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Secret No More: K



Write the FBI and request, by name and file number, the one or ones you are interested in under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (5 USC 552). For best results use our sample letter as a template. The FBI’s address is:

Records Information Dissemination Section
170 Marcel Drive
Winchester, VA 22602-4843

If you are requesting files on an individual you will need to include the individual’s birth date and proof that the individual is deceased or is more than 110 years old. Acceptable proof could be a copy of an obituary, death notice, news story, Social Security Death Index (SSDI) record printout, or encyclopedia entry. Wikipedia is not acceptable to the FBI.

List which files you want, mention if you are a member of the press, and tell the FBI that you agree to pay reasonable fees up to $30 without additional permission so that they can process your request. In some cases, members of the media can request and receive a waiver of fees otherwise charged under FOIA. To receive a fee waiver, members of the media must explain to the FBI how release of the information will further public understanding of how government works, and how you intend to disseminate that information. Standard copying fees for FBI Freedom of Information material are 10¢/page, with the first 100 pages free. Again, we urge you to use our carefully worded sample letter as a template.

The information contained in
Secret No More
was obtained and developed by:

Michael J. Ravnitzky

Kahane, Meir – JDL HQ-0620115019
Kahane, Meir – JDL HQ-0620112767
Kahane, Meir – JDL HQ-1050207795
Kahane, Meir – JDL NY-0020000760
Kai, Heimusha HQ-0970001160
Kaltenbach, Frederick W. – WW2 Treason HQ-0650006568
Kalustian Case, Elect. Surv. HQ-1000366694
Kamen, Martin HQ-0020088217
Kamin, Leon HQ-1000356771
Kampiles, William – Espionage, Russian HQ-1051032051
Kampiles, William – Espionage, Russian HQ-0650076378
Kaplan, Fred, Morris Birnbaum HQ-0460010782
Kaplan, Nathan, NY Crime Boss, 1920s HQ-0520000019
Kaplan, Nathan, NY Crime Boss, 1920s HQ-0920001837
Kaplan, Nathan, NY Crime Boss, 1920s HQ-0730010600
Kappe, Walter HQ-0980011449
Karpevicz, Francin Alvin (Alvin Karpis) HQ-0070000576
Karpevicz, Francin Alvin (Alvin Karpis) HQ-0070000979
Karpevicz, Francin Alvin (Alvin Karpis) HQ-0260022977
Karpevicz, Francin Alvin (Alvin Karpis) HQ-0260028915
Karpevicz, Francin Alvin (Alvin Karpis) HQ-0320016384
Karpevicz, Francin Alvin (Alvin Karpis) HQ-0910000569
Karpevicz, Francin Alvin (Alvin Karpis) HQ-0620035975
Karpevicz, Francin Alvin (Alvin Karpis) HQ-0620043010
Karpevicz, Francin Alvin (Alvin Karpis) HQ-0760000585
Kaslow, Robert G. HQ-0260060382
Kasper, John, School Integration 1959 HQ-0620105095
Kassay, Paul F. – Sabotage HQ-0440002925
Kassay, Paul F. – Sabotage HQ-0620024821
Katangan Army, Recruitment in US HQ-0020001741
Katzen, Leon, Chicago Communist Party HQ-0610007665
Katzen, Leon, Chicago Communist Party HQ-1000345540
Kavaja, Nikola, Skyjacking & Serbian Natl HQ-1740000477
Kawakita, Tom – US Citizenship HQ-0610011398
Keller, Abraham HQ-1000204665
Keller, Abraham HQ-1900017523
Keller, Abraham SF-1000017771
Kelley, Clarence – FBI Director? HQ-0620115698
Kelly, C.J. HQ-0260000165
Kelly, George – Machine Gun Kelly HQ-0070000115
Kelly, John H. – HUD Conspiracy HQ-1470025607
Kelly, Richard HQ-0580010429
Kelly, Thomas Francis, George Francis HQ-1680000087
Kendrick, McDowell Cole, Govt Inspector HQ-1210043550
