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Secret No More: H



Write the FBI and request, by name and file number, the one or ones you are interested in under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (5 USC 552). For best results use our sample letter as a template. The FBI’s address is:

Records Information Dissemination Section
170 Marcel Drive
Winchester, VA 22602-4843

If you are requesting files on an individual you will need to include the individual’s birth date and proof that the individual is deceased or is more than 110 years old. Acceptable proof could be a copy of an obituary, death notice, news story, Social Security Death Index (SSDI) record printout, or encyclopedia entry. Wikipedia is not acceptable to the FBI.

List which files you want, mention if you are a member of the press, and tell the FBI that you agree to pay reasonable fees up to $30 without additional permission so that they can process your request. In some cases, members of the media can request and receive a waiver of fees otherwise charged under FOIA. To receive a fee waiver, members of the media must explain to the FBI how release of the information will further public understanding of how government works, and how you intend to disseminate that information. Standard copying fees for FBI Freedom of Information material are 10¢/page, with the first 100 pages free. Again, we urge you to use our carefully worded sample letter as a template.

The information contained in
Secret No More
was obtained and developed by:

Michael J. Ravnitzky

Hachethal, Frank HQ-0260006250
Hachethal, Frank HQ-0260000747
Hachethal, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0620012025
Haessler, Carl HQ-0650005966
Hagemeister, Hans -Recruit Germans HQ-0650001920
Hague, Frank – Jersey City Mayor HQ-0620020079
Hague, Frank – Jersey City Mayor HQ-0440000203
Hague, Frank – Jersey City Mayor HQ-0070002319
Halberstam, David HQ-0650074060
Haldeman, Harry R. HQ-1160457593
Haldeman, Harry R. HQ-0620116132
Haldeman, Harry R. HQ-0630016062
Haldeman, Harry R. HQ-1610006251
Haldeman, Harry R. HQ-1970000344
Haldeman-Julius, Emmanuel Kan HQ-0620025155
Haldeman-Julius, Emmanuel Kan HQ-0610000443
Haldeman-Julius, Emmanuel Kan HQ-0610007539
Hale, Wm K. – King of Osage Hills HQ-1000346180
Hale, Wm K. – King of Osage Hills HQ-1000346180
Hale, Wm K. – King of Osage Hills HQ-0620005033
Hall, Gus – CPUSA HQ-0090038510
Hall, Gus – CPUSA HQ-0310029830
Hall, Gus – CPUSA HQ-0460039755
Hall, Gus – CPUSA HQ-0470016418
Hall, Gus – CPUSA HQ-0620045797
Hall, Gus – CPUSA HQ-0620095804
Hall, Gus – CPUSA HQ-0610008077
Hall, Gus – CPUSA HQ-0620112153
Hall, Gus – CPUSA NY-1000084994
Hall, Gus Mrs. HQ-1000071217
Hall, Rich A. – Quaker Draft Resister HQ-0250036157
Hallinan, Vincent – BOPNO HQ-0510000360
Hallinan, Vincent – BOPNO HQ-0720000496
Hallinan, Vincent – BOPNO HQ-1900013115
Hallinan, Vincent – BOPNO HQ-1970001264
Hallinan, Vincent – BOPNO HQ-0090062067
Hallinan, Vincent – BOPNO HQ-1000365966
Halperin, Israel – Rosenberg Case HQ-0650059104
Halperin, Maurice HQ-0650056402
Halperin, Maurice HQ-0650014303
Halperin, Maurice HQ-0620116606
Halperin, Morton HQ-0630016062
Halperin, Morton HQ-0650075085
