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Secret No More: R



Write the FBI and request, by name and file number, the one or ones you are interested in under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (5 USC 552). For best results use our sample letter as a template. The FBI’s address is:

Records Information Dissemination Section
170 Marcel Drive
Winchester, VA 22602-4843

If you are requesting files on an individual you will need to include the individual’s birth date and proof that the individual is deceased or is more than 110 years old. Acceptable proof could be a copy of an obituary, death notice, news story, Social Security Death Index (SSDI) record printout, or encyclopedia entry. Wikipedia is not acceptable to the FBI.

List which files you want, mention if you are a member of the press, and tell the FBI that you agree to pay reasonable fees up to $30 without additional permission so that they can process your request. In some cases, members of the media can request and receive a waiver of fees otherwise charged under FOIA. To receive a fee waiver, members of the media must explain to the FBI how release of the information will further public understanding of how government works, and how you intend to disseminate that information. Standard copying fees for FBI Freedom of Information material are 10¢/page, with the first 100 pages free. Again, we urge you to use our carefully worded sample letter as a template.

The information contained in
Secret No More
was obtained and developed by:

Michael J. Ravnitzky

R.A.C. – Black Group 1960s HQ-1050224627
R.A.C. – Black Group 1960s HQ-1050212936
Rabinowitz, Geraldine -info to Mafia HQ-1830001331
Rabinowitz, Geraldine -info to Mafia HQ-0670638878
Rabinowitz, Victor – for aqs regis Act HQ-0970004386
Raby, Clarence Leon – Murder top 10 HQ-0880017551
Raby, Clarence Leon – Murder top 10 HQ-0260120020
Raby, Clarence Leon – Murder top 10 HQ-0260133624
Racial Conditions in Los Angeles LA-1000019220
Racial Conditions in Miami MM-157000108
Racial Matters ad to WhiteHouse ’56 HQ-1000000135
Racial Matters Quelling Civil Disturb HQ-0620102922
Racial Situation -Albany, Ga ’61-’73 AT-1570000315
Racial Situation in Mississippi AT-1570000765
Racial Situations – CR Brief HQ-0620102873
Racial Situations – LHMS Desegreg. HQ-0440013490
Racial Situations – LHMS Desegreg. HQ-1570000006
Racial Violence in Urban Areas HQ-1570001824
Racketeer Killing – Los Angeles HQ-0950000521
Rader, Melvin – U of Wash Profes. HQ-1000150224
Rader, Melvin – U of Wash Profes. HQ-0870119590
Radford, Charles -JCS staff Assist. HQ-1610007575
Radford, Charles -JCS staff Assist. HQ-1900006675
Radical Women Group, NY-WITCH HQ-1050196384
Radulovich, Milo HQ-1050009672
Rahimi, Naser -Alameich Bombing HQ-1740008767
Rain, Harold Kenneth HQ-0460020286
Rainbow Underground Organization HQ-1000483881
Rakes, Hugh Namon – Bank Fraud HQ-0290011101
Rakes, Hugh Namon – Bank Fraud HQ-0510000331
Ramirez, Ramon Medina HQ-0250012153
Ramsey, John – BOPNO HQ-0870142997
Ramsey, John – BOPNO HQ-0440057790
Ramsey, John – BOPNO HQ-1050149766
Ramsey, John – BOPNO HQ-0880065506
Ramsey, John – BOPNO HQ-1630027040
Ramsey, John – BOPNO HQ-0770046112
Ramsey, John – BOPNO HQ-0650067284
Ramsey, John – BOPNO HQ-0620005032
Ramsey, John – BOPNO HQ-0240538474
Ramsey, John – BOPNO HQ-0950245210
Randolph, A. Philip HQ-0440000935
Randolph, A. Philip HQ-1000055616
Randolph, A. Philip HQ-1610003189
Rapp-Coudert Committee HQ-1000003587
Rapp-Coudert Committee HQ-1000008479
Rasi, Carl HQ-1000404458
Rasi, Carl HQ-1000054477
Rathbone, Mervyn HQ-1000019092
Rationing of Clothing HQ-1000189123
Ray, James Earl HQ-0440038861