Kennan, Barry W. – Sinatra Jr. Kidnapping HQ-0070010603
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald HQ-0090037991
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald HQ-0090037800
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald HQ-0940037374
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald HQ-0090039836
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald HQ-0560002534
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald HQ-1570000929
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald HQ-0620109060
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald HQ-0870138553
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald HQ-0620107481
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald HQ-0620107506
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald HQ-0620108641
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald HQ-1050111811
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald HQ-0940037374
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald – Assassination HQ-0620109060
Kennedy, Joseph P. HQ-0940037808
Kennedy, Robert F. HQ-0440024721
Kennedy, Robert F. HQ-0620076943
Kennedy, Robert F. HQ-1180005869
Kennedy, Robert F. HQ-1200009166
Kennedy, Robert F. HQ-0770051387
Kennedy, Robert F. HQ-0440089006
Kennedy, Robert F. HQ-1570000768
Kennedy, Robert F. HQ-0890003213
Kennedy, Robert F. HQ-0620107624
Kennedy, Robert F. HQ-0620000587
Kennedy, Robert F. HQ-0620109131
Kent State University Killings HQ-0440045339
Kent, Rockwell HQ-1210033595
Kent, Rockwell HQ-1160025927
Kent, Rockwell HQ-1050019153
Kent, Rockwell HQ-0090019491
Kent, Rockwell HQ-0940035339
Kent, Rockwell HQ-0090019491
Kent, Rockwell HQ-1000015145
Kent, Tyler HQ-0650027850
Kenyatta, Muhammued -Donald W. Jackson HQ-1570007782
Kerenski, Alexander – President of Russia HQ-1000154098
Kerley, Larry E. – Former FBI Agent HQ-0580001548
Kibre, Jeff – Labor HQ-0600003996
Kibre, Jeff – Labor HQ-0600003125
Kibre, Jeff – Labor HQ-1220001727
Kiefer, Friedrich – German American Bund HQ-1000049859
Kiesler, Hans – Leibman, JUPP HQ-1000012352
Kiesler, Hans – Liebman, JUPP HQ-0650000100
Kim, E.K. & Wong, Charles -gambling ring HQ-1820003075
King, Carol Weiss, Atty for Communist Pty HQ-062102963
King, Charles Louis HQ-1790000758
King, Martin Luther Jr. HQ-1570006402
King, Martin Luther Jr. HQ-1570005685
King, Martin Luther Jr. HQ-1570000667
King, Martin Luther Jr. HQ-1000106670
King, Martin Luther Jr. HQ-1570001659
King, Martin Luther Jr. HQ-1570000929
King, Martin Luther Jr. HQ-1570002827
King, Martin Luther Jr. HQ-1570004801
King, Martin Luther Jr. HQ-1570008763
King, Martin Luther Jr. HQ-0690000743
King, Martin Luther Jr. HQ-0630008460
King, Martin Luther Jr. HQ-0440019780
King, Martin Luther Jr. HQ-0440013605
King, Martin Luther Jr. HQ-0440038861
King, Martin Luther Jr. HQ-0440025759
King, Martin Luther Jr. HQ-1730000642
King, Martin Luther Jr. HQ-1730000207
King, Martin Luther, Senior HQ-1390001046
King, Rev. Edwin, Tougaloo College HQ-0440032039
King, Rev. Edwin, Tougaloo College HQ-1760000929
Kingsmen, Louie Louie Record HQ-1450002961
Kipnis, Ira A. HQ-1000339121
Kirchwey, Freda – Feminist HQ-1000079263
Kissenger, herman D. – Sedition, WW2 HQ-1000040857
Kissinger, Henry A. HQ-1160448619
Kissinger, Henry A. HQ-1610000424
Kissinger, Henry A. HQ-0630016062
Kistiakowsky, George B. HQ-1160021159
Kita, Nagao HQ-1000062229
Kitt, Eartha HQ-0620112009
Kitt, Eartha LA-8700014432
Kitt, Eartha LA-1000071239
Klan HQ-1570034328
Klan HQ-100007801
