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Secret No More: D



Write the FBI and request, by name and file number, the one or ones you are interested in under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (5 USC 552). For best results use our sample letter as a template. The FBI’s address is:

Records Information Dissemination Section
170 Marcel Drive
Winchester, VA 22602-4843

If you are requesting files on an individual you will need to include the individual’s birth date and proof that the individual is deceased or is more than 110 years old. Acceptable proof could be a copy of an obituary, death notice, news story, Social Security Death Index (SSDI) record printout, or encyclopedia entry. Wikipedia is not acceptable to the FBI.

List which files you want, mention if you are a member of the press, and tell the FBI that you agree to pay reasonable fees up to $30 without additional permission so that they can process your request. In some cases, members of the media can request and receive a waiver of fees otherwise charged under FOIA. To receive a fee waiver, members of the media must explain to the FBI how release of the information will further public understanding of how government works, and how you intend to disseminate that information. Standard copying fees for FBI Freedom of Information material are 10¢/page, with the first 100 pages free. Again, we urge you to use our carefully worded sample letter as a template.

The information contained in
Secret No More
was obtained and developed by:

Michael J. Ravnitzky

Dadeville Alabama Riot HQ-1730007826
Dahlbey, Kenneth A. HQ-1610006914
Dahmer, Vernon HQ-0440004746
Dahmer, Vernon HQ-0440031694
Dahmer, Vernon HQ-0440012867
Daily Worker Press Club HQ-1000360429
Dainard, William John HQ-0070001367
Dai Nippom Butoky Kai HQ-1000039697
Daley, Theodore NY-1220001656
Dante Allghieri Society HQ-1020000005
Damman, Stephen — Kidnap Victim HQ-0070007779
Daniels, Clifton Orneal HQ-0910028365
Daniels, Jonathon Worth HQ-0440030271
Daniels, Jonathon Worth HQ-0440031066
Daniels, Jonathon Worth HQ-0620061329
Daniels, Jonathon Worth HQ-1000142836
Daniels, Jonathon Worth HQ-1230015536
Daniels, Jonathon Worth HQ-1610000567
D’Aquina, Iva Ikuko – Tokyo Rose HQ-0730016419
D’Aquina, Iva Ikuko – Tokyo Rose HQ-0930034925
D’Aquina, Iva Ikuko – Tokyo Rose HQ-0610011000
D’Aquina, Iva Ikuko – Tokyo Rose NY-0610000862
D’Aquina, Iva Ikuko – Tokyo Rose CG-0610001538
D’Aquina, Iva Ikuko – Tokyo Rose LA-0610000614
Darcy, Samula Adams – Communist HQ-1050019704
Darcy, Sam HQ-0610006593
Darling, Byron HQ-1000269714
Darling, Byron HQ-1000384477
Darrow, Clarence HQ-1000004724
Darrow, Clarence HQ-0620045014
Das, Taraknath – East Indian Nat’l HQ-0610000457
Dasch, George John – German Spy HQ-0890000329
Dasch, George John – German Spy HQ-0980010288
Dasch, George John – German Spy HQ-0650058740
Daschback, John J. – Seattle Activist HQ-1000168180
Dassin, Jules HQ-1000318590
D’Autremont, Ray & Roy-Train Rob. HQ-0480000380
David, Moses – Children of God HQ-0420333268
David, Moses – Children of God HQ-1040281681
Davidoff, Helen Tenney – allg. spy HQ-1000095876
Davidson, I Irving – BRILAB Case HQ-1370011577
Davidson, I Irving – BRILAB Case HQ-1140000242
Davidson, I Irving – BRILAB Case HQ-1210014457
Davidson, I Irving – BRILAB Case HQ-1560000165
Davidson, I Irving – BRILAB Case HQ-0620013138
Davidson, I Irving – BRILAB Case HQ-1560000516
Davidson, I Irving – BRILAB Case HQ-1930004624
Davidson, I Irving – BRILAB Case HQ-1830004980
Davidson, I Irving – BRILAB Case HQ-1830004366
Davidson, I Irving – BRILAB Case HQ-0490019500
Davidson, I Irving – BRILAB Case HQ-0290076993
Davidson, I Irving – BRILAB Case HQ-1560000430
Davidson, I Irving – BRILAB Case HQ-1210018528
