ-0730006089
Scales, Jemius NY-1000091418
Scales, Junius Irving ‘ CPUSA ‘ NC HQ-0310011173
Scales, Junius Irving HQ-1000011592
Scali, John ‘ Cuban Missile Crisis HQ-0420156998
Scali, John HQ-1610007945
Scalisi, John ‘ 1920s Gangster HQ-0920008007
Schaefer, Friedrich Wilhelm ‘ German Agnt HQ-0540000736
Schaefer, Friedrich Wilhelm ‘ German Agnt HQ-1900025657
Schallman, Max ‘ Business Scam HQ-0610000117
Schallman, Max HQ-0400003902
Schanze, Col. August HQ-0650062960
Schappes, Morris U. HQ-0950110865
Schappes, Morris U. HQ-1000000029
Scharf, Ernest H. ‘ German-Amer. Bund HQ-0610008118
Scheible, Mae ‘ US Only $1Mil Madam HQ-0310042481
Schiff, Dorothy ‘ New York Post Harrass. HQ-1000428522
Schenck, Alfred C. ‘ BOPNO HQ-0460007674
Schmahl, Horace ‘ Hiss Def. Investigation HQ-0650008602
Schlamme, Martha ‘ Singer HQ-1000105437
Schlesinger, Arthur M. Jr. HQ-1000348485
Schlesinger, Arthur M. Jr. HQ-1610000262
Schlesinger, Arthur M. Jr. HQ-1730004232
Schlesinger, Arthur M. Jr. HQ-1240000530
Schlanch, Margret HQ-1000134772
Schmerler, Henrietta HQ-0700001451
Schmahl, Horace W. HQ-0580003316
Schmahl, Horace W. HQ-0650008602
Schmahl, Horace W. HQ-0970003425
Schmoe, Floyd – Seattle Japanese HQ-1900032018
Schmidt, Theo A. HQ-0970039300
Schmidt, George – German Spy WW2 HQ-0250002625
Schnell, Carl – BOPNO HQ-0950011645
Schnell, Carl – BOPNO HQ-0620003139
Schneiderman, Rose HQ-1000392651
Schneiderman, William – 1942 Deportation HQ-0610007618
Schneiderman, William HQ-0510000358
Schoennagel, Franz – German Amer Bund HQ-1000024484
Scholz, Dr. Herbert W. – German Agent HQ-0650004414
School for Marxist Studies HQ-1000433932
Schorr, Daniel Louis HQ-1610008258
Schorr, Daniel Louis HQ-1050044980
Schorr, Daniel Louis HQ-0970001405
Scottsboro Boys Trial HQ-1000149163
Scottsboro Boys Trial HQ-0620026553
Schmahl, Horace W. HQ-0650008602
Schmahl, Horace W. HQ-0930018379
Schmahl, Horace W. HQ-0580003316
Schmahl, Horace W. HQ-0970003425
Schmahl, Horace W. HQ-0580003552
Schreiberg, Frances C. – Weather Lawyer HQ-1000465957
Schreiberg, Frances C. HQ-1000172368
Schueller, Olga HQ-1000073727
Schuman, Frederick L. HQ-1000165656
Schwimmer, Adolph HQ-1050014144, LA-1050000792
Science & Society HQ-0610007562
Science & Society HQ-1000026481
Scott, George – Civil Rights Act. ’64 SNCC HQ-1730003533
Scott, Jack LA-1660003173
Scott, Jack LA-1000032939
Screen Actors Guild HQ-1000157201
Screen Actors Guild HQ-1000144366
Screen Actors Guild HQ-1000050311
Screen Actors Guild LA-1000017834
Screws, M. Claude et. Al. HQ-0440000746
Scudder, Vida Dutton ‘ Social Reform HQ-1000027156
Scott, Adrian ‘ Hollywood Director HQ-1000287200
Scott, Robert Adrian LA-1000020655
Seale, Bobby HQ-1200010273
Seale, Bobby HQ-0880047866
Seale, Bobby HQ-0920013682
Seale, Bobby HQ-1760000048
Seale, Bobby HQ-1760001410
Seale, Bobby HQ-0950153880
Seale, Bobby HQ-1760001497
Seale, Bobby HQ-0740002324
Seale, Bobby HQ-1900021817
Seale, Bobby LA-1570004721
Seale, Bobby CG-1760000040
Seadlund, John Henry HQ-0070002099
Seattle University Basketball Players HQ-1720000023
