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Secret No More: F



Write the FBI and request, by name and file number, the one or ones you are interested in under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (5 USC 552). For best results use our sample letter as a template. The FBI’s address is:

Records Information Dissemination Section
170 Marcel Drive
Winchester, VA 22602-4843

If you are requesting files on an individual you will need to include the individual’s birth date and proof that the individual is deceased or is more than 110 years old. Acceptable proof could be a copy of an obituary, death notice, news story, Social Security Death Index (SSDI) record printout, or encyclopedia entry. Wikipedia is not acceptable to the FBI.

List which files you want, mention if you are a member of the press, and tell the FBI that you agree to pay reasonable fees up to $30 without additional permission so that they can process your request. In some cases, members of the media can request and receive a waiver of fees otherwise charged under FOIA. To receive a fee waiver, members of the media must explain to the FBI how release of the information will further public understanding of how government works, and how you intend to disseminate that information. Standard copying fees for FBI Freedom of Information material are 10¢/page, with the first 100 pages free. Again, we urge you to use our carefully worded sample letter as a template.

The information contained in
Secret No More
was obtained and developed by:

Michael J. Ravnitzky

Factor, John – NOBP HQ-0070000086
Factor, John – NOBP HQ-0460034865
Factor, John – NOBP HQ-0580002902
Factor, John – NOBP HQ-0070000060
Factor, John – NOBP HQ-0630007527
Factor, John – NOBP HQ-0360002461
Factor, John – NOBP HQ-0580002000
Factor, John – NOBP HQ-0360000971
Factor, John – NOBP HQ-0620032053
Fair Play for Cuba Committee HQ-0970004196
Fairbank, John K. HQ-0770024341
Fairbank, John K. HQ-1210023527
Fahl, Rudolf HQ-0610009125
Falchini, Antonio -Obtaining Confess HQ-0660004809
Fall, Albert M. – Teapot Dome HQ-0690000345
Fall, Albert M. – Teapot Dome HQ-0620025711
Fall, Albert M. – Teapot Dome HQ-0620097856
Fall, Albert M. – Teapot Dome HQ-0660019149
Fall, Albert M. – Teapot Dome HQ-0620019388
Fall, Albert M. – Teapot Dome HQ-0730007970
Fall, Albert M. – Teapot Dome HQ-0620003088
Fall, Bernhard Berthold HQ-0970003489
FALN, Puerto Rican Terrorists HQ-1740005719
FALN, Puerto Rican Terrorists HQ-1740005864
FALN, Puerto Rican Terrorists HQ-1740006026
FALN, Puerto Rican Terrorists HQ-1740006079
FALN, Puerto Rican Terrorists HQ-1740006088
FALN, Puerto Rican Terrorists HQ-1740006471
FALN, Puerto Rican Terrorists HQ-1740006483
FALN, Puerto Rican Terrorists HQ-1740007209
FALN, Puerto Rican Terrorists HQ-1740003454
False Identity Investigation HQ-1910000108
False Identity Program HQ-1910000678
Farley, James – Postmaster HQ-0770066172
Farley, James – Postmaster HQ-1230008743
Farm Holiday Association HQ-0620022907
Farm Holiday Association HQ-0600001721
Farm Holiday Association HQ-0620027512
Farm Holiday Association HQ-0520005364
Farm Holiday Association HQ-0620040880
Farm Equipment Workers HQ-0100071906
Farmer, James HQ-1000433744
Farmer, James HQ-1610006044
Farmers Union of the NY Milk Shed HQ-1000065726
Faubus, Orval HQ-0440012284
Faulk, John Henry – blacklist writer HQ-1000091461
Fast, Howard – blacklist writer HQ-1000327116
Fast, Howard – blacklist writer HQ-1050019153
FBI Wartime Jurisdiction HQ-0620066727
FCC – conflict with FBI HQ-0620040185
Federation of Italian Vets of WW1 HQ-1020000003
Federation of Marxist-Leninist Orgs HQ-1050297300
Fein, Benjamin – Gambling in NY HQ-1680000564
Fein, Benjamin – Gambling in NY HQ-1620003078
Fein, Benjamin – Gambling in NY HQ-0620066963
Fein, Dr. Oliver – Weathermen Org. HQ-1006452925
Fein, Dr. Oliver – Weathermen Org. HQ-1760000650
Feinglass, Abe HQ-1000012856
Feliciano, Benjamin M. – Jockey HQ-1720000206
Fellows, George W-Precedence Case HQ-0620022686
Fellowship of Reconciliation HQ-0140002771
Fellowship of Reconciliation HQ-0140002773
Fellowship of Reconciliation HQ-0250306012
Fellowship of Reconciliation HQ-0250392590
Fellowship of Reconciliation HQ-0250413064
Felt, Mark – FBI Asst Director HQ-6200118045
Felt, Mark – FBI Asst Director HQ-1970000084
Felt, Mark – FBI Asst Director HQ-1970000083
Felt, Mark – FBI Asst Director HQ-1970000583
Felt, Mark – FBI Asst Director HQ-1900000034
Fermi, Enrico – atomic scientist HQ-1260001255
Fermi, Enrico – atomic scientist HQ-1170000071
Fermi, Enrico – atomic scientist HQ-0620059521
Ferrar, Jose HQ-0450007661
Ferrer, Jose HQ-1000363597