Davis, Angela HQ-0880051548
Davis, Angela HQ-1660005569
Davis, Angela HQ-1000439922
Davis, Angela HQ-1650000341
Davis, Angela HQ-0090060472
Davis, Angela HQ-0090059110
Davis, Angela LA-1570002325
Davis, Angela SJ-0880002383
Davis, Benjamin J. HQ-1000197601
Davis, Benjamin J. HQ-1000019355
Davis, Benjamin J. HQ-1000474662
Davis, Benjamin J. HQ-1000439399
Davis, Benjamin J. HQ-1570027915
Davis, Benjamin J. HQ-1160058965
Davis, Benjamin J. HQ-1000149163
Davis, Benjamin J. HQ-0740001653
Davis, Benjamin J. HQ-0620035893
Davis, Benjamin J. HQ-0620010323
Davis, Benjamin J. HQ-0250323425
Davis, Benjamin J. HQ-1000337043
Davis, Benjamin J. NY-1000023825
Davis, Horace Bancroft HQ-0650030623
Davis, Horace Bancroft HQ-1000064700
Davis, Harace Chandler HQ-1000360195
Davis, Lynn Etheridge WFO-1610009580
Davis, J. Warren – Judge/Illegl Paym HQ-0620053037
Davis, Leon – Labor HQ-1000380287
Davis, Leon – Labor HQ-1220002902
Davis, Leon – Labor HQ-1000385968
Davis, Ossie LA-1570001794
Davis, Rennie – chicago 7 Defendant HQ-1760000051
Davis, Robert Gorham HQ-0650059104
Davis, Robert Gorham HQ-1000347768
Day, Dorothy -Catholic Worker Mov HQ-0620061208
Dayton, Bruce HQ-0650059336
Dayton, Bruce HQ-0620104867
Deangeles, Anthony – Fraud/Forgery HQ-0870074219
Deangeles, Anthony – Fraud/Forgery HQ-0870106289
Deangeles, Anthony – Fraud/Forgery HQ-0490016733
Days of Rage – SDS Weathermen HQ-1760001592
Deantonio, Emile HQ-1970002374
Deantonio, Emile LA-1900000031
Deantonio, Emile LA-1000085723
Deantonio, Emile Francesco HQ-1000032158
Deantonio, Emile Francesco HQ-1210035293
Deantonio, Emile Francesco HQ-1970002230
Deantonio, Emile Francesco HQ-1970001264
Deantonio, Emile Francesco HQ-1970000516
Deantonio, Emile Francesco HQ-1970002374
Deantonio, Emile Francesco HQ-1970006722
Deatherage, George HQ-0610007560
Deatherage, George HQ-0970000649
Deberry, Clifton-1964 Pres.cand swp HQ-1000388830
Decaux, Len – Labor HQ-1000030689
Decavalcante, Samuel HQ-1660002841
Decavalcante, Samuel HQ-1650003093
Decavalcante, Samuel HQ-1370038219
Decavalcante, Samuel HQ-0920004221
Decavalcante, Samuel SV-1660000035
Decavalcante, Samuel NK-0720000087
Debs, Eugene V. – Soc. Party leader HQ-0610000312
Debs, Eugene V. – Soc. Party leader HQ-0610003768
Debs, Eugene V. – Soc. Party leader HQ-0610000023
Debs, Eugene V. – Soc. Party leader HQ-0610000061
Debs, Eugene V. – Soc. Party leader HQ-0610000020
Debs, Eugene V. – Soc. Party leader HQ-0610000071
Debs, Eugene V. – Soc. Party leader HQ-0610000030
Debs, Eugene V. – Soc. Party leader HQ-0610000057
Debs, Eugene V. – Soc. Party leader HQ-0610000034
Debs, Eugene V. – Soc. Party leader HQ-0610000105
Debs, Eugene V. – Soc. Party leader HQ-0610000184
Debs, Eugene V. – Soc. Party leader HQ-0610005164
Debs, Eugene V. – Soc. Party leader HQ-0610000029
Debs, Eugene V. – Soc. Party leader HQ-0610000707
Debs, Eugene V. – Soc. Party leader HQ-0610000045
Debs, Eugene V. – Soc. Party leader HQ-0610001122
Dee, Ruby LA-1570003583
Defense Atomic Support Agency HQ-0630000801
Defillippo, Louis HQ-1830000401
Degnan, NFN – Kidnapping 1946 HQ-0070004426
Deinum, Anders HQ-1000402461
Delacey, Daniel – Ed. The Leader HQ-0650031966
Delancy, Edward Leo-WW2 Treason HQ-0650026534
Delande Sports Service HQ-1650000011
Delbruck, Max HQ-1060000536
Delinski, William Randolph HQ-0070000090
Dellums, Ronald HQ-0940065745
Dellums, Ronald HQ-0090061175
Dellums, Ronald HQ-0090061338
Dellums, Ronald HQ-0440070799
Delong, Jack K – Eup Fed H of Det HQ-0900000637
Deluca, Joseph – Organized Crime HQ-0440051906
Deluca, Joseph – Organized Crime HQ-0870100650
Deluca, Joseph – Organized Crime HQ-0310065817
Deluca, Joseph – Organized Crime HQ-0250220152
Deluca, Joseph – Organized Crime HQ-0920009577
Deluca, Joseph – Organized Crime HQ-1830003541