Seaberg, Jean Dorothy HQ-1570013876
Seaberg, Jean Dorothy LA-1570003912
Seaberg, Jean Dorothy HQ-1570013876
Secomex ‘ Anti USSR Operation in Mexico HQ-1050148076
Secret Army Organz. Minutemen HQ-1570023577
Secret Army Organz. Minutemen HQ-1050107176
Security Index Cuba HQ-1000358086
Security Index Adex HQ-1000358086
Sedov, Boris ‘ Attempt to Get Info HQ-1050101572
Seeger, Pete HQ-1000200845
Seeger, Pete LA-1050016570
Seeger, Pete LA-1000034620
Seeger, Pete NY-1000083801
Segretti, Donald HQ-0560004549, LA-0560000201
Seize the Time HQ-1570033774
Sell, Evelyn R. HQ-1970000109
Sell, Evelyn R. HQ-1000398576
Sellers, Cleveland ‘ SNCC HQ-0440033627
Sellers, Cleveland HQ-0440038410
Sellers, Cleveland HQ-0250553330
Selly, Joseph P. ‘ Pres. Am. Comm. Assoc. HQ-1580000215
Selsam, Howars HQ-1000111248
Sendor, Michael HK-0260054272
Seltzer, Leo – 1930s films HQ-0260025957
Seltzer, Leo HQ-1000023701
Semenoff, Gen. Gregorie – Spy Antibolsh. HQ-0650000103
Senior, Clarence – Soc. Party Sec. HQ-1380004106
Serber, Robert HQ-1160007681
Serber, Robert HQ-1000344099
Serber, Charlotte HQ-1000344099
Sentner, David HQ-1000004627
Sentner, David HQ-0940000004
  sub 6624
Serbian National Defense Council HQ-0970001340
Service, John S. HQ-1000267360
Service, John S. HQ-1210013347
Service, John S. HQ-1050217181
Sevastyanov, Gennadig – KGB Agent HQ-1050075396
Seven Million Dollar London Train Robbery HQ-1630007406
Sex Offender File HQ-1050034074
Sexual Perverts in the Government HQ-1050012189
Shadrin, Nicholas – KGB Defector HQ-1050079546
Shaffer, Edward H. HQ-0260157118
Shaffer, Edward H. HQ-1000363287
Shafted, Oscar HQ-1000238315
Shane, William Jr. – BOPNO HQ-0700004595
Shanks, Harold – Screen Extras Guild HQ-1590004199, LA-1590000515
Shannon, Ora – BOPNO HQ-0070000115
Shannon, Ora – BOPNO HQ-0620029924
Shapiro, Jacob -1920s Hood HQ-1000064111
Shapley, Harlow HQ-1210010803
Shapley, Harlow HQ-1000341825
Sharp, Myron HQ-1000371563
Shaw, Ed HQ-1000386500
Sheen, Fulton J. Bishop HQ-0940000004
  sub 6389
Sheen, Fulton J. Bishop HQ-1190000041
Sheen, Fulton J. Bishop – victim HQ-0090025544
Shenandoah Airship Wreck HQ-0520002017
Shenandoah Airship Wreck HQ-0620048566
Shenandoah Airship Wreck HQ-0650057197
Sheppard, Barry – Militant Editor HQ-1000430212
Sheriffs Posse Comitatus HQ-1000487031, PD-1570033487
Sherman, Irving Frank – Hood HQ-0740001418
Sherman, Irving Frank HQ-0920002083
Sherman, Irving Frank HQ-0920002986
Sherman, Irving Frank HQ-0630002712
Sherman, Joseph – Stole Mack Truck HQ-0460181112
Sherman, Joseph HQ-0220003132
Sherman, Joseph HQ-0150015981
Sherman, Joseph HQ-0150010321
Sherman, Joseph NY-0150002514
Sheutzon, Orest P. – USSR Del. Intl. Stu. HQ-1000304487
Sherwood, William HQ-1010005610
Shlaxman, Vera HQ-1000405513
Shoemaker, Francis H. HQ-0620031052
Shoemaker, Francis H. HQ-0620028614
Shoemaker, Francis H. HQ-0620031195
Shoemaker, Francis H. HQ-0620030979
Shoulders, Louis – BOPNO HQ-0070006920
Shoulders, Louis HQ-0150040309
Shoulders, Louis HQ-0630013166