Halperin, Morton HQ-1610005887
Halperin, Morton HQ-1900002169
Halperin, Morton HQ-1970002905
Halperin, Morton HQ-1970000145
Halperin, Morton HQ-1160451131
Halperin, Morton HQ-0620000000
  ID number 82273
Halstead, Fred-1968 SWP Pres Cand HQ-0700048966
Halstead, Fred-1968 SWP Pres Cand HQ-1900012587
Halstead, Fred-1968 SWP Pres Cand HQ-1000371709
Hamer, Fannie Lou HQ-0090049604
Hamer, Fannie Lou HQ-0440048733
Hamer, Fannie Lou HQ-1570003933
Hamlin, Marston HQ-1000414184
Hamlin, Marston HQ-1000339505
Hamlin, Marston HQ-1000333042
Hammer, Armand HQ-0620060527
Hammer, Armand HQ-1940001159
Hammer, Armand HQ-1050092501
Hammer, Armand HQ-0610000280
Hammer, Armand HQ-0560005399
Hammer, Desiderio aka John Santo HQ-1000008927
Hammett, Samuel Dashiell – Writer HQ-0620031619
Hammett, Samuel Dashiell – Writer HQ-1900031356
Hammett, Samuel Dashiell – Writer HQ-1000014499
Hammett, Samuel Dashiell – Writer LA-1000023501
Hammons, Adolph – Expungement HQ-0630016548
Hampton, Carl – 1970 Police Killing HQ-0440046170
Hampton, Carl – 1970 Police Killing HQ-0260007450
Hampton, Carl – 1970 Police Killing HQ-1570017680
Hampton, Fred HQ-1740000720
Hampton, Fred HQ-1570008146
Hampton, Fred HQ-1740006926
Hampton, Fred HQ-0440055621
Hansberry, Capt. Dean R – embezzle HQ-0520069961
Hapgood, Powers – Labor HQ-1000021067
Harap, Louis HQ-0610007341
Harap, Louis HQ-1000343334
Harlan Co Ky Mining Strikes 1937 HQ-0610006948
Harlan Co Ky Mining Strikes 1937 HQ-0620052538
Harlem Race Riot 1942-43 HQ-0610000079
Harlem Riot 1964 HQ-1630000000
Harlem Riot 1964 HQ-1000000003
Harrell, Baxter L. HQ-0310056256
Harrell, John R. – BOPNO HQ-0420157640
Harrell, John R. – BOPNO HQ-1740008319
Harrell, John R. – BOPNO HQ-0870018463
Harrell, John R. – BOPNO HQ-1000455007
Harrell, John R. – BOPNO HQ-0730017695
Harrell, John R. – BOPNO HQ-0620105711
Harrison, Gerald HQ-1000345925
Harrison, Harley HQ-1000440552
Hart, Guy W. HQ-0310010854
Hartley, Evelyn – Victim Juris Argue HQ-0070006963
Hartmann, Jacob – Funds Sov Relief HQ-0260405721
Hartmann, Jacob – Funds Sov Relief HQ-0460005757
Hartzel, Elmer Antiwar Lit to Army HQ-0140000362
Hartzell, Oscar M – BOPNO HQ-0620044099
Hartzell, Oscar M – BOPNO HQ-0620011178
Harvard Student Union HQ-1000032526
Harvey, Paul – Radio Announcer HQ-0620097730
Harvey, Paul – Radio Announcer HQ-1170000997
Haug, Marie R. – BOPNO HQ-0930015040
Haug, Marie R. – BOPNO HQ-1220000217
Haug, Marie R. – BOPNO HQ-1220002048
Haug, Marie R. – BOPNO HQ-1000147889
Haug, Marie R. – BOPNO HQ-1400043834
Haupt, Max Hans – BOPNO HQ-0980010288
Haupt, Max Hans – BOPNO HQ-0610011331
Hauptman, Bruno R. – kidnapping HQ-0070000001
Hawkins, David HQ-1000344752
Hawkins, David HQ-1160156067
Hawkins, David HQ-1160017129
Hawkins, Samuel David -Korea pow HQ-0610011532
Hawkins, Samuel David -Korea pow OC-0610000136
Hawkins, Samuel David -Korea pow SF-0610000616
Hawley, Peter HQ-1000208010
Hayden, Tom HQ-0620111917
Hayden, Tom HQ-1760000073
Hayden, Tom HQ-1000438281
Hayden, Tom HQ-1970000185
Hayden, Tom HQ-1450004160
Hayden, Tom HQ-1760001410
Hayden, Tom NY-1570010598
Hayden, Tom LA-1000071853
Hayden, Tom NY-1000148904
Hayden, Tom NY-1000148047
Haynes, Oscar H -Lynch Victim LA HQ-0440001444
Haywood, Bill – IWW Leader HQ-1000356038
