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Secret No More: L



Write the FBI and request, by name and file number, the one or ones you are interested in under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (5 USC 552). For best results use our sample letter as a template. The FBI’s address is:

Records Information Dissemination Section
170 Marcel Drive
Winchester, VA 22602-4843

If you are requesting files on an individual you will need to include the individual’s birth date and proof that the individual is deceased or is more than 110 years old. Acceptable proof could be a copy of an obituary, death notice, news story, Social Security Death Index (SSDI) record printout, or encyclopedia entry. Wikipedia is not acceptable to the FBI.

List which files you want, mention if you are a member of the press, and tell the FBI that you agree to pay reasonable fees up to $30 without additional permission so that they can process your request. In some cases, members of the media can request and receive a waiver of fees otherwise charged under FOIA. To receive a fee waiver, members of the media must explain to the FBI how release of the information will further public understanding of how government works, and how you intend to disseminate that information. Standard copying fees for FBI Freedom of Information material are 10¢/page, with the first 100 pages free. Again, we urge you to use our carefully worded sample letter as a template.

The information contained in
Secret No More
was obtained and developed by:

Michael J. Ravnitzky

La Cosa Nostra – L.C.N. HQ-0920006054
La Cosa Nostra – L.C.N. HQ-0920007954
Labor’s Non-Partisan League HQ-0610010749
Labor Youth League HQ-1000362555
Ladejinsky, Wolf HQ-1240002595
Ladejinsky, Wolf HQ-1010001496
Ladner, Dorie -SNCC tougaloo coll. HQ-1000449441
LaFollette, Robert M. Sr. HQ-0770032583
Lallart, Jean Marie Saboteur-German HQ-0980021569
Lamarca, Angelo John – Kidnapping HQ-0070008067
Lamont, Corliss HQ-0610005215
Lamont, Corliss HQ-1000007045
Lancaster, Leonard B. with aliases HQ-0760000606
Lance, Bert HQ-0720002476
Lance, Bert HQ-0720002772
Lance, Bert HQ-0290082413
Lance, Bert HQ-0560005344
Landau, Saul HQ-1050045054
Landau, Saul HQ-1900015967
Lane, Mark – born 2-24-27 in NY LA-1000065476
Lane, Mark AT-1000009200
Lane, Mark HQ-1000409763
Lane, Mark HQ-1990003910
Langer, William E. -Senator, N.D. HQ-1010000731
Langer, William E. -Senator, N.D. HQ-0950012734
Langer, William E. -Senator, N.D. HQ-0580002704
Langer, William E. -Senator, N.D. HQ-0860000176
Larmon, Charles – Black CP leader HQ-1000330932
Lannon, Albert HQ-1000017508
Lansky, Meyer – gambling czar HQ-0920002831
Lansky, Meyer – gambling czar HQ-0620097928
Lansky, Meyer – gambling czar HQ-1370024045
Lansky, Meyer – gambling czar HQ-0920000146
Lapham, Roger – labor HQ-1240000380
Lardner, Ring Jr. – BOPNO HQ-1000295885
Lardner, Ring Jr. – BOPNO LA-1000030122
Larouche, Lyndon H – Natl cau labor HQ-1000392623