Shoulders, Louis HQ-1740003423
Shuttlesworth, Fred L. HQ-0440016274
Shuttlesworth, Fred L. HQ-0440015668
Shuttlesworth, Fred L. HQ-0560002428
Shuttlesworth, Fred L. HQ-1570000417
Sibert, William C. – Embezzled DOT Funds HQ-0460072285
Sibert, William C. HQ-1900016003
Sibert, William C. WFO-0460010754
Silver Legion of America HQ-0610007587
Silver Legion of America HQ-0620028600
Sica, Joseph HQ-0250306325
Sica, Joseph HQ-0250199696
Sica, Joseph HQ-0040000072
Sica, Joseph HQ-0310032773
Sica, Joseph HQ-0720000472
Sica, Joseph HQ-0920004092
Sica, Joseph HQ-0920012230
Sica, Joseph HQ-1560000376
Sica, Joseph HQ-1830003842
Siegel, Bugsy Benjamin HQ-0620081518
Siegel, Bugsy Benjamin HQ-0600001501
Siegel, Bugsy Benjamin HQ-0880001303
Silkwood, Karen HQ-1590004005
Sill, Fort – Arson Case HQ-0620012489
Silverthorne, Don Carlos ‘ Bank Fraud HQ-0290003822
Silvermaster, Nathan Gregory HQ-0650056402
Silvermaster, Nathan HQ-1010000786
Silvermaster, Nathan WFO-1000017493
Simpkins, Roger Whitetop ‘ DC Numbers HQ-1620000961
Simpkins, Roger Whitetop WFO-0940000065
Simpkins, Roger Whitetop WFO-1620000060
Simpkins, Roger Whitetop WFO-1370000235
Simpson, Vernon Burley ‘ Plane Theft HQ-0260098289
Sindona, Michele ‘ Bond Def. Perjury HQ-0070017822, NY-0070002682
Sinatra, Frank Jr. ‘ Kidnapping HQ-0090065687
Sinatra, Frank Jr. HQ-0090061979
Sinatra, Frank Jr. HQ-0090065381
Sinatra, Frank Jr. HQ-0090062220
Sinatra, Frank Jr. HQ-0090065230
Sinatra, Frank Jr. HQ-1200011757
Sinatra, Frank Jr. HQ-0620083219
Sinatra, Frank Jr. HQ-1660005477
Sinatra, Frank Jr. HQ-0070010603
Sinatra, Frank Jr. LA-0070000840
Sinatra, Frank Jr. HQ-0920006667
Sinatra, Frank Jr. HQ-1740000307
Sinatra, Frank Jr. HQ-0090011775
Sinatra, Frank Jr. HQ-0090050231
Sinatra, Frank Jr. HQ-0090052453
Sinatra, Frank Jr. HQ-0250244122
Sinatra, Frank Jr. HQ-0280000945
Sinatra, Frank Jr. HQ-0630008341
Sinclair, Upton HQ-0620032855
Sinclair, Upton LA-0650001509
Sinclair, Upton LA-0620001158
Sinclair, Upton LA-0620001652
Sinclair, Upton LA-0650001852
Singer, Marcus HQ-1000347239
Singer, Marcus HQ-1400040751
Sirhan, Sirhan HQ-0090060472
Sirhan, Sirhan HQ-0620000587
Sirhan, Sirhan HQ-1850000062, LA-1850000016
Sirhan, Sirhan LA-1170000267
Sirhan, Sirhan LA-1640000699
Sirhan, Sirhan LA-0440002897
Sirhan, Sirhan LA-0560000156
Sishird, Michael Sherrod HQ-0980046304
Sisk, Mildred E. HQ-0310048335
Sisk, Mildred E. HQ-1000232559
Skinner, Lowell – Korea POW Collaborator HQ-1000407386, PX-1000006577,
Slack, Alfred Dean HQ-1170000243
Slack, Alfred Dean HQ-0650059183
Skultety, Frank William – Co Refuse Induc. HQ-0250048436
Slaughter, Coney C. Jr. HQ-0290000141
Slochower, Harry HQ-1000117383
Small, Sarah E. – SCLC – NC HQ-1730004105
Smedley, Agnes E. – Indian Movement HQ-0610006580
Smith, Ambrose A. – impersonation HQ-0470009967
Smith, Ferdinand HQ-1000019713
Smith F.H. – Co. HQ-0360001435
Smith, Gerald L.K. HQ-0620043818
Smith, Harrison – Saturday Review HQ-1210030872
Smith, Harrison HQ-1000369442
Smith, Harrison HQ-1770003764
Smith, Irving Edward HQ-0260130736