Haywood, Bill – IWW Leader HQ-1000384018
Haywood, Bill – IWW Leader HQ-1000037055
Haywood, Bill – IWW Leader HQ-0610002494
Heady, Bonnie B. – Grenap HQ-0070006920
Healey, Dorothy – Calif. CPUSA HQ-1000018459
Hearst, Patty HQ-0090058002
Hearst, Patty HQ-0090060472
Hearst, Patty HQ-0090062294
Hearst, Patty HQ-0090055591
Hearst, Patty HQ-1900003058
Hearst, Patty HQ-1570033745
Hearst, Patty SF-1000076890
Hearst, Patty – Victim SLA HQ-0070015200
Hearst, William R. HQ-0070000104
Hearst, William R. HQ-0090008555
Hearst, William R. HQ-0450000549
Hearst, William R. HQ-0650016463
Hearst, William R. HQ-0800000063
Hearst, William R. HQ-0950039411
Hearst, William R. HQ-0870128456
Hearst, William R. HQ-0620090221
Heberling, Fritz – Chicago Bund HQ-1000017128
Hebrew Comm. Of Natl Liberation HQ-1000316012
Heimlich, Simon HQ-1000116407
Heimlich, Simon HQ-1000349185
Heine, Edmunc C. – Espionage HQ-0650009180
Heine, Edmund C. – Espionage HQ-1000040671
Heitler, Michael – BOPNO HQ-0620025953
Heitler, Michael – BOPNO HQ-0310003443
Hellman, Lillian HQ-1000028760
Hellman, Lillian HQ-1900028748
Hellman, Lilllian LA-1000022366
Helm, Edith B. HQ-0620060512
Helmich, Joseph -army secrets-ussr HQ-0650075452
Helstein, Ralph – Labor HQ-1000141277
Henderson, Agnes – WW2 Subvers. HQ-1000409174
Henderson, Donald – Labor HQ-1220000159
Henderson, Donald – Labor HQ-1000007494
Henderson, Donald – Labor HQ-1960000754
Henderson, Donald – Labor HQ-0950237212
Henderson, Donald – Labor HQ-0910069072
Henderson, Donald – Labor HQ-0260426053
Henderson, Donald – Labor HQ-1630011047
Henderson, Leon HQ-1400023471
Henderson, Leon HQ-1630035348
Henderson, Leon HQ-0950187697
Henderson, Leon HQ-0870125127
Henderson, Leon HQ-0440057461
Henley, Nadine -HowardHughes ass HQ-1160158627
Hennacy, Ammon – Pacifist BOPNO HQ-0620061208
Henry, Aaron HQ-1570004956
Henry, Aaron HQ-1570017138
Henry, Aaron HQ-1570002518
Henry, Aaron HQ-1570000866
Henry, Aaron HQ-1570001895
Henry, Aaron HQ-1570001081
Henry, Aaron HQ-1610014258
Henry, Aaron HQ-1730000037
Henry, Aaron HQ-1570020806
Henry, Aaron HQ-0090050032
Henry, Aaron HQ-0440019175
Henry, Aaron HQ-0440019649
Henry, Aaron HQ-0440020520
Henry, Aaron HQ-0440021527
Henry, Aaron HQ-0440022893
Henry, Aaron HQ-1730004869
Henry, Aaron HQ-1730006051
Henry, Aaron HQ-0440024100
Henry, Aaron HQ-1730000029
Henry, Aaron HQ-1730000037
Henry, Roland R HQ-0760045576
Henry, Roland R HQ-0880054780
Henry, Roland R HQ-0470042029
Henry, Roland R – DC Underworld HQ-0760043720
Hermann, Karl R W HQ-1900023048
Hermann, Karl R W HQ-1050300870
Hermann, Karl R W HQ-0650001138
Hernandes, Emilio HQ-1050228020
Hernandes, Emilio BOPNO HQ-0650050446
Herndon, Leroy HQ-0950146222
Herndon, Leroy HQ-1000400054
Herndon, Leroy HQ-1210042686
Herring, Ernest – BOPNO HQ-0430003073
Herring, Ernest – BOPNO HQ-0070003444
Herring, Ernest – BOPNO HQ-0880002026
Hetherington, Rev Courtney Colorful HQ-0880000012
Hicks, Granville HQ-0310036100
Hicks, Granville HQ-1000070153
Higgins, Andrew J Jr HQ-1050150407
Higgins, Andrew J Jr. HQ-0020000818
Higgins, Andrew J Sr. HQ-0020000816
Higgins, Father George HQ-0610007544
Higgins, Peter J. – BOPNO HQ-0230000267
Highlander Folk School HQ-0440012743
Highlander Folk School HQ-1000087411