Ray, James Earl HQ-0090048408
Ray, James Earl HQ-1970002173
Ray, James Earl HQ-1970001197
Ray, James Earl HQ-1970018137
Ray, James Earl HQ-0880076222
Raymond, George – CORE HQ-1730001507
Raymond, George – CORE HQ-1000403150
Raymond, George – CORE HQ-0440018828
Raymond, George – CORE HQ-0440023588
Raymond, George – CORE HQ-0440023773
Raymond, George – CORE HQ-0440023970
Raymond, George – CORE HQ-0440024745
Raymond, George – CORE HQ-0440024039
Raymond, George – CORE HQ-0440024278
Raymond, George – CORE HQ-0440024730
Raymond, George – CORE HQ-0440026668
Raymond, George – CORE HQ-0440029256
Raymond, George – CORE HQ-0440024058
Raymond, George – CORE HQ-0440029654
Raymond, George – CORE HQ-0440029415
Raymond, George – CORE HQ-0440038290
Readers Digest HQ-0650076399
Readers Digest HQ-1970001482
Readers Digest – 94-3-4SUB221 HQ-0090051325
Reagan, Ronald LA-0800000579
Reagan, Ronald LA-1160070463
Reagan, Ronald LA-1610002715
Reagan, Ronald LA-0090004835
Reagan, Ronald LA-0090004875
Reagan, Ronald LA-0090005770
Reagan, Ronald LA-0440003130
Reagan, Ronald LA-1000075300
Reagan, Ronald LA-1000076832
Reagan, Ronald LA-1000077477
Reagan, Ronald LA-1000079066
Reagan, Ronald LA-1000079066
Reagan, Ronald LA-1000079981
Reagan, Ronald LA-1000086769
Reagan, Ronald LA-1740000740
Reagan, Ronald LA-0090006853
Reagan, Ronald HQ-0090046596
Reagan, Ronald HQ-0090048400
Reagan, Ronald HQ-0440037505
Reagan, Ronald HQ-1750000188
Reagan, Ronald HQ-0560005171
Reagan, Ronald HQ-0890004492
Reagan, Ronald HQ-1000382196
Reagan, Ronald HQ-1160460320
Reagan, Ronald HQ-1610010803
Reagan, Ronald HQ-1750000373
Reagan, Ronald HQ-1970000391
Reagan, Ronald HQ-1970002744
Reagan, Ronald – Assassinat. Attempt HQ-1750000601
Rebozo, Bebe HQ-0290079722
Rebozo, Bebe HQ-0620112974
Red Guerrilla Family HQ-1740006051
Red Guerrilla Family HQ-1850000657
Red Guerrilla Family HQ-1000485439
Red Guerrilla Family HQ-1740006016
Red Guerrilla Family HQ-1740006277
Red Guerrilla Family HQ-1740006766
Red Guerrilla Family HQ-1740006859
Red Guerrilla Family HQ-1740007503
Reeb, Rev. James – Murder Victim HQ-0440028441
Reece, Amos – Civil rights – Supr Ct HQ-0440009778
Reed, Arthur C. – Agents of Japan HQ-0650009112
Reed, John HQ-1000208097
Reed, John HQ-1050011919
Reed, John HQ-0610000312
Reeve, Carl Marx HQ-1000012997
Rehnquist, William H – Supr.Ct Just. HQ-0770106904
Reich, Wilhelm HQ-1000014601
Reich, Wilhelm HQ-0950072739
Reichsdentsche Vereiniquny HQ-0970000762
Reinhardt, George Frederick HQ-1270000017
Reiss, Bernard F. HQ-1000333372
Reles, Abe -Kid Twist-20’s gangster HQ-0600001501
Reles, Abe -Kid Twist-20’s gangster HQ-0620057444
Remington, Ann Moss -Loyalty Inv. HQ-1210037925
Remington, William W. – Hatch Act HQ-1010091185
Remington, William Walter – Perjury HQ-1210006159
Remington, William Walter – Perjury NY-1210001958
Remington, William Walter – Perjury WFO-0740000106
Remington, William Walter – Perjury HQ-0700022845
Remo, Milo HQ-0620027512
Removal Natl Security Wiretap Recds HQ-0720002190
Removal Natl Security Wiretap Recds HQ-0720002170
Republic of New Africa – late 1960s HQ-1740002672
Republic of New Africa – late 1960s HQ-1760001364
Republic of New Africa – late 1960s HQ-1970000795
Republic of New Africa – late 1960s HQ-1570009079
Republican Convention – 1980 HQ-1000486981
Republican Natl Convention 1972 HQ-0620066098
Republican Natl Convention 1972 HQ-0620042559
Research Monographs -internal secur HQ-1000352546
Reserve Index Investigative Techs WFO-1000037401
Resistance Anti-Draft Group-late 60s HQ-1740000923
Resistance Anti-Draft Group-late 60s HQ-1760001482
Resistance Anti-Draft Group-late 60s HQ-0140002965
Reta, Gregorio Rodriguez Mex. CP HQ-1050027951