Smith, Jessica – CPUSA HQ-0650044184, NY-1000050874
Smith, Louise Pettibone HQ-1000388761
Smith, Melvin Carl – Black Panther HQ-1760001515, LA-1760000089
Smith, Ralph William HQ-0070003378
Smith, Rev. R.L.T. – NAACP HQ-0440068227
Smith, Rev. R.L.T. – NAACP HQ-1730000267
Smith, Rev. R.L.T. – NAACP HQ-1730004232
Smith, William Wolff HQ-0170004621
Smuggling Atomic Bomb Into U.S. HQ-1170000268
Smuggling Atomic Bomb Into U.S. HQ-1170000192
Smuggling Atomic Bomb Into U.S. HQ-1170000151
Smuggling Chinese Into U.S. HQ-0540000010
Smuggling Russians Into U.S. – 1920s HQ-0390000048
Snow, Edgar HQ-0620089889
Snow, Edgar HQ-1000381850
Snow, Edgar HQ-1000413370
Snow, Edgar HQ-1000267865
Snyder, James ‘ Jimmy the Greek HQ-1370009030
Sobell, Morton HQ-1010002483, NY-1000037158
Sobell, Morton HQ-1000387835, NY-1000107111
Soble, Jack & Myra ‘ Dr. Robert Soble HQ-1000202315
Soble, Jack & Myra HQ-1000352386
Soble, Jack & Myra HQ-0720001174
Socarras, Carlos HQ-0090057631
Socarras, Carlos HQ-0720001171
Socarras, Carlos HQ-0580003872
Socarras, Carlos HQ-0870018676
Socarras, Carlos HQ-1090000271
Socarras, Carlos HQ-1090000430
Socarras, Carlos HQ-1390000217
Socarras, Carlos HQ-0970003829
Socialist Labor Party HQ-0670000476
Socialist Labor Party HQ-1760002602
Socialist Workers Party HQ-1000000016
Socialist Workers Party HQ-0280000970
Socialist Workers Party HQ-1740000988
Socialist Workers Party AT-1000001239
Socialist Workers Party HQ-0090064260
Socialist Workers Party HQ-0440064246
Socialist Workers Party HQ-0520104173
Socialist Workers Party HQ-1740005900
Socialist Workers Party HQ-1740005900
Socialist Workers Party HQ-1850000127
Socialist Workers Party HQ-0620116811
Socialist Workers Party HQ-1050182734
Socialist Workers Party MEX-1000000602
Socialist Workers Party LA-1000017375
Socialist Workers Party NY-1000004013
Socolar, Sidney J. HQ-1000339692
Sokolsky, George HQ-0620089885
Soller, Elmer HQ-0140000362
Solo HQ-1000428091
Sons of Italy Grand Lodge HQ-0610004784
Sorge, Richard ‘ Spy HQ-1000124002, NY-0650015070
Sorenson, Ted HQ-0770049931
Sorenson, Ted HQ-1610000029
Soto, Rafael – alias Pedro Valiente HQ-0650035667
Sorrell, Herbert K. – Pres. Studio Union HQ-0070004793
Sorrell, Herbert K. – Pres. Studio Union HQ-1000047029
Sorrell, Herbert K. – Pres. Studio Union HQ-1220000028
Sourwine, Jay HQ-0580005930
Sourwine, Jay HQ-0770043845
Sourwine, Jay HQ-1000380621
Southern Christian Leadership Conf. SCLC HQ-1000438794
Southern Christian Leadership Conf. SCLC HQ-0920014597
Southern Christian Leadership Conf. SCLC HQ-0440079650
Southern Christian Leadership Conf. SCLC HQ-0440070030
Southern Christian Leadership Conf. SCLC HQ-0620117193
Southern Christian Leadership Conf. SCLC HQ-1570026838
Southern Christian Leadership Conf. SCLC HQ-1570034818
Southern Christian Leadership Conf. SCLC HQ-1730000917
Southern Christian Leadership Conf. SCLC HQ-0440032881
Southern Christian Leadership Conf. SCLC HQ-0440029860
Southern Christian Leadership Conf. SCLC HQ-0440039756
Southern Christian Leadership Conf. SCLC HQ-0090013336