LCN – conviction of two members HQ-1380000384
LCN – effort to muscle in on AANDP HQ-1830004475
LCN -involvement w/ politicl figures HQ-1830003217
LCN – extortionate credit transactions HQ-1790000632
Lash, Joseph – affair with Eleanor R HQ-1000050914
Laska, Ben B – BOPNO HQ-0620031815
Laska, Ben B – BOPNO HQ-0070000115
Latin America Film Cover -fbi AGS HQ-0640004681
Lattimore, Owen HQ-1000024628
Lau, Theodore E. – BOPNO HQ-0650027802
Lautner, John CP-1950 govt witness HQ-1050017408
Lautner, John CP-1950 govt witness HQ-1000016177
Lautner, John CP-1950 govt witness HQ-1340000262
Lavallee, L. R. HQ-1010006829
Lavery, Emmett – Hollywood liberal HQ-1000352558
Lawford, Patricia Kennedy HQ-1230013458
Lawford, Patricia Kennedy HQ-0870057620
Law Enforcement Assist. Administr. HQ-0620118212
Law Enforcement Assist. Administr. HQ-0620110830
Law Enforcement Assist. Administr. HQ-0460073961
Law Enforcement Assist. Administr. HQ-0460064821
Law Enforcement Assist. Administr. HQ-0520099040
Law Enforcement Assist. Administr. HQ-0460067118
Law Enforcement Assist. Administr. HQ-0460068309
Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit HQ-0620103117
Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit HQ-1630043114
Lawrence, Will + Lawrence, A.B. HQ-0260005190
Lawrence, David HQ-1230015007
Lawrence, David HQ-0940040487
Lawrence, David HQ-0620081455
Lawrence, David HQ-0650053924
Lawrence, Howard L-bankfraud inv. HQ-0290004028
Lawson, John Howard HQ-1000370750
Lawson, John Howard LA-1000021198
Lawson, John Howard NY-1000001400
League For Industrial Democracy HQ-0610000524
League For Industrial Democracy HQ-0620071873
League For Industrial Democracy HQ-1000112077
Leary, Dr. Timothy -esc San Luis Ob HQ-1760001637
Leary, Dr. Timothy -esc San Luis Ob HQ-1000460598
Leavenworth Prison -1926 phonetaps HQ-0620022973
Lebron, Juan B. – BOPNO HQ-0030000036
Lebron, Juan B. – BOPNO HQ-0030000041
Lebron, Juan B. – BOPNO HQ-1050013539
Lebron, Delores etc USHofR shting HQ-0030000041
Lebron, Delores etc USHofR shting SJ-0030000014
Lebron, Delores etc USHofR shting HQ-1050023212
Lebron, Delores etc USHofR shting HQ-1050010336
Lebron, Delores etc USHofR shting HQ-1050012322
Lebron, Delores etc USHofR shting HQ-1050022758
Lebron, Delores etc USHofR shting NY-1050001925
Lebron, Delores etc USHofR shting NY-1050001935
Lebron, Delores etc USHofR shting NY-1050003256
Lebron, Delores etc USHofR shting NY-1050005575
Leclair, John Charles HQ-0970001770
Lechow, Napolean Bayaja takeover HQ-1850000423
Lee, George Wesley Victim Murder HQ-0440008949
Lederer, Raymond -Pa. Abscam ’80 HQ-0890004383
Lederer, Raymond -Pa. Abscam ’80 HQ-1970001794
Lederer, Raymond -Pa. Abscam ’80 HQ-1830003024
Lederer, Raymond -Pa. Abscam ’80 HQ-1940000928
Legal Defense – Wounded Knee HQ-0630016247
Leggett, Marian Poplin HQ-0170009029
Lehrer, Tom – satirist, songwriter HQ-1000410594
Lehmitz, Ernst F. Erwin Despretter HQ-0650040282
Leichtfuss, Thomas Frederick – SSA HQ-0250578866
