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Secret No More: G



Write the FBI and request, by name and file number, the one or ones you are interested in under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (5 USC 552). For best results use our sample letter as a template. The FBI’s address is:

Records Information Dissemination Section
170 Marcel Drive
Winchester, VA 22602-4843

If you are requesting files on an individual you will need to include the individual’s birth date and proof that the individual is deceased or is more than 110 years old. Acceptable proof could be a copy of an obituary, death notice, news story, Social Security Death Index (SSDI) record printout, or encyclopedia entry. Wikipedia is not acceptable to the FBI.

List which files you want, mention if you are a member of the press, and tell the FBI that you agree to pay reasonable fees up to $30 without additional permission so that they can process your request. In some cases, members of the media can request and receive a waiver of fees otherwise charged under FOIA. To receive a fee waiver, members of the media must explain to the FBI how release of the information will further public understanding of how government works, and how you intend to disseminate that information. Standard copying fees for FBI Freedom of Information material are 10¢/page, with the first 100 pages free. Again, we urge you to use our carefully worded sample letter as a template.

The information contained in
Secret No More
was obtained and developed by:

Michael J. Ravnitzky

Gabor, George – Con Man BOPNO HQ-0470007888
Gainor, Charles HQ-1000046166
Galante, Carmine L. NY Crime Boss HQ-0920003352
Gallagher, Cornelius – Congressman HQ-0090048723
Gallagher, Cornelius – Congressman HQ-0940052397
Gallagher, Cornelius – Congressman HQ-0580003763
Gallagher, Cornelius – Congressman HQ-0920013158
Gallagher, Cornelius – Congressman HQ-0090048118
Gallagher, Cornelius – Congressman HQ-0580005580
Gallagher, F.J.-IWW Case BOPNO HQ-0470015854
Gallo, Gregory – Natl Student Assoc. HQ-0260360427
Gallo, Joseph N. HQ-122-4695
Gallo, Joseph N. HQ-92-10712
Gallo, Joseph N. HQ-92-7094
Gallo, Joseph N. HQ-92-4568
Gallo, Joseph N. HQ-92-8824
Gallo, Joseph N. NY-0920003063
Gallo, Joseph N. HQ-137-14700
Gallo, Joseph N. AL-137-1837
Gallo, Joseph N. HQ-166-1217
Gallo, Joseph N. HQ-0980000338
Gallo, Joseph N. NY-09800040
Galt, Howard S. – Seattle Labor Ldr HQ-1000237184
Gambino, Carlo HQ-0920002811
Gambling Raid N. Florida 42 people HQ-1820002372
Gambling Ring – NY HQ-1660004872
Gandia, Pinto Conress Shting 1954 HQ-1000046292
Gandolfo, Tommy -Mafia Informant HQ-1790000061
Ganley, National Labor HQ-1000037977
Gannett, Betty HQ-1000000003
Gannett, Betty HQ-1000008029
Gant, Hugh – Hunt-Gant Gang HQ-0910000493
Garcia, Felix Victim – Omega 7 HQ-1850001426
Gardner, Roger Lewis HQ-0470029717
Garfield, John born 1913 HQ-1000335707
Garfield, John born 1913 HQ-0090017090
Garfield, John born 1913 HQ-0260071044
Garibaldi League HQ-1000006554
Garland, Charles born 1901 HQ-0650030623
Garland, Charles born 1901 HQ-0610000155
Garland, Ethel HQ-1000364439