Southern Conf. on Human Welfare – 1938 HQ-1000010355
Southern Conf. on Human Welfare – 1938 HQ-0440002024
Southern Negro Youth Conference HQ-1000006548
Southern Pacific Railroad Co. LA-0150021572
Southern Pacific Railroad Co. LA-1600000171
Southern Pacific Railroad Co. LA-1490000586
Southern Pacific Railroad Co. LA-1600000045
Southern Pacific Railroad Co. HQ-0950206678
Southern Pacific Railroad Co. HQ-0920015334
Southern Pacific Railroad Co. HQ-1600002777
Southern Pacific Railroad Co. HQ-0150077279
Southern Pacific Railroad Co. HQ-0150077719
Southern Pacific Railroad Co. HQ-0150078815
Southern Pacific Railroad Co. HQ-0520101980
Southern Pacific Railroad Co. HQ-0520097567
Southern Pacific Railroad Co. HQ-0150080321
Southern Pacific Railroad Co. HQ-0150074823
Southern Pacific Railroad Co. HQ-0150080034
Southern Pacific Railroad Co. HQ-0560004991
Southern Pacific Railroad Co. HQ-0950235021
Southern Tenant Farmers Union 1930s HQ-0610007478
Southern Tenant Farmers Union 1930s HQ-0060000058
Soviet Intelligence Services HQ-0650057774
Sovme Activities ‘ Soviet Agents 1944 HQ-0650058068
Soviet Embassy, Bombing of WFO-1740000179, NY-1740000576
Spanos, John Phillip et al. Bank Fraud HQ-0290005892
Spartacist League HQ-1000441758
Spears, Gerald Piersall ‘ Weathermen HQ-1000439048
Spears, Gerald Piersall ‘ Weathfug SV-1570000063
Spears, Gerald Piersall ‘ Weathfug LA-1760000264
Spellman, Francis Cardinal HQ-0870125737
Spellman, Francis Cardinal ‘ Victim HQ-0090038553
Spellman, Francis Cardinal HQ-0940000004
  sub 5826
Spilotro, Anthony ‘ the Ant HQ-1630009246
Spilotro, Anthony ‘ the Ant HQ-1660007268
Spilotro, Anthony ‘ the Ant HQ-1830000238
Spilotro, Anthony ‘ the Ant HQ-1660001994
Spilotro, Anthony ‘ the Ant HQ-0870126535
Spilotro, Anthony ‘ the Ant HQ-1830004746
Spilotro, Anthony ‘ the Ant HQ-1830001919
Spilotro, Anthony ‘ the Ant HQ-1830004683
Spilotro, Anthony ‘ the Ant HQ-1830000163
Spilotro, Anthony ‘ the Ant HQ-0920013802
Spring Mobilization Comm end war Vietnam LA-1000068891
Spring Mobilization Comm end war Vietnam HQ-0620111181, CV-1000028047
Spring Mobilization Comm end war Vietnam HQ-1000453323, WFO-1000046369
Spring Mobilization Comm end war Vietnam AL-1000019664
Spring Mobilization Comm end war Vietnam BA-1000024258
Spitzer, Ralph HQ-1960000998
Spock, Benjamin – victim HQ-0090047980
Spock, Benjamin HQ-1000445115
Spock, Benjamin HQ-1610003186
Spock, Benjamin LA-0250079951
Spock, Benjamin HQ-0250520135
Spock, Benjamin HQ-0250549807
Spock, Benjamin HQ-0250564288
Spock, Benjamin LA-10000682837
Spring, Frank Lawrence ‘ bank robber HQ-0260094758
Spring, Frank Lawrence ‘ bank robber HQ-0260116555
Stabile, Joseph – ex-AG indicted by FGJ HQ-0580008221
Stabile, Joseph – ex-AG indicted by FGJ HQ-0090058379
Stabile, Joseph – ex-AG indicted by FGJ HQ-0730002007
Stabile, Joseph HQ-0670593399
Stabile, Joseph HQ-0760062799
Stabler, Gerhard H. – refused induction HQ-1000080457
Stabler, Gerhard H. – refused induction HQ-0250099903
Stachel, Jack – labor HQ-1000402352