Reta, Gregorio Rodriguez Mex. CP MEX-1000001316
Reuper, Carl Alfred – BOPNO HQ-0650008946
Reuper, Carl Alfred – BOPNO HQ-1000091595
Reuther, Victor HQ-1240001983
Reuther, Victor HQ-0610009556
Reuther, Victor HQ-1050167222
Reuther, Victor HQ-1900001042
Reuther, Victor HQ-0770064507
Reuther, Victor HQ-0620103771
Reuther, Victor – victim HQ-0440002925
Reuther, Walter P. – Labor Leader HQ-0090016668
Reuther, Walter P. – Labor Leader HQ-0090016184
Reuther, Walter P. – Labor Leader HQ-0090039218
Reuther, Walter P. – Labor Leader HQ-0560002496
Reuther, Walter P. – Labor Leader HQ-0440002925
Reuther, Walter P. – Labor Leader HQ-0090018836
Reuther, Walter P. – Labor Leader HQ-0090018922
Reuther, Walter P. – Labor Leader HQ-0090028331
Reuther, Walter P. – Labor Leader HQ-0090027856
Reuther, Walter P. – Labor Leader HQ-0090023269
Reuther, Walter P. – Labor Leader HQ-0090021297
Reuther, Walter P. – Labor Leader HQ-0770058912
Reuther, Walter P. – Labor Leader HQ-1160421930
Reuther, Walter P. – Labor Leader HQ-0610009556
Revolutionary Action Movement HQ-1000442684
Revolutionary Communist Party HQ-1050184369
Revolutionary Socialist League HQ-1000479125
Revolutionary Union HQ-1760002391
Revolutionary Union HQ-1050184369
Revolutionary Workers Group HQ-1000484153
Revolutionary Youth Movement HQ-1000439048
Revolutionary Youth Movement HQ-1000457751
Reynolds, John Henry HQ-1570009253
Reynolds, John Henry HQ-1000347527
Reynolds, Lloyd George, Professor HQ-1050254756
Rialto N. Garden Apts Discrimination HQ-1770001058
Rice, Elmer – 1920s-30s playwright WFO-1380001971
Rice, Elmer – 1920s-30s playwright NH-1000014100
Rice, Elmer – 1920s-30s playwright NY-1000038714
Rice, Father Charles Owen – Labor HQ-0250565385
Rice, Father Charles Owen – Labor HQ-0620083517
Rice, Father Charles Owen – Labor HQ-1000012127
Rice, Pat – Labor DE-1220000536
Rice, Pat – Labor HQ-0260202004
Rice, Pat – Labor HQ-1000282242
Richards, Frederick -Quaker antidraft HQ-0250030179
Richardson, Elliot Lee HQ-0770056892
Richardson, Elliot Lee HQ-1610005836
Richardson, Elliot Lee HQ-0090052453
Richetti, Adam -K.C. massacre HQ-0620028915
Richey, Lawrence HQ-0440000862
Richey, Lawrence HQ-0260095510
Richey, Lawrence HQ-0620038818
Richmond, VA survey of transients HQ-0320017337
Richter, Steffi HQ-0650001649
Rico, Pic HQ-1830000082
Riedman, Sara HQ-1000402210
Rieflin, Eugene -Ger-Amer Athletic HQ-0650005763
Riesel, Victor – Columnist HQ-1170001586
Riesel, Victor – Columnist HQ-1170001570
Riesel, Victor – Columnist HQ-1170001245
Riesel, Victor – Columnist HQ-0510000430
Riesel, Victor – Columnist HQ-0620082195
Riesel, Victor – Columnist NY-0720000083
Riesel, Victor – Columnist – Victim HQ-0720000964
Rieve, Emil HQ-1000024728
Rifkin, Stanley -computer bank frau HQ-1960000505
Rifkin, Stanley -computer bank frau HQ-1150006669
Riker, William – Leader of Cult HQ-0650017836
Riland, W Kenneth -Nixon physician HQ-0720002417
Rintelen, Franz Von Ger -Master spy HQ-0650004397
Risse, Arno – Band Leader HQ-0650009739
Risse, Arno – Band Leader HQ-0650016273
Rizzo, Frank L – Phil. Mayor – RICO HQ-0440082429
Rizzo, Frank L – Phil. Mayor – RICO HQ-1770000972
Rizzo, Frank L – Phil. Mayor – RICO HQ-1830002128
Rizzo, Frank L – Phil. Mayor – RICO HQ-0620113729
Rizzo, Frank L – Phil. Mayor – RICO HQ-0620114845
Rizzo, Frank S. HQ-0720002340
Rizzo, Frank S. HQ-1830003301
Robel, Eugene Frank – Smith Act IS HQ-1050195897
Roberts, Holland Dewitte HQ-1000079512
Robeson, Paul HQ-1050019153
Robeson, Paul NY-1000025857
Robeson, Paul HQ-1900003307
Robeson, Paul HQ-1000012304
Robeson, Paul WFO-1000019021
Robeston, Paul Jr. – Quakers HQ-1970001264
Robinson, A Fred vs. Bob Ensley HQ-0630016503
Robinson, Edward G. HQ-0630014600