Leichtfuss, Thomas Frederick – SSA HQ-0250611038
Leimas, Leon aka Arch Friedman HQ-0490003765
Leiserson, William – Labor HQ-1210025285
Leiserson, William – Labor HQ-0770057345
Lemmer, William Walter Gainsville HQ-1340022335
Lemmer, William Walter Gainsville DC-1340000602
Lenin School File HQ-1000202838
Lens, Sidney HQ-1760001107
Leonard, Richard HQ-1000402334
Leonhard, Theophil J. – BOPNO HQ-0650019853
Lerner, Max HQ-1000043034
Lerner, Max HQ-0650047943
Leslie, John Allen – CP member HQ-1000020182
Leslie Clay Coal Co -UMWA victims HQ-0440004225
Lester, Arnold HQ-0260227135
Lester, Arnold HQ-0870002873
Letelier, Orlando – Bombing MEX-1850000009
Letelier, Orlando -bombg CHILBOM HQ-1850000789
Letelier, Orlando – bombing WFO-1850000425
Letelier, Orlando – bombing NY-0880017498
Letelier, Orlando L. – bombing HQ-1050214568
Letelier, Orlando L. – bombing HQ-1970001374
Levi, Edward HQ-1610010785
Levine, Jack – Jacob Mordecai -artist MEX-1000001709
Levine, Jack – Jacob Mordecai -artist HQ-1000408772
Levine, Jack – Jacob Mordecai -artist HQ-1000415447
Levinson, Edward -las vegas civsuit HQ-0630011043
Levinson, Norman HQ-1000347949
Levison, Stanley David HQ-1000392452
Levy, Howard B – Vietnam protester HQ-0240525418
Levy, Howard B – Vietnam protester HQ-0252546814
Levy, Arthur HQ-1000345781
Levy, Arthur HQ-1000380607
Lewallyn, Cecil Lamar HQ-1490001684
Lewis, H. Spencer HQ-0610007823
Leis, Evelyn Clayton – espionage HQ-0650008946
Lewis, John Llewellyn HQ-0620028488
Lewis, John Llewellyn HQ-0560001242
Lewis, John Llewellyn HQ-0580003840
Lewis, John Llewellyn HQ-0090011370
Lewis, John Llewellyn HQ-0090014733
Lewis, John Llewellyn HQ-0090018031
Lewis, John Llewellyn HQ-0090030489
Lewis, John Llewellyn HQ-0090035353
Lewis, John Llewellyn HQ-0090037719
Lewis, Naphtali HQ-1000403343
Lewis, Richard Byrd HQ-1000365761
Lewis, William Snags – numbers rack WFO-0920000082
Leyda, Jay HQ-0610009732
Liberation News Service HQ-0620112047
Liberty Magazine – 94-3-4sub30 HQ-0620022902
Liberty Magazine HQ-0620032632
Liberty Magazine HQ-0620023025
Liberty Magazine HQ-0620025556
Liberty Magazine HQ-0360001734
Liberty Magazine HQ-0090004511
Liberty Magazine HQ-0640004404
Licavoli, James T. – Head CV Mafia HQ-0920004153
Lickwala, Edward HQ-0070000281
Liddy, G. Gordon HQ-1390004089
Liebig, Robert – use of NCIC info HQ-1870000019
Lightfoot, Claude Mack CP Ill. 50s HQ-1000000168
Lightfoot, Claude Mack CP Ill. 50s HQ-0090031907
Lilienthal, David – AEC Head TVA HQ-1000348063
Lilienthal, David – AEC Head TVA HQ-1050011214
Lilienthal, David – AEC Head TVA HQ-1000017828
Limsipson, Jose B. – BOPNO HQ-0700034152
Lin, Ping – internal security HQ-1050137988
Lindbergh, Charles HQ-0650011449
Lindbergh, Chalres HQ-0070000001
Lindgren, Edward John Official UCP HQ-0610000440
Linsert, Ernest E. HQ-0020000816
Linsert, Ernest E. HQ-0020000818
Lipscomb, Al – Dallas Black Leader HQ-1570023998
Litle Rock Desegregation 1957 HQ-0440012284