Stachel, Jacob HQ-1000020187
STAG Student Agitation Program 1960s HQ-0620096432
STAG Student Agitation Program 1960s HQ-0980046530
Stamler, Jeremiah – HUAC HQ-1000398925
Stanford, Burton Leland HQ-0290000701
Stanford, Maxwell C. – Chairman R.A.M. HQ-1050132791
Stanford, Maxwell C. – Chairman R.A.M. HQ-0880046695
Stanford, Maxwell C. – Chairman R.A.M. HQ-0090040894
Stanley, William and Minnie Maria Stanley HQ-0950028136
Stanley, William and Minnie Maria Stanley HQ-1030000017
Stanich, Ivan HQ-0620028096
Stans, Maurice HQ-1900029465
Stans, Maurice HQ-1630002867
Stans, Maurice HQ-0560004700
Stans, Maurice HQ-0580009901
Stans, Maurice HQ-0720002179
Stans, Maurice HQ-0770068034
Stans, Maurice HQ-0090043335
Stapleton, Sidney – Pol. Rights Def. Fund HQ-1050121297
Stapleton, Sidney – Pol. Rights Def. Fund HQ-1760000587
Starfire Investigation – 1970s HQ-2010000734
Starfire Investigation – 1970s HQ-2030001883
Stark, Leo – BOPNO HQ-0960004852
Stark, Leo – BOPNO HQ-0610001708
Stark, Leo – BOPNO HQ-0260092875
Starobin, Joseph HQ-1050019153
Starobin, Joseph HQ-1000051287
Starobin, Joseph NY-1000013480
Starsky, Morris – National Security HQ-1000450364
Starsky, Morris – National Security HQ-0460057345
Starsky, Morris – National Security HQ-1900010632
Starzicny, Josef Jacob Johannes – Spy HQ-0650036376
Steele, George et al. – possible sabotage HQ-0980018951
Stennis, Sen. John Cornelius – robbery vic. HQ-0890002387, WFO-0890000208
Steel, Joannes HQ-1000002267
Steele, Walter S. HQ-1000154292
Steele, Walter S. HQ-0470013125
Steffens, Lincoln HQ-0610000471
Steffens, Lincoln HQ-0610001630
Steffens, Lincoln HQ-0610005718
Steigman, Joseph HQ-1000361457
Steigman, Joseph HQ-1160096318
Steimer, Mollie ‘ Anarchist HQ-0610000158
Stein, Irving HQ-1000363917
Steiner, Robert E. et al. HQ-0260091867
Steiner, Robert E. et al. HQ-0260097623
Steiner, Robert E. et al. HQ-0260098289
Steiner, Robert E. et al. HQ-0420004873
Steiner, Robert E. et al. HQ-0760015273
Stein, Lilly Barbara ‘ BOPNO German Spy HQ-0650008946
Stein, Lilly Barbara ‘ BOPNO German Spy HQ-0650033780
Steinberg, Sidney HQ-0150013519
Steinberg, Sidney HQ-0670128331
Steinberg, Sidney HQ-0870131801
Steinmetz, Harry C. HQ-1000016635
Stellato, Carl HQ-1000164671
Stellato, Carl HQ-0560002009
Stephan, Max and Theodore Donay HQ-0650025655
Stephan, Max HQ-0390001150
Stephan, Max HQ-1000010869
Stern, Bernhard J. HQ-0670049633
Stern, Bernhard J. HQ-1000306864
Stern, Bernhard J. HQ-1000044367
Stephenson, Warren L. HQ-0580003034
Stern, Carl ‘ Television Correspondent HQ-0620117388
Stern, Moiche ‘Network Sov. Agents in US HQ-0620025315
Steuben Society ‘ Germ-Amer Org. WW2 HQ-0620000082, NY-0970000291
Stevenson, Adlai ‘ Father HQ-0940040154
Stevenson, Adlai ‘ Father HQ-0770009141
Stockton, Frank P. ‘ War Risk Insurance HQ-0670299112
Stokes, Rose Pastor ‘ Sedition WW1 HQ-1000155500
Stolberg, Benjamin HQ-0620081938
Stone, Andrew L. ‘ Fraud Chroncraft Inc. HQ-0460055359, WFO-0460008816
Stone, I. F. ‘ Izzie HQ-1000037078, WFO-1000022286
Stone, James B. – Christian Anti-Jewish HQ-0670107285