Robinson, Edward G. HQ-1000337779
Robinson, Edward G. HQ-1000421837
Robinson, Edward G. HQ-0090014542
Robinson, Edward G. HQ-0090035369
Robinson, Edward G. HQ-0090013660
Robinson, Jackie – victim HQ-0090020570
Robinson, Jackie – victim HQ-0090024780
Robinson, Reid – Labor HQ-1000012875
Robinson, Thomas Henry Jr – kidnap HQ-0090001128
ROBRINK – Major Case 1950s HQ-0910005535
Rockefeller, Nelson HQ-1610006197
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0070016065
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0090057083
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0620072612
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0090058379
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0090058468
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0090058525
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0090059362
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0090059386
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0090059440
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0090059871
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0090060321
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0090060401
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0090063348
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0260433979
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0440058472
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-1740006004
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-1750000273
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-1750000283
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-1750000299
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-1740006364
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-1740006916
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0440058873
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0440061939
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0440069448
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0440058589
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0440057335
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0440058473
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0440058589
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0890003578
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-1050193310
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-1740005945
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-1750000431
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-1750000440
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-1750000367
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-1970000136
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-1970000107
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-1470005573
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-0090058476
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-1750000337
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-1750000384
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-1750000389
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-1750000408
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich HQ-1750000456
Rockwell, George Lincoln – Nazi HQ-0440016407
Rockwell, George Lincoln – Nazi HQ-0440017851
Rockwell, George Lincoln – Nazi HQ-0950140215
Rockwell, George Lincoln – Nazi HQ-1390001049
Rockwell, George Lincoln – Nazi HQ-1750000043
Rockwell, George Lincoln – Nazi HQ-0970003835
Rockwell, George Lincoln – Nazi HQ-1050070374
Rockwell, George Lincoln – Nazi WFO-1570000001
Rockwell, Landon – FBI Surv Capitl HQ-1050035784
Rodakiewicz, Henwar HQ-1000417052