Deluca, Joseph – Organized Crime HQ-0150074912
Deluca, Joseph – Organized Crime HQ-1000195620
Deluca, Joseph – Organized Crime HQ-1000195620
Dellinger, David T. born 8/22/15 HQ-1450004565
Dellinger, David T. born 8/22/15 HQ-0140002771
Dellinger, David T. born 8/22/15 HQ-0250181883
Dellinger, David T. born 8/22/15 HQ-1760001410
Dellinger, David T. born 8/22/15 HQ-0620112989
Dellinger, David T. born 8/22/15 HQ-1000384411
Dellinger, David T. born 8/22/15 NY-1000121672
Dellinger, David T. born 8/22/15 HQ-1760000039
Deluca, Louis Barry – BOPNO HQ-0910009478
Deluca, Paul – Organized Crime HQ-1200003482
DeMille, Cecil B. LA-0940000231
DeMille, Cecil B. LA-1230002473
DeMille, Cecil B. LA-0660004393
DeMille, Cecil B. LA-0800000295
DeMille, Cecil B. HQ-0090016265
DeMille, Cecil B. LA-0250084957
DeMille, Cecil B. LA-0090000293
DeMille, Cecil B. HQ-0090007061
DeMille, Cecil B. HQ-0090007579
DeMille, Cecil B. HQ-0050000130
DeMille, Cecil B. HQ-0090001461
DeMille, Cecil B. HQ-0090003091
DeMille, Cecil B. HQ-0090004061
DeMille, Cecil B. HQ-0090004380
DeMille, Cecil B. HQ-0090000706
DeMille, Cecil B. HQ-0090003091
DeMille, Cecil B. HQ-0620051969
DeMille, Cecil B. HQ-0620052566
DeMille, Cecil B. HQ-0620065631
Demcon HQ-1000071176
Demcon HQ-1000454662
Democratic Nat’l Convention 1968 HQ-1760001460
Democratic Nat’l Convention 1968 HQ-1570008589
Disturbances – DNC 1968 CG HQ-1760001460
Disturbances – DNC 1968 CG HQ-1760000010
DNC Demonstration – Balbo St 1968 HQ-0440040353
DNC Demonstration – Balbo St 1968 CG-1760000005
DNC 1968 Investigation HQ-0440040344
Democratic Natl Convention 1964 HQ-1000442527
DNC 1964 Special Squadron HQ-0620116406
Democratic Socialist Organizing Com HQ-1000486818
Dennis, Eugene – BOPNO Smith Act HQ-1000009984
Dennis, Lawrence – Author HQ-0970000218
DePassey, Marcel -German Saboteur HQ-0650022865
DePassey, Marcel -German Saboteur HQ-0740001023
DePugh, Robert Boliver -Minutemen HQ-0910028872
DePugh, Robert Boliver -Minutemen HQ-0880034758
DePugh, Robert Boliver -Minutemen HQ-0890001480
DePugh, Robert Boliver -Minutemen HQ-0480001193
DePugh, Robert Boliver -Minutemen HQ-0870100095
Derosa, Frank-SSA Refused Induct. HQ-0250021205
Desapio, Carmen -Racketeering/Brib. HQ-1660003812
Detoledano, Ralph HQ-1000418998
Deercole, Joseph HQ-0260178891
Deseco Development Selective Contr HQ-0660000004
Desertion – Lt Col. from Duty Stat. HQ-0420180497
Detcom Emergency Detention Prog. HQ-1000356062
Detcom Emergency Detention Prog. LA-1000026042
Detcom Emergency Detention Prog. NY-1000032214
Detcom Emergency Detention Prog. SF-1000028810
Detcom Emergency Detention Prog. PH-1000033606
Detcom Emergency Detention Prog. HU-1000004944
Detcom Emergency Detention Prog. BA-1000012701
Detcom Emergency Detention Prog. SJ-1000005162
Detroit Race Riot – 1943 HQ-0440000802
Detroit Riots 1967 Natl Guard Act. HQ-0440036915
Deutch, Bernard HQ-1000385749
Deutscher, Isaac HQ-1000366878
Development Rebecca Brooks Ind. HQ-0650000562
Development Rebecca Brooks Ind. HQ-1000325255
DECA Program Counterintell. Awar. HQ-0620118033
Devoto, Bernard – Critic of the FBI HQ-1000354575
Dewey, John HQ-1000153804
Dewey, John HQ-0620022866
Dewey, John HQ-0610006611
Dewey, Thomas 1948 Pres. Campgn HQ-0620045146
Dial, Fred – convicted Peonage – Ala. HQ-0500002912
Dial, Fred – convicted Peonage – Ala. HQ-0500002469
Dial, Oscar – convict. Peonage – Ala. HQ-0500002912
Dial, Oscar – convict. Peonage – Ala. HQ-0500002469
Diamond, Sigmund HQ-1000335070
Diamond, Sigmund HQ-1970001441
Dickinson, Velvalee HQ-1000081112
Dickson, Benjamin James HQ-0070002561
Dieckhoff, Hans – German Envoy HQ-0650010745
Dies, Martin – Hoover’s Private File HQ-0620116606
Dies Committee HQ-0610007582
Diggs, Charles C. – Chr Hse Comm. HQ-0460071892
DiGuglielmo, Frank NK-0150003768