Stop the Draft, Southern California HQ-0250558874
Strand, Paul – Films 1930s HQ-1000390468
Straka, Carl HQ-0260045489
Straus, Dudley HQ-1000416726
Strasburger, Richard – Hiss Act HQ-1210003437, NK-1210000222, NY-1210001248
Strewel, Nanning HQ-0070000087
Stripling, Robert HQ-0260270216
Stripling, Robert HQ-0420294304
Stripling, Robert HQ-0770031887
Stromberg, Wayne and Sherover, Erica HQ-0630016027
Strong, Anna Louise – Mainland China HQ-0520032555
Strong, Anna Louise – Mainland China HQ-1000007888
Stroud, Robert F. – Birdman of Alcatraz HQ-1160083968
Stroud, Robert F. – Birdman of Alcatraz HQ-1160008568
Stroud, Robert F. – Birdman of Alcatraz HQ-0950139850
Stroud, Robert F. – Birdman of Alcatraz HQ-0260039375
Stroud, Robert F. – Birdman of Alcatraz HQ-0900000100
Struelens, Michael – Spy Kotanga Congo HQ-0020001741
Struik, Dirk HQ-1000039364
Stuart, John Leighton HQ-1000245547
Student Mobilization Committee NY-1000171446, CG-1000043468
Studenberg, Mabel Esther HQ-1400040923
Studenberg, Irving – Above’s Husband HQ-1010001625
Students For a Democratic Society HQ-1000439048
Students For a Democratic Society HQ-1760001320
Students For a Democratic Society HQ-1760000013
Students For a Democratic Society HQ-1760001446
Students For a Democratic Society HQ-1760001437
Students For a Democratic Society HQ-1760001479
Students For a Democratic Society HQ-1760002125
Students For a Democratic Society HQ-1760001482
Students For a Democratic Society HQ-1760001496
Students For a Democratic Society HQ-1760001530
Students For a Democratic Society HQ-1760001989
Students For a Democratic Society HQ-0950014884
Students For a Democratic Society HQ-1760001594
Students For a Democratic Society HQ-1000439048, CG-1000040903
Students For a Democratic Society – victim HQ-0090041797
Students For a Democratic Society LA-1000066519
Students For a Democratic Society LA-1000070374
Students For a Democratic Society HQ-0090062432
Students For a Democratic Society HQ-1570016639
Students For a Democratic Society HQ-1760002479
Students For a Democratic Society HQ-1000454791
Students For a Democratic Society HQ-0140002941
Students for Democratic Action HQ-1000348196
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee HQ-1000439190
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee HQ-0440026495
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee HQ-0440026329, ME-0440001389
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee HQ-1760001529
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee HQ-1730000706, LK-1730000056
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee HQ-1570001641
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee HQ-0440026145
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee HQ-0440026160
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee HQ-1730000303,
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee HQ-0090046315
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee HQ-0950148027