Liuzzo, Viola – murder HQ-0440028601
Living Age Magazine – pro-Japan HQ-0970000781
Lococo, Thomas – BOPNO HQ-0920002982
Lococo, Thomas BOPNO HQ-0630000180
Lodge, Henry Cabot – qpp file amb HQ-0770054743
Lodge, Henry Cabot – qpp file amb HQ-0620047774
Loeb, Richard – Leopold and Loeb HQ-0620040255
Loeffler,Christian detrimentalremarks HQ-1000089358
Logan, Rayford HQ-1010001579
Logan, Rayford WFO-1010001426
Lomax, Louis HQ-0620102926
Lomax, Louis LA-1570000814
Lomax, Louis E. HQ-0260134264
Lombardi, Vince – Gambling 1962 HQ-0630014543
Lombardozzo, Camillo et al assault HQ-0890001108
Loo Clyde Paln. Bomb Nassco CWP HQ-1740008780
Lomawitz, Giovanni Rossi -alleg CP HQ-1000210658
Long, Huey P. – governor Louisiana HQ-0620032509
Long, Huey P. – governor Louisiana HQ-0620027030
Long, Huey P. – governor Louisiana HQ-0620029635
Long, Huey P. – governor Louisiana HQ-0620028479
Longview Race Riot Texas 1919 HQ-1900026870
Lorch, Lee HQ-1000185600
Lord Mfg vs Patent Infringement HQ-0270000231
Lorenzi, Henry and Sue FDP HQ-1730002631
Lorenzi, Henry and Sue FDP HQ-04428656
Los Angeles Riots and Disorders LA-1570002280
Los Angeles Riots and Disorders LA-1570002712
Los Angeles Organized Crime prog. LA-0940000430
Los Angeles Crim. Investig. 1958 HQ-0440012469
Lure Bandit Armed Robbery HQ-0880009129
Lotto, Jack Hearst HQ-0940000008
Lou Steve Kas – king of the gypsies HQ-0250094603
Lovett, Robert Morss HQ-1000000061
Loven, Virginia Lanier HQ-0170009029
Lovestone, Jay HQ-0610001292
Lowenstein, Allard HQ-1050103168
Lowenthal, Max -wrote crit FBI bk HQ-0620025733
Loy, Myrna – Hollywood Liberal HQ-0620051419
Lubell, Jonathon HQ-1760001167
Lubell, David HQ-1000332927
Lubell, David HQ-1000361428
Lubell, David Mrs. HQ-1000411863
Luchese, Thomas – LCN HQ-0920001576
Luchese, Thomas – LCN HQ-0920002704
Luchese, Thomas – LCN HQ-0920003640
Luchese, Thomas – LCN HQ-0920002048
Luchese, Thomas – LCN HQ-0920002031
Luchese, Thomas – LCN HQ-0920002044
Luchese, Thomas – LCN HQ-0920002046
Luchese, Thomas – LCN HQ-0920011368
Luciano, Charles AKA Lucky HQ-0540000404
Luciano, Charles AKA Lucky HQ-0310044320
Lucy, Autherine integration UofALA HQ-0440009947
Ludwig, Kurt Frederick et al HQ-0650033780
Luedtke, Willy – Bund Leader HQ-1000044828
Luethje, Hugo J. – Germ Amer bund HQ-1000013125
Ludwig, Love HQ-0650033780
Luria, Salvatore E. born 8-13-12 HQ-1000367221
Luria, Salvatore Edward NY-1000097499
Luria, Salvatore Edward LA-1000032596
Luscomb, Florence – socialist activist HQ-1000037681
Lusk, Clayton – US Senate Lusk com HQ-0620004208
Lustig, James – Labor HQ-1000007166
Lustig, James – Labor HQ-0980040121
Lux, Harry M. HQ-1000016314
Lynch, John William HQ-0440002552
Lynd, Helen HQ-1000357382
Lynd, Staughton Craig HQ-0250562255
Lynd, Staughton Craig HQ-1000396916
Larant, Oscar LA-0870042412
Lasky, Harold LA-1000024692
Lasky, Harold HQ-0610007665
Lasky, Harold CG-1340000046
Levine, Peter David – kidnap victim HQ-0070002248
Lyons, Ruth – victim of extortion HQ-0090040178