Highlander Folk School HQ-0610007511
Highroller W.F.O. sting operation AX-0700003574
Highroller W.F.O. sting operation WFO-0870021736
Hijacking HQ-1640002562
Hijacking – Cuba HQ-1640002193
Hijacking – Cuba HQ-1640000821
Hijacking – Cuba, Black Panthers HQ-1640001128
Hijacking – Kidnapping HQ-1640005040
Hijacking Ransom HQ-1640002541
Hikeda, Yasuichi HQ-0400022241
Hilliard, David – Black Panthers HQ-1760000885
Hilliard, David – Black Panthers HQ-1450004443
Hilliard, David – Black Panthers HQ-1570008714
Hilliard, David – Black Panthers HQ-0910034101
Hilliard, David – Black Panthers HQ-0440039708
Hilliard, David – Black Panthers HQ-0440040024
Hillman, Sidney HQ-0440000178
Hillman, Sidney HQ-0440001003
Hillman, Sidney HQ-0570000407
Hillman, Sidney HQ-0580001126
Hillman, Sidney HQ-0600001711
Hillman, Sidney HQ-0610009899
Hilsman, Roger NY-1160121328
Hilsman, Roger NY-1610001223
Hirabayashi, Gordon – no relocate HQ-1000191117
Hirabayashi, Gordon Jap-Am no relo HQ-0250034352
Hiskey, Clarence HQ-1210020641
Hiskey, Clarence HQ-1010002118
Hiss, Alger HQ-0650056402
Hiss, Alger HQ-0090017829
Hiss, Alger LA-0650004878
Hiss, Alger LA-1900000203
Hiss, Alger NY-1050010101
Hiss, Alger NY-0690000014
Hiss, Alger HQ-1010002668
Hiss, Alger HQ-0660006200
Hiss, Alger HQ-0740001333
Hiss, Donald HQ-0740001333
Hiss, Donald HQ-1010004300
Hiss, Donald LA-1000042656
Hiss, Priscilla HQ-0740001333
Hiss, Priscilla HQ-0650056402
Hiss, Priscilla HQ-1000376016
Hitler, Adolf HQ-0650053615
Hitler, Alois – Half Brother HQ-1050007985
Hobson, Julius HQ-140-355481
Hobson, Julius WFO-1400025531
Hobson, Julius HQ-0620117199
Hobson, Julius HQ-1570003707
Hoch, Myron HQ-1000116414
Hodes, Robert HQ-1000046895
Hoffa, James – 1963 Pension Loans HQ-0630008981
Hoffa, James – Allied Pub Rel Inc HQ-0630007405
Hoffa, James – Atlanta Cabana Hotel HQ-0630006702
Hoffa, James – Beacon Motel HQ-0630008743
Hoffa, James – Cal Life Insur Co. HQ-0630007987
Hoffa, James – Cent. Casualty Co. HQ-0630007893
Hoffa, James – Dallas Cabana Hotel HQ-0630006727
Hoffa, James – E.A. Scheib Auto HQ-0630007112
Hoffa, James – E.O. Corp Atlanta HQ-0630008013
Hoffa, James – Eug Russell Sansouci HQ-0630006678
Hoffa, James – Fairlawn Mem Hosp HQ-0630008505
Hoffa, James – Flamboyant Hotel HQ-0630007103
Hoffa, James – gen. Oglethorpe hotel HQ-0630006728
Hoffa, James – H. Glassman HQ-0630006953
Hoffa, James – Home Se Co Gottlieb HQ-0630007179
Hoffa, James – Hotel Whitcomb HQ-0630006918
Hoffa, James – Howard Park Hosp HQ-0630008506
Hoffa, James – I.S. Weiner HQ-0630007985
Hoffa, James – Lake Tahoe HQ-0630008341
Hoffa, James – Park Plaza Motel HQ-0630006867
Hoffa, James – Riverside Hotel renov HQ-0630007951
Hoffa, James – sheraton tenney lodge HQ-1560000134
Hoffa, James – Teamsters Pension HQ-0630007821
Hoffa, James – Teamsters So. Conf. HQ-0630007536
Hoffa, James -Causeway Enterprises HQ-0630007078
Hoffa, James -Myers Lake shop ctr HQ-0630006760
Hoffa, James -N. Stern LA Hoodlum HQ-0630007144
Hoffa, James R HQ-0580004044
Hoffa, James R HQ-0740001333
Hoffa, James R HQ-0630000553
Hoffa, James R HQ-0630005327
Hoffa, James R – anti-racketeering HQ-0660002000
  ID 122
Hoffa, James R – blair house apt HQ-0630006480
Hoffa, James R – forum motor lodge HQ-1560000126