Fiedler, Dr. Franz Ernst Paul HQ-1000035806
Field, Frederick Vanderbilt HQ-1000267360
Fielde, Jerry HQ-1000157387
Franz, Ernst Fiedler – Anti-Draft HQ-1000035806
Fillmore, Ross HQ-0520051767
Finazzo, Sam HQ-0720001459
Finazzo, Sam HQ-1820002011
Finazzo, Sam HQ-1220004061
Finazzo, Sam HQ-0600004430
Finnazzo, Sam HQ-0920003306
Finnazzo, Sam HQ-0790000922
Finnazzo, Sam HQ-0182002226
Finnazzo, Sam HQ-0183000607
Fine, Daniel HQ-1000366179
Fine, Doris K. – Chicago Comm P. HQ-1000268122
Fine, Fred Morris – Chicago CP HQ-1000017738
Fineman, Herbert, Speaker Pa House HQ-0310075278
Fineman, Herbert HQ-1660006875
Fineman, Herbert HQ-18300000661
Finerty, John HQ-1050077313
Finkelstein, Moses HQ-1000116407
Finzio, John-Cirolo Mario Mortantini HQ-1020000056
Fischer, Louis HQ-1000035281
Fish, Hamilton HQ-0650029514
Fish, Hamilton HQ-0620023170
Fish, Hamilton HQ-0610007074
Fish, Hamilton HQ-0610006819
Fish, Hamilton HQ-1210033620
Fizgerald, Albert-Unit. Electr.Wrkrs HQ-1000026912
Fitzgerald, Gia – Cotton Mills Strikes HQ-0440000251
Fitzsimmons, Frank – Teamsters HQ-0740001934
Fitzsimmons, Frank – Teamsters HQ-1590001228
Fitzsimmons, Frank – Teamsters DE-1830000388
Fitzsimmons, Frank – Teamsters DE-1830001003
Fitzsimmons, Frank – Teamsters HQ-0920001020
Fitzsimmons, Frank – Teamsters HQ-1220003416
Fitzsimmons, Frank – Teamsters HQ-0920001551
Flaxner, Abraham – Labor HQ-1000014005
Flink, Richard A-KGB Double Agent HQ-1340008633
Fliss, Edward-Kidnapper Weyerhaus HQ-0070001367
Flood, Daniel J. – Congressman HQ-0580009839
Flood, Daniel J. – congressman HQ-1970000594
Flood, Daniel J. – Congressman HQ-0920005364
Flood, Daniel J. – Congressman HQ-0940040440
Flood, Daniel J. – Congressman HQ-0460067208
Flood, Daniel J. – Congressman HQ-0580009839
Flood, Daniel J. – Congressman HQ-1830001566
Flood, Daniel J. – Congressman HQ-1830001600
Flood, Daniel J. – Congressman HQ-1830001626
Flood, Daniel J. – Congressman HQ-1830001709
Flood, Daniel J. – Congressman HQ-1830001740
Flood, Daniel J. – Congressman HQ-1830001747
Flood, Daniel J. – Congressman HQ-1830001765
Flood, Daniel J. – Congressman HQ-1830001813
Flood, Daniel J. – Congressman HQ-1830001873
Flood, Daniel J. – Congressman HQ-1830001897
Flood, Daniel J. – Congressman HQ-1830001898
Flood, Daniel J. – Congressman HQ-1830001924
Flood, Daniel J. – Congressman HQ-1830001925
Flood, Daniel J. – Congressman HQ-1830001938
Flood, Daniel J. – Congressman HQ-0580010064
Flores, Ventura HQ-0440074588
Florida, Brutality Agnst Road Gangs HQ-0440005187
Floyd, Charles “Pretty Boy” HQ-0070000576
Floyd, Charles HQ-0870036682
Floyd, Charles HQ-0870033908
Floyd, Charles HQ-0910007932
Floyd, Charles HQ-0620028915
Floyd, Charles HQ-0150006888
Floyd, Charles HQ-0260030866
Floyd, Charles HQ-0260069534
Floyd, Charles HQ-0620028915
Floyd, Charles HQ-0320016393
Floyd, Charles HQ-0260030866
Floyd, Charles HQ-0940177585
Flynn, Arthur Lee HQ-0470018341
Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley HQ-1000001696
Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley HQ-1000012287
Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley HQ-1000001287
Flynn, Errol – actor HQ-1000138103
Flynn, Hulda Rees HQ-1000340745
Flynn, Joe HQ-0260111179
Flynn, Joe HQ-0470003436
Flynn, Joe HQ-0870073717
Flynn, Joe HQ-1000235449
Flynn, Joe HQ-1590001070
Foreman, Bobby – aka Robert F. HQ-1570034871
Foreman, Bobby – aka Robert F. HQ-0260332869
Folson, James – Gov. Alabama HQ-0620093875
Folwell, Robert Cook – CP member HQ-1000365138
Fomin?, Aleksandr, – KGB in DC HQ-1000069846
Fonda, Jane HQ-1000459279
Fonda, Jane LA-1570005089
Fonda, Jane LA-1970000022
Foner, Phillip S. HQ-1000040263
Food & Tobacco Workers HQ-1000021497
Forbes, Charles R – Harding Admin. HQ-062020841
Ford, Gerald R. HQ-0670221008
Ford, Gerald R. HQ-09400040611
Ford, Gerald R. HQ-1610009896
Ford, Gerald R. HQ-0560005214
Ford, Henry HQ-0610007074
Ford, Henry HQ-0620002696
Foreign Inspired Activity & Blacks HQ-1000000135
Forman, James HQ-0440021661
Forman, James NY-1000155090
Forsyth, Keith vs Kleindienst et al HQ-0630016163
Foster, William Z – CPUSA leader HQ-0610000330
Fortas, Abe HQ-0720001882
Fortas, Abe HQ-0890001587
Fortas, Abe HQ-1610002860
Fortas, Abe HQ-1010001605
Fox, Irving David HQ-1000032406
Fox, John M., Seattle Labor Organiz HQ-1000047445
Franckenstein, Kay Boyle-Nobel Pri. HQ-1000381638
Franco, Jose – Rapist 1957 HQ-0880013616
Frank, Julian Andrew-AirplaneBomb HQ-1490000866
Frank, Waldo HQ-1000259110
Frankensteen, Richard – UAW HQ-100016072
Frankfurter, Felix – Supr. Ct Judge HQ-0620037356
Franklin, John Clarence, SWP NY HQ-1000433957
Fratianno, Aljena-Jimmy the Weasel HQ-0620100214