Dilling, Elizabeth HQ-0610007055
DiJurovic, Paul – Fraud by Wire HQ-1960000353
Dillinger, John – not in FOIA Room HQ-0620029777
Dillinger, John – not in FOIA Room HQ-0090058585
Dillinger, John – not in FOIA Room HQ-0260073318
Dillinger, John – not in FOIA Room HQ-0480000913
Dillinger, John – not in FOIA Room HQ-0070000626
Dillon, John Gibson – top ten HQ-1150000478
Dineen, Grace Buchanan – Treason HQ-0650040157
Dineen, Grace Buchanan – Treason HQ-0650041343
Dinnerstein, Leonard HQ-0770086771
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0090044968
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0930001842
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920005132
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0720001405
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0150015981
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0630000850
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0490017783
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0720000964
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920001401
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920001768
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920001869
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920001916
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920001935
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920001951
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920001962
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002068
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002070
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002071
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002073
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002075
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002074
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002077
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002078
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002079
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002081
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002084
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002085
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002094
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002100
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002110
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002111
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002122
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002123
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002171
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002216
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002522
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002594
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002605
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002651
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920002868
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-0920009512
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-1220002196
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-1390000267
Dioguardi, Frank – BOPNO HQ-1560000249
Directorio Revolucion. Anti-Batista HQ-0970003400
Director FBI Appointment 1962-1978 HQ-0630007865
Discrimination Housing Anti-Black HQ-1770001496
Distributive Proc Office Workers UN HQ-1000373805
Dmytryk, Edward-Hollywood Liber. LA-1000022566
Dobbs, Farrell – SWP Pres. Cand. HQ-0650012453
Dobbs, Ben – Hollywood Ten HQ-1000017657
Dobrynin, A. F. HQ-105001784
Dobrynin, A.F. HQ-1050157832
Dodd, Bella V. HQ-1000006951
Dodd, Thomas J. – Senator HQ-0580006157
Dodd, Thomas J. – Senator HQ-0620057261
Dodd, Thomas J. – Senator HQ-0670029017
Doggett, David – Millsaps College HQ-0440047135