Hoffa, James R – Jimmy MM-0620004673
Hoffa, James R – Jimmy – misc HQ-0580004044
Hoffa, James R – Jimmy – misc HQ-0720001459
Hoffa, James R – Jimmy – misc HQ-0720001543
Hoffa, James R – obstruction justice HQ-0720001459
Hoffa, James R – P. Weiss HQ-0630007099
Hoffa, James R – pelican states hotel HQ-0630006486
Hoffa, James R – S, G & h.r. burvis HQ-0630006733
Hoffa, James R – S.G. Burvis HQ-0630006666
Hoffa, James R -bribe mcclellan com NY-0580000995
Hoffa, James R -honeymoon isle dev HQ-0630006527
Hoffa, James R -S Hyman key west HQ-0630006478
Hoffa, James R v B Connelly miami HQ-0630006475
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0720001543
Hoffa, James R. HQ-1630039554
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0630006728
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0630007821
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0090060052
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0630000553
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0560002046
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0510000472
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0630006658
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0630007987
Hoffa, James R. HQ-1220001384
Hoffa, James R. HQ-1220001387
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0630000553
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0630006985
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0630007789
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0630007821
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0720001852
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0740001869
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0740001929
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0740002055
Hoffa, James R. HQ-1220001083
Hoffa, James R. HQ-1220002006
Hoffa, James -Teamsters Pension fnd HQ-0630008382
Hoffman, Abbie HQ-1640000508
Hoffman, Abbie HQ-1640001017
Hoffman, Abbie HQ-1760001410
Hoffman, Abbie HQ-1800000143
Hoffman, Abbie HQ-1800000200
Hoffman, Abbie HQ-0660002554
  ID Number 12978
Hoffman, Abbie HQ-1000449923
Hoffman, Abbie HQ-1760000034
Hoffman, Hans MEX-1000000821
Hoffman, Irving, 94-3 Sub 4 Sub 40 HQ-0940000003
Hoffman, Johanna HQ-0650000748
Hoffman, Marvin Child Dev Grp MS HQ-1160098759
Hogan, Joseph W – BOPNO HQ-0420244641
Hohenlohe, Princess HQ-0650001649
Hohenlohe, Princess HQ-0650037699
Hohenlohe, Princess HQ-0650056106
Hohenlohe, Princess -S.Fr UN conf HQ-0620094969
Holden, Luther vs US 1943 Lynchng HQ-0440000661
Holliday, Billie HQ-0120001720
Holliday, Billie -blues singer BOPNO HQ-0950153541
Hollywood Anti-Nazi League HQ-1000006633
Hollywood anti-nazi league CP front HQ-0610007497
Hollywood Canteen HQ-1000013342
Hollywood Canteen HQ-1000259318
Hollywood Canteen LA-100-18780
Hollywood Dem Comm – CP front HQ-1000197270
Hollywood Indep Citizens comm-CP HQ-1000338892
Hollywood Mobilization CP front HQ-1000047852
Hollywood Ten HQ-1000356137
Holman, Currier-pres Iowa Beef proc HQ-1660005896
Holmes, John M. HQ-0070000375
Holmes, Oliver Wendell Jr. HQ-0650027247
Holmes, Oliver Wendell Jr. HQ-1160000017
Holmes, Oliver Wendell Jr. HQ-0620014996
Holquin, Pedro A A WFO-1050067330
Holquin, Pedro A A DOM-1050000260