Garment Industry New York City NY-0920007130
Garment Trucking Investigation HQ-0920001795
Garrett, Bernard S.-Illegal Banking HQ-0940057090
Garrett, Bernard S. HQ-0290036311
Garrett, Bernard S. HQ-0870095679
Garrido, Nicolas Antonio-Dom. Rep. HQ-0970003866
Garrison, Edward S.- Bank Robber HQ-0880007432
Garrison, Jim (James C.) JFK Assn HQ-0440041893
Garrison, Jim (James C.) JFK Assn HQ-0440041824
Garrison, Jim (James C.) JFK Assn HQ-0460055913
Garvey, Marcus Association HQ-1000088143
Gelbart, Abraham HQ-1000304723
Gelenter, Joseph Inc. HQ-0490001371
Geller, Leo N. – Pro-German HQ-0980009402
Geneen, Harold HQ-0740000302
General Intelligence Information File HQ-0620001273
Genna, Angelo – Gangster HQ-0260000006
Genna, Angelo HQ-0310001897
Genovese, Eugene HQ-0620100839
Genovese, Vito – born 1897 Org Crm HQ-0920009413
Genovese, Vito – Organized Crime HQ-0920002709
Genovese, Vito – Organized Crime HQ-0580007146
Genovese, Vito – Organized Crime HQ-0900000250
Genovese, Vito – Organized Crime HQ-0900000305
Genovese, Vito – Organized Crime HQ-0920002938
Genovese, Vito – Organized Crime HQ-0920003759
Genovese, Vito – Organized Crime HQ-0920003835
Gentile, Daniel M. NY-1450002513
Geologist Taking Unauthor. Photos HQ-1160436828
Germans Paymnt for Release of Men HQ-1000048177
German-American Bund HQ-1020000001
German-American Bund HQ-0970000114
German-American Vocational League HQ-1020000020
German Bund Leaders Draft Evaders DESTROYED – REASON UNKNOWN
German National Alliance HQ-1020000002
German Activities in US Subversion HQ-0610007560
German Agents in U.S. HQ-0650031546
German Agents in U.S. HQ-0090003696
German Living Outside Germany HQ-1000296294
German Library of Information HQ-0650002697
German-Japanese Propaganda HQ-0610007603
German-Russian Propaganda Int Sec HQ-0610007559
German Saboteurs HQ-0980001040
German Sabotage HQ-0980016418
German Sabotage HQ-0980010288
German Sabotage HQ-0980018606
German-Italian Interned Ship Sabotag HQ-0980002671
German-Italian Interned Ship Sabotag HQ-0980002580
German-Italian Interned Ship Sabotag HQ-0980002628
German-Italian Interned Ship Sabotag HQ-0980002579
German-Italian Interned Ship Sabotag HQ-0980002668
German-Italian Interned Ship Sabotag HQ-0980002625
German-Italian Interned Ship Sabotag HQ-0980002581
German-Italian Interned Ship Sabotag HQ-0980002814
Germer, Adolph — Labor Leader HQ-0610002086
Gerson, Simon W. HQ-1210014564
Ghadar Party – E. Indian Nat Party HQ-0610005683
Giacalone, Athony – La Cosa Nostra HQ-1830001242
Giacalone, Athony – La Cosa Nostra HQ-1830001696
Giacalone, Athony – La Cosa Nostra HQ-1830000323
Giacalone, Athony – La Cosa Nostra HQ-1830000551
Giacalone, Athony – La Cosa Nostra HQ-1790001514
Giacalone, Athony – La Cosa Nostra HQ-1790001483
Giacalone, Athony – La Cosa Nostra HQ-1660006298
Giacalone, Athony – La Cosa Nostra HQ-1590003665
Giacalone, Athony – La Cosa Nostra HQ-0920016848
Giacalone, Athony – La Cosa Nostra HQ-0920012571
Giacalone, Athony – La Cosa Nostra HQ-0090060052
Giacalone, Athony – La Cosa Nostra HQ-0920014085
Giacalone, Athony – La Cosa Nostra HQ-0920019092
Giacalone, Athony – La Cosa Nostra HQ-0310011759