Fraitanno, Aljena-Jimmy the Weasel HQ-1370007275
Franzo, Henry HQ-0260032025
Fraud, Oil Companies – DOE HQ-0460073522
Fraud – Asst. Govt – Bribery HQ-0460041906
Frechetti, Evelyn – John Dillinger HQ-0620047968
Free Romania Mvmnt-George Zamfir HQ-1020000119
Free Speech Movement HQ-0620014509
Free Speech Movement HQ-1000034958
Free Speech Movement HQ-1000151646
Free Speech Movement HQ-1000443437
Freedom Liberation Army HQ-1000484880
Freedom Dem. Party – Mississ. HQ-0250543518
Freedom Dem. Party – Mississ. HQ-0440030280
Freedom Dem. Party – Mississ. HQ-0440030874
Freedom Dem. Party – Mississ. HQ-0440030924
Freedom Dem. Party – Mississ. HQ-0440031633
Freedom Riders HQ-1570000387
Freistadt, Hans, French Spying Act. HQ-0400032121
French, Espionage HQ-1050109053
French Intelligence Activities HQ-0650029441
Fribourg, Michael – Cont. Grain Co. HQ-0560004830
Fribourg, Michael – Cont. Grain Co. HQ-0920016967
Friedan, Betty – Women’s Movement HQ-1000411454
Friedan, Betty – Women’s Movement HQ-1740007445
Friedman, Henrietta HQ-10003969023
Friedman, Henrietta HQ-1000401622
Friedman, Henrietta HQ-1000420375
Friends of the New Germany HQ-0650031160
Friends of the New Germany HQ-1020000001
Friends of the New Germany HQ-0620026760
Frinks, Golden, SCLC in N.C. HQ-0440019028
Frinks, Golden, SCLC in N.C. HQ-1730000125
Froboese, George – Bund HQ-0650013582
Froboese, Goerge – Bund HQ-0970000441
Froelich, Franz, Dr. HQ-1050102492
Froehlich, Rene C. – BPNO HQ-0890000329
Froines, John – Chicago Seven HQ-1760000356
  CH- ???
Fruendt, Richard F. HQ-0650048515
Fuchs, Emil Julius Klaus – spy HQ-0650058805
Fuchs, Herhert – Commun. agent HQ-1010001169
Fujii, George-Japanes-Amer internee HQ-0140002025
Fujimoto, Charles K. vs. U.S. HQ-1000328155
Fujimoto, Charles K. vs. U.S. HQ-0690000609
Fujimoto, Charles K. vs. U.S. HQ-0720000479
Fujimoto, Charles K. vs. U.S. HQ-0510000369
Fund for the Republic HQ-1000391697
Furbes, Charles R. – Va Bureau Head HQ-0620003552
Fur Dressing Investigation HQ-0600001501
Fur & Leather Works Union HQ-1000092637
Furry, Wendell HQ-1000192079
Farben, I.G. Co. – Germany HQ-0650003043
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0490016414
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0910040043
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920003954
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920004083
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005532
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005533
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005563
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005564
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005565
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005566
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005567
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005568
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005569
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005570
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005571
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005572
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005573
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005871
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005872
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005873
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005874
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005875
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005876
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005877
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005878
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005879
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005880
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005881
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005884
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005885
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005886
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005887
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005581
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005582
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005583
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005584
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920005585
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-0920006018
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-1220003127
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-1590000906
Franzese, John-Sonny- Bank Robber HQ-1790000225
Fortune, Andrew-Korean War POW HQ-1000414435