Klan HQ-1000007254
Klan HQ-1700000030
Klan HQ-1570031385
Klan – Ku Klux Klan HQ-0440000001
Klan – Ku Klux Klan HQ-0660003286
Klan – Ku Klux Klan HQ-1000356570
Klan – Ku Klux Klan HQ-1570018400
Klan, Florida Knights HQ-1050038069
Klan, Los Angeles LA-1570000135
Klan, Los Angeles LA-0440003786
Klan, Los Angeles LA-1570011908
Klan, Los Angeles LA-0610000157
Klan, Los Angeles LA-1570002077
Klan, Los Angeles LA-1570001051
Klan, Los Angeles LA-1570000540
Klan, Los Angeles LA-1570011572
Klan, Los Angeles LA-1570000712
Klan, Los Angeles LA-1000087416
Klan, Louisiana, 1920s HQ-0440000018
Klan, Missouri, 1920s HQ-0440000025
Klan, Original Knights versus U.S. HQ-1730002015
Klan, United Florida Knights, 1961 HQ-1570000395
Klan, Wichita Kansas HQ-1570000018
Klans, United Klans of America HQ-1570000370
Klans, United Klans of America HQ-1570034581
Klapprott, August HQ-0650028290
Klapprott, August HQ-0250080994
Kleindienst, Richard G. HQ-0740002750
Kleindienst, Richard G. PH-0620005616
Kleindienst, Richard G. HQ-0620115389
Kleindienst, Richard G. HQ-0740002446
Kleindienst, Richard G. HQ-1160342980
Kleindienst, Richard G. HQ-0770106859
Kleindienst, Richard G. HQ-1830000839
Kleindienst, Richard G. HQ-0690000839
Kleindienst, Richard G. HQ-0630016163
Kleindienst, Richard G. HQ-0620115454
Kleindienst, Richard G. HQ-1610008874
Kline, Herbert – Films 1930s HQ-1000389307
Kline, Herbert – New Theater League HQ-0610006156
Klose, Otto W. HQ-0360001153
Knight, O.A. – Labor HQ-1000105795
Knights of the White Camellia HQ-0610007307
Knights of the White Camellia HQ-0970000649
Knights of the White Camellia HQ-0980006024
Knoop, Thodor Von – German Spies HQ-0650001637
Koch, Irene – Nazi Party Representative HQ-0610010605
Koedel, Maire H. – Espionage HQ-0650020365
Kogyo, Nichibei – Film Re: Alien Property HQ-1020000086
Kogyo, Nichibei – Film Re: Alien Property HQ-10000069260
Kohlberg, Alfred HQ-0020001275
Kohlberg, Alfred HQ-0400022783
Koischnitz, Max Oscar – WW2 Treason HQ-0610009477
Kolko, Gabriel HQ-1050103504
Kolko, Gabriel WFO-000046591
Kolko, Gabriel PAR-1050011021
Koo, V.K. Wellington HQ-0620077787
Korematsu, Fred -Japanese-Amer Crt Case HQ-1000031040
Korematsu, Fred -Japanese-Amer Crt Case HQ-1000110195
Kornfededder, Joseph Zack – CP 1920s-50s HQ-1000221869
Kosseff, Jerone W. – Loyalty Issue HQ-1210010311
Kowalski, Joseph – Alleged Radical – 1920s HQ-0610000636
Kraft, Joseph – Alleged Wiretap HQ-0620115682
Kramer, Dale HQ-1000423359
Kramer, Lawrence F. Jr. – Mayor HQ-1610007118
Kramer, Morton Joseph HQ-0470008170
Kranz, Carl HQ-0650038075
Kranz, Carl HQ-1000012969
Kranz, Carl HQ-0650008946
Kranz, Carl HQ-1000000605
Kranz, Carl HQ-1020000020
Krauchenko, Victor HQ-1000275683
Kremen, Shirley HQ-1000404458
Krepper, Carl Emil L. HQ-0980015929
Kress, Jack Edward – Gambling Mach. HQ-1620000287
Kriegh, Willard Stacey HQ-1210024118
Krug, Hans Peter HQ-0390001150
Krull, George, Michael Krull HQ-0070007548
Kuchel, Senator Thomas H. HQ-1570000750
Kuchel, Senator Thomas H. HQ-0620098689
Kuchel, Senator Thomas H. HQ-1610010510
Kuchel, Senator Thomas H. LA-0320000656
Kuczynski, Irene Margaret, OC-NJ HQ-1790000463
Kudzu – The Underground Newspaper HQ-1000451198
Kudzu – The Underground Newspaper JN-1000001236
Kuehn, Bernard Julius O, Subver. WW2 HQ-0650001574
Kunstler, William A – Activist Attorney HQ-1000439612
Kunze, Gerhard W. HQ-0650013582
Kushner, Samuel – Underground in CP HQ-1000036733
Kuter, Laurence sherman – security question HQ-1160395974
Kyffhaeuser Bund – Denaturalization HQ-0650012352