Giacalone, Athony – La Cosa Nostra HQ-0870114616
Giacalone, Athony – La Cosa Nostra HQ-1370011378
Giacalone, Athony – La Cosa Nostra HQ-0920003077
Giancana, Sam HQ-0920003171
Giardano, Tony – Top Hood Coverag HQ-0630000031
Gibbons, Harold J – Teamster Officer HQ-1000339783
Gibralter Sabotage HQ-0980023700
Gibson, John B- Mass Prison Escape HQ-0760004854
Gibson, Ralph C – Bank Robber HQ-0910000600
Gibson, Russell 1930s Gangster HQ-0070000576
Gillars, Mildred E – Axis Sally HQ-1000232559
Gillis, Lester – Babyface Nelson HQ-0620029777
Gillis, Lester HQ-0910000015
Gilpin, Dewhitt – Union Leader HQ-0260361530
Gimpel, Erich HQ-0650025519
Ginger, Ann Fagan HQ-1900018413
Ginger, Ann Fagan HQ-1000343731
Ginger, Ray HQ-1000364189
Gimpel, Erich WW2 German Spy HQ-0650025519
Gioe, Charles – BOPNO HQ-0600002149
Gioe, Charles HQ-0580002000
Gioe, Charles HQ-0920000760
Gioe, Charles HQ-0630000634
Gissill, Fritz – Founder Teutonia HQ-0650029646
Gitlow, Benj. – 1920s CP 40s DOJ HQ-0610001544
Gitlow, Benj. – 1920s CP 40s DOJ HQ-1160427433
Gizzo, Anthony – BOPNO HQ-0150029694
Glass, Leon – Impersonation HQ-0470000123
Glasser, Abraham HQ-1010000024
Glasser, Erich – BOPNO HQ-1000208508
Glasser, Erich HQ-0650000748
Glassman, Herbert – BOPNO HQ-0730006069
Glassman, Herbert – BOPNO HQ-0630006484
Glassman, Herbert – BOPNO HQ-0630006953
Glassman, Herbert – BOPNO HQ-0920008591
Glenn, Kay-Howard Hughes Assoc. HQ-0090064499
Gold, Ben HQ-1000037170
Gold, Ben HQ-1000424048
Gold, Harry – USSR Spy Rosenberg HQ-0650057449
Gold, Harry HQ-0650056402
Gold, Harry HQ-0650059199
Gold, Helmut – FCI HQ-0650057449
Gold, Hyman HQ-1000393988
Golden, Clint – Labor HQ-1240000514
Golden, Wm E. Tugman’s Protest HQ-0630004147
Goldfine, Bernard HQ-0580003891
Goldfine, Bernard HQ-0510000456
Goldfine, Bernard HQ-0580004839
Goldfine, Bernard HQ-1000087384
Goldfine, Bernard HQ-0920002628
Goldfine, Bernard HQ-0580004969
Goldman, Emma HQ-1000019873
Goldman, Emma HQ-0610000478
Goldman, Emma HQ-0610005164
Goldman, Emma HQ-0870005319
Goldman, Harry – Calif. Gambler HQ-1820000264
Goldreyer, David L -credit card thief HQ-0870032095
Goldreyer, David L -credit card thief HQ-0870011741
Goldsmith, Len – Nat Dir civil rights HQ-1000041288
Goldstein, Alvin – Screw Magazine HQ-1450005593
Goldstein, Carroll – Baltimore Ring HQ-0310046384
Goldway, David HQ-1000110487
Golos, Jacob N – USSR Spy Leader HQ-0610006328
Golos, Jacob N. HQ-0610007574
Gonzales, Corky HQ-0460069399
Gonzales, Corky HQ-1050176910
Gonzales, Corky HQ-1740006373
Gonzales, Corky HQ-0090045441
Gonzales, Corky HQ-1760001209
Gonzales, Corky LA-1000071288
Gonzales, Virgillo R. – Watergate WFO-0730001890
Goodrich, Francis M. HQ-0070000965
Goody, Sam – Record Tape Piracy HQ-0280004603
Goody, Sam HQ-1970002534
Goody, Sam HQ-1050055253
Gordon, Meyer – Jewel Thief HQ-0870002009
Gordon, Meyer HQ-0640031960
Gordon, Minnie Maude Lena/Marilyn HQ-1000249493
Gordon, O. E. – IWW Case BOPNO HQ-0870030398
Gordon, Waxey – 1920s Crime Boss HQ-0870006685
Gordon, Waxey HQ-0620029144
Gordon, Waxey HQ-0930003183
Gorin, Mikhail – 1939 spy HQ-0650001292
Gorin, Mikhail – 1939 spy HQ-0980000087
Gouzenko, Igor – Spy Canada HQ-1000342972