Rodriquez, Irving Flores – BOPNO HQ-0140002824
Rodriquez, Irving Flores – BOPNO HQ-1050012322
Roeder, Everett – BOPNO HQ-0650008946
Roeder, Everett – BOPNO HQ-0650043534
Roeder, Heinrich HQ-0910011339
Roemer, Charles E – BRILAB Case HQ-1830000963
Roemer, Charles E – BRILAB Case HQ-1904002640
Rogers, Carl – murder HQ-0880004334
Rogers, Donald – Chicago Lawyer HQ-0630001481
Rogers, Francis J. – BOPNO HQ-1050126437
Rogers, Francis J. – BOPNO HQ-0770118772
Rogers, Russell John HQ-0470035900
Rogers, Will Jr. – Born 10-20-11 HQ-1000059057
Rollins, James Henry – BK extremist HQ-0880050307
Rollins, James Henry – BK extremist KC-0880011609
Rollins, James Henry – BK extremist SF-0880013407
Rosa, Isabel Tomasa 1956 POW HQ-0650062599
Rosenberg, Ethel – conv atomic spy HQ-0650058068
Rosenberg, Julius -conv atomic spy HQ-0650058068
Rosenberg, Julius -conv atomic spy HQ-1000397560
Rosenberg, Julius -conv atomic spy HQ-0650058236
Rosenbliett, Dr. Philip and wife HQ-0650057936
Rosicrucians – Amore HQ-0620046410
Rosinger, Lawrence K. HQ-1210024452
Rosinger, Lawrence K. HQ-0610011427
Rosselli, John – Dei Roskil MM-0920000517
Rosselli, John – Filippa Sacco HQ-0720002342
Rossmeisel, Kurt – escaped ger POW HQ-0650054892
Rostenkowski, Dan – Congressman HQ-0940052002
Rote Kapelle -Red Orchestry-spyring HQ-1000344753
Roth, Harry – Atlantic City ring HQ-0310044269
Roth, Samuel – US v Roth obscenity HQ-0710000898
Roth, Samuel – US v Roth obscenity HQ-0710000902
Roth, Samuel – US v Roth obscenity HQ-1450000341
Roth, Samuel – US v Roth obscenity HQ-1000376955
Roth, Samuel – US v Roth obscenity HQ-1050036201
Roth, Samuel – US v Roth obscenity HQ-0620100863
Roth, Samuel – US v Roth obscenity HQ-1000355683
Rothstein, Arnold -boss1920s rackets HQ-0120001502
Rothstein, Arnold -boss1920s rackets HQ-1830000286
Rowe, Gary Thomas -KKKinformnt HQ-1870000062
Rowe, Gary Thomas -KKKinformnt HQ-0620118023
Rowe, Gary Thomas -KKKinformnt HQ-0440028601
Rowe, Gary Thomas -KKKinformnt HQ-1370006295
Rowie, George – born 1940 LA-0920004488
Rowie, George – born 1940 HQ-0870126245
Rowie, George – born 1940 LA-0870003700
Rowie, George – born 1940 LA-0260051979
Rowie, George – born 1940 LA-0870038157
Rowie, George – born 1940 HQ-0870000126
Rowie, George – born 1940 HQ-0290070296
RR Strike-SF Labor dispute 1922 HQ-0570000004
Ruben, Jerry -Yippie leader-chicago7 NY-1000157178
Ruben, Jerry -Yippie leader-chicago7 HQ-1180003839
Ruben, Jerry -Yippie leader-chicago7 HQ-1760001410
Ruben, Jerry -Yippie leader-chicago7 HQ-1750000264
Ruben, Jerry -Yippie leader-chicago7 HQ-0620112989
Ruben, Jerry -Yippie leader-chicago7 HQ-1050131719
Rubenstein, Serge – murdered 1950s HQ-0650005793
Ruby, Chester T. – et al HQ-0250236078
Ruby, Jack – FOIA Room File HQ-0440024016
Rudd, Mark William CG-1000046445
Rudd, Mark William HQ-1760000403
Rudd, Mark William HQ-1760001340
Rudd, Mark William HQ-1760001700
Rudd, Mark William HQ-0250584550
Rudd, Mark William HQ-0440043673
Rudd, Mark William HQ-1760002167
Rudd, Mark William HQ-1760001594
Rudd, Mark William HQ-1900009612
Rudd, Mark William HQ-1050178669
Rumely, Edward HQ-0650004458
Rumely, Edward – Jury Fixing HQ-0920000532
Rumrich, Guenther Gustave -nazispy HQ-0650000748
Rush, Scott Leonard – Korean POW HQ-1000421943
Russell, Louis – Liuzzo Killer HQ-0440028601
Russell, Louuis HQ-1000005692
Rustin, Bayord – civil rights activist HQ-0140002771
Rustin, Bayord – civil rights activist HQ-0250203164
Rustin, Bayord – civil rights activist HQ-1000158790
Rutman, Robert HQ-1000370650
Rutman, Robert – draft resistance HQ-0250580825
Ruttenberg, Stanley – Labor HQ-0770052990
Ryman, Edward H – Stolen Securities HQ-0870000169
Rymur – Re. Jim Jones Jonestown HQ-0890004286