Doggett, David – Millsaps College HQ-0440033226
Dohrn, Bernadine HQ-1000450008
Dohrn, Bernadine HQ-1760001637
Dorhn, Bernadine NY-1760000086
Dohrn, Bernadine CG-1760001103
Dohrn, Jennifer E. Surrept.Entry NY HQ-1000454261
Dominican Index Key Figure List ’67 HQ-1050143608
Donay, Peter HQ-0650008946
Donay, Peter HQ-0650001577
Donay, Theodore – BONOP HQ-1000010869
Donay, Theodore – BONOP HQ-0390001150
Dorfman, Allen – Crime Boss HQ-0920006303
Dorfman, Allen – Crime Boss HQ-0950072892
Dorfman, Allen – Crime Boss HQ-0720001465
Dorfman, Allen – Crime Boss HQ-0510000492
Dorfman, Allen – Crime Boss HQ-1560000487
Dorfman, Allen – Crime Boss HQ-0630007987
Dorfman, Allen – Crime Boss HQ-0630007727
Dorfman, Allen – Crime Boss HQ-0630007985
Dorfman, Allen – Crime Boss HQ-0090041596
Dorfman, Allen – Crime Boss HQ-1220001505
Dos Passos, John – author HQ-0970002497
Douglas, Helen Gahagan HQ-0620092543
Douglas, Helen Gahagan LA-0650005143
Douglas, Helen Gahagan LA-1000023494
Douglas, Melvyn -actor HQ-0610009218
Douglas, Melvyn -actor HQ-0770018496
Dowdy, John -Congressman Bribery HQ-0580007121
Dozenberg, Nicholas -Soviet Spy HQ-0610006670
Drechsel, W. HQ-0650001428
Dressler, Oliver L. – killed FBI agent HQ-0880000458
Dressler, Oliver L. – killed FBI agent HQ-0070002818
Dreiser, Theodore HQ-1000054750
Drew, Harry BOPNO – WW1 Case HQ-1050296847
Drexel, Constance – WW2 Treason HQ-0650019224
Daucher, Jack UFAP HQ-0880001437
Drug Smuggling Fed’l Prison 1920s HQ-0120000038
Druggan, Terry 1920s gangster HQ-0620025906
Druggan, Terry 1920s gangster HQ-0460010963
Druggan, Terry 1920s gangster HQ-0620029194
Druggan, Terry 1920s gangster HQ-0620024074
Druggan, Terry 1920s gangster HQ-0230001134
Druggan, Terry 1920s gangster HQ-0090001966
Drummond, Nelson Cornelious spy HQ-0650067298
Drummond, Nelson Cornelious spy HQ-0510000475
Dubinsky, David HQ-1000222930
Dubinsky, David HQ-1220001716
Dubinsky, David HQ-0560001242
Dubinsky, David HQ-0400023391
Dubinsky, David HQ-0400004881
Dubois Clubs HQ-1000441164
Dubois, W.E.B. HQ-1000099729
Dubois, W.E.B. WFO-1000012351
Dubois, W.E.B. NY-1000020789
Dubois, W.E.B. HQ-1050019153
Duca, Peter A. – BOPNO HQ-1000217695
Duca, Peter A.- BOPNO NH-0620019661
Duclos, Jacques HQ-1000337681
Dumbier, Ralf – Neutrality Matters HQ-0020001955
Dun & Bradstreet HQ-2010001255
Dun & Bradstreet HQ-0620013295
Dun & Bradstreet HQ-0640004034
Dun & Bradstreet HQ-0510000301
Dun & Bradstreet HQ-0650033434
Dun & Bradstreet HQ-0600003986
Dun & Bradstreet HQ-0720001166
Durkin, Martin James HQ-0260006310
Dunlap, Jack Edw.-Sell Secrets Rus. HQ-1000304653
Dunlap, Jack Edward HQ-0940057090
Dunne, Bill – CPUSA HQ-1000357695
Dunham, Barrows-dismis. TempleU HQ-1000228221
Duquense, Frederick Joupert Nazispy HQ-0620017076
Duquense, Frederick Joupert Nazispy HQ-0650008946
Duree, Dan O.- Train Robber HQ-0480000660
Durr, Clifford Broinlaw Hugo Black HQ-1010001710
Durr, Clifford Mrs. HQ-1000038295
Durr, Virginia – civil rights leader HQ-1000038295
Dorrill, Grover C. – BOPNO HQ-0620026316
Dorrill, Grover C. – BOPNO HQ-0480000540
Durkin, Martin J. – killed FBI agent HQ-0260006310
Dynamite Abd United Airlines Plane HQ-1490000002
Diamond, Jack Lewis (legs) gangster HQ-0950079007
Diamond, Jack Lewis (legs) gangster HQ-0870030790
Diamond, Jack Lewis (legs) gangster HQ-1160076448
Diamond, Jack Lewis (legs) gangster HQ-0620025043
Diamond, Jack Lewis (legs) gangster HQ-0910002760
Douglas, Dorothy – born 1938 HQ-0870101509
Douglas, Dorothy – born 1938 HQ-0090039703
Douglas, Dorothy – born 1938 HQ-0290034183
Dempsey, Roy – Freeport Conscript HQ-0650012821
Diggs, Clarence – Fugative murder HQ-0880003012
Dennis, David – CORE HQ-1570009745
Douglas, Rufus Elbert -POW Korea HQ-0420487922
Dunn, John Roedel – POW Korea HQ-0610011560