Grable, Betty – Extortion Victim HQ-0090010233
Grable, Betty – Extortion Victim HQ-0090015930
Graham, Jack G.-Blew up DC6 plane HQ-0980043035
Granger, Stanley -Pitt Racketeering HQ-0630001930
Grau, Fred – BOPNO HQ-0650016033
Gray, L. Patrick – Confirmation HQ-0620115529
Gray, L. Patrick – FBI Director HQ-0620115096
Gray, L. Patrick – Mark Felt HQ-0620118045
Gray, L. Patrick – Perjury HQ-0720002202
Gray, L. Patrick HQ-0940067059
Gray, L. Patrick HQ-0670718047
Gray, L. Patrick – Watergate, role in HQ-0980046693
Gray, L. Patrick – Watergate, role in HQ-0890002476
Gray, L. Patrick – Watergate, role in HQ-0890002285
Gray, L. Patrick – Watergate, role in HQ-0950177549
Gray, L. Patrick – Watergate, role in HQ-0090055694
Graves, Elmore HQ-1570002581
Green, Gil, New York CPUSA Head HQ-0440049101
Green, Gil, New York CPUSA Head HQ-1210029364
Green, James Earl – born 1944 HQ-0440045427
Green, James Earl – born 1944 HQ-0260284655
Green, James Earl – born 1944 HQ-0870107258
Green, James Earl – born 1944 HQ-0420350697
Green, Lillian G and Gilbert CG CP HQ-1000035868
Green, Lillian G and Gilbert CG CP HQ-1010004042
Green, William – born 1887 Germ. HQ-1070000202
Green, William – President AFL HQ-0620072398?
Greenberg, Harry-OPA Sugar Scand. HQ-058000807
Greenberg, Michael HQ-0650056402
Greenblat, Ben HQ-0260036962
Greene, Robert S. – writer HQ-161-3770
Greene, Robert S. – writer NY-1610001735
Greene, Robert S. – writer NY-0640000000
Greenglass, David – Rosenberg Spy HQ-0650059028
Greenglass, Ruth – wife of David HQ-0650058068
Greenglass, Ruth HQ-0650059028
Greenbombs -6 attempts birmingham HQ-1570000035
Greenboro Nazi-Workers Shootout HQ-0440081521
Green-Gordon, Wm. – Sedition HQ-0140124410
Greenlease, Robt C-Victim 1day rule HQ-0070006920
Greenwood, Miss. SNCC Delta Proj HQ-0440023518
Greenwood, Miss. SNCC Delta Proj HQ-1730006645
Greenwood, Miss. SNCC Delta Proj HQ-00440000631
Gregory, Dick – comedian HQ-1000440423
Gregory, Dick – comedian LA-1000064492
Gregory, Dick – comedian CG-1570000347
Grenada, Miss.School Integrat. 1966 HQ-1730008399
Griebl, I. T. HQ-0650000748
Griggs, Lewis Wayne – POW Korea HQ-1000419789
Grindstone, John – BOPNO HQ-0310036671
Grohs, Paul H. K. – BOPNO HQ-0650038075
Gromyko, Andrei HQ-1000312773
Gros, Francis C.G. – BOPNO HQ-0650015188
Group Theater – 1930s HQ-1000360404
Grundfest, Harry HQ-0620098810
Grundfest, Harry HQ-1000334195
Grunewald, Henry – Fixer 1940s HQ-0740001766
GSA Task Force Special HQ-2080000065
GSA Task Force Special HQ-0460068199
Gubichev, Valentin -USSR UN dele. HQ-0650058388
Grundlach, Ralph – U Wash Profes. HQ-1000041195
Gulick, Sidney – Jap Subversion 20s HQ-1000064700
Gulick, Sidney – Jap Subversion 20s HQ-0650027565
Gustafson, Elton HQ-1000343918
Guthrie, Woody – folk singer HQ-1000029988
Guyot, Lawrence -Freedom Dem Pty HQ-1760001156
Guyot, Lawrence HQ-0440032039
Guyot, Lawrence HQ-0440029427
Guyot, Lawrence HQ-0440027000
Guyot, Lawrence HQ-0440024867
Guyot, Lawrence HQ-0440024100
Guyot, Lawrence HQ-0440021661
Guzik, Jack – Jake – BOPNO HQ-0720000671
Guzik, Jack – Jake – BOPNO HQ-0040000097
Guzik, Jack – Jake – BOPNO HQ-0150016161