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee HQ-1390001873
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee HQ-1730000098, BH-1730000010
SNCC informant BA-1000019055
Student Peace Union HQ-1000454591
Sugar, Maurice – CP Activist HQ-0610007848
Suhay, Robert J. – BOPNO HQ-0910000800
Sujynamie, George Dixon HQ-0700000091
Summa Corp. – Howard Hughes Operation HQ-0870131776, LA-0870039476
Summa Corp. – Howard Hughes Operation HQ-1830003189,
Summa Corp. – Howard Hughes Operation HQ-1960002497, NO-1960000553
Sullivan, Donald W. – black draft dodger HQ-0250078580
Summer Community Org’n polit. education HQ-0440050296
SCOPE HQ-0440030263
SCOPE HQ-1570002925
Sutherland, Donald – movie star LA-1570003977
Sutherland, Donald – movie star HQ-0630003349
Sutherland, Donald – movie star HQ-1570015071
Sutherland, W.F. – U.S. versus HQ-0440000330
Suter, William Norman – numbers racket HQ-0920000083, WFO-0920000082
Sutton, Willie – “the actor” – bank robber HQ-1700005602
Sutton, Willie – “the actor” – bank robber HQ-0090021917
Sutton, Willie – “the actor” – bank robber HQ-0470029934
Sutton, Willie – “the actor” – bank robber HQ-0620081680
Sutton, Willie – “the actor” – bank robber HQ-0310039810
Sutton, Willie – “the actor” – bank robber HQ-0700011154
Sutton, Willie – “the actor” – bank robber HQ-0760029242
Sutton, Willie – “the actor” – bank robber HQ-0910605583
Sutton, Willie – “the actor” – bank robber HQ-0880029738
Sutton, Willie – “the actor” – bank robber HQ-0880003277
Sutton, Willie – “the actor” – bank robber HQ-0950144329
Sutton, Willie – “the actor” – bank robber HQ-0950174668
Suydam, Henry – Brooklyn Eagle HQ-0800000067
Swaning, Jacques Henry et al. – stabbing HQ-0700071852, LA-0700010546
Sword, Jack Walter – SSA Employee “fag” HQ-0580009802, LA-0580001214
Sweezy, Paul HQ-1000345046
Sweeney, Vincent – Labor HQ-1050289902
Swift, Anna Mary HQ-0310043793
Swinton, Patricia Ann- bombing fed. office HQ-0520091969, NY-0520009441, LA-0520012821
Symbionese Liberation Army SF-1570030832
Symbionese Liberation Army HQ-0090057199
Symbionese Liberation Army HQ-0090057931
Symbionese Liberation Army HQ-0090047215
Symbionese Liberation Army HQ-1570032553
Symbionese Liberation Army HQ-1850000304
Symbionese Liberation Army HQ-0890002915
Symbionese Liberation Army HQ-1570030832
Symbionese Liberation Army HQ-1570031771
Symbionese Liberation Army HQ-1570032592
Symbionese Liberation Army HQ-0090057553
Symbionese Liberation Army HQ-0090057565
Symbionese Liberation Army HQ-0090057791
Symbionese Liberation Army HQ-0090057779
Symbionese Liberation Army HQ-0090057909
Symbionese Liberation Army HQ-0090058602
Symbionese Liberation Army HQ-0090060223
Symbionese Liberation Army HQ-0090061273
Symbionese Liberation Army HQ-1570033270
Symbionese Liberation Army HQ-1740006063
Symbionese Liberation Army HQ-1740008297
Symbionese Liberation Army HQ-1750000372
Szilard, Leo – Scientist, Manhattan Project HQ-0620059520
Southern Airways, Hijacking 1972 HQ-1640002996
Sullivan, Lawrence Vance – POW repatr. HQ-1000390437, NK-0610000225