Holquin, Pedro A A-dominican junta HQ-1050014442
Holtzoff, Alexander HQ-0620039799
Hook, Sidney HQ-1000176573
Hoover Briefings on Major fbi Cases HQ-0940057090
Hoover, Lamar and Sally -newspaper HQ-1000450181
Hopkins, Andrew Hinds Co Miss jail HQ-0440011457
Hopkins, Harry HQ-1050040354
Hopkins, Harry HQ-0620059396
Hopkinson, Mary – CP activist HQ-1000022803
Horip-Disrupt KKK by sex innuendo HQ-1700000942
Hornung, Paul HQ-1370017677
Hornung, Paul HQ-0290082933
Hornung, Paul – Gambling HQ-0920005904
Horrock, Nicholas -unauth disclosure HQ-0620117938
Horton, Donald HQ-1000430754
Horwitz, Chas – Freedom Dem Party HQ-0440034254
Hot Springs, Arkansas Gambling HQ-0620044462
Hotel-Restaurant Workers Union HQ-1220003752
Houdini, Harry re the master mystery HQ-0270000007
House of David, Michigan HQ-0170000264
House of David, Michigan HQ-0620020612
House of David, Michigan HQ-1450003305
House of Israel HQ-1000168963
House Select Comm Intell.- Pike HQ-0620116464
House, J. Arthur HQ-0930000639
House, J. Arthur BOPNO HQ-0290004546
  Sub 1
Houthakker, Hendrick S – economist HQ-1610005675
Howard, Charles A. HQ-0980008473
Howard, Charles W. HQ-1000383065
Howard, Charles W. HQ-1000143124
Howard, Milton HQ-0950086339
Howard, Milton HQ-1000241197
Howard, Milton HQ-1000074972
Howard, Verne HQ-1000339491
Howard, Verne N – 1st title 8 convic. HQ-1210005390
Hubbard, L. Ron HQ-0650011118
Hubbard, L. Ron HQ-0260113143
Hubbard, L. Ron HQ-0070006000
Hubbard, L. Ron HQ-0620094080
Hudson, Roy – born 1904 HQ-0620101732
Hudson, Roy – born 1904 HQ-1000007602
Hudson, Roy – born 1904 HQ-1000359686
Hudson, Roy – born 1918? HQ-1000052122
Huerta, Victoriano HQ-0760019425
Huff, Henry P – Wash St CP leader HQ-1000008478
Huff, Henry P – Wash St CP leader HQ-0510000388
Huff, Pope – Union Leader HQ-1000273528
Huggins, Ericka HQ-1570021382
Huggins, Ericka HQ-1570011414
Huggins, Ericka – New Haven trial HQ-0950153880
Hughes, Alfred H – BOPNO HQ-0910007536
Hughes, Charles W HQ-0940049648
Hughes, Charles W HQ-0950162034
Hughes, Howard HQ-0620099801
Hughes, Howard HQ-0950179917
Hughes, Howard HQ-0870119739
Hughes, Howard HQ-0620078335
Hughes, Howard HQ-0620092645
Hughes, Howard LA-0870042538
Hughes, Howard LA-0090005788
Hughes, Howard LA-0870040138
Hughes, Howard LA-0620006832
Hughes, Howard – Melvin Dummar HQ-0950211845
Hughes, Howard R. HQ-0620092645
Hughes, Howard-Dummar fag consp HQ-0460070074
Hughes, Langston – Dies Commit. HQ-1000015139
Hughes, Langston – Dies Commit. HQ-1000124002
Hulan, Jack – Black Politician Labor HQ-0920004686
Hulan, Jack – Black Politician Labor HQ-0920011815
Humphrey, M. L. – BOPNO HQ-0470005499
Humphrey, Ronald -USIA spy Viet. HQ-0650076230
Hung, Truong Dinh – spy Vietnam HQ-0650076230
Hung, Truong Dinh – spy Vietnam HQ-1050298623
Hunt, E. Howard HQ-1180004796
Hunt, E. Howard HQ-0730017428
Hunt, E. Howard HQ-1240000198
Hunt, E. Howard HQ-1610008193
Hurvich, Leo HQ-1000349624
Hurwitz, Leo – 1930s Films HQ-1000007850
Hurwitz, Leo – 1930s Films HQ-1000330591
Huston, John HQ-1000420778
Huston, John HQ-1000274000
Hutcheson, Wm – Labor HQ-1000290358
Hutchins, Robert M HQ-1000368336
Hyman, Louis – Labor b.1911 HQ-0610007341
Senate Select Comm Intell.- Church HQ-0620116395