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Secret No More: B



Write the FBI and request, by name and file number, the one or ones you are interested in under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (5 USC 552). For best results use our sample letter as a template. The FBI’s address is:

Records Information Dissemination Section
170 Marcel Drive
Winchester, VA 22602-4843

If you are requesting files on an individual you will need to include the individual’s birth date and proof that the individual is deceased or is more than 110 years old. Acceptable proof could be a copy of an obituary, death notice, news story, Social Security Death Index (SSDI) record printout, or encyclopedia entry. Wikipedia is not acceptable to the FBI.

List which files you want, mention if you are a member of the press, and tell the FBI that you agree to pay reasonable fees up to $30 without additional permission so that they can process your request. In some cases, members of the media can request and receive a waiver of fees otherwise charged under FOIA. To receive a fee waiver, members of the media must explain to the FBI how release of the information will further public understanding of how government works, and how you intend to disseminate that information. Standard copying fees for FBI Freedom of Information material are 10¢/page, with the first 100 pages free. Again, we urge you to use our carefully worded sample letter as a template.

The information contained in
Secret No More
was obtained and developed by:

Michael J. Ravnitzky

Bacall, Lauren HQ-1900024655
Bacall, Lauren HQ-0620000005
Baltch, Robert K. — ESP R HQ-0650067201
Baltch, Joy Ann — ESP R HQ-0650067201
Bachrach, Marion – Communist HQ-1000003255
Backner, Joseph P. HQ-0070001312
Douglass, Alfred E. HQ-0070001312
Allam, Wilmer HQ-0070001312
Bahr, Herbert Karl Friedrich HQ-1000102095
Bair, Hugo Linn HQ-0970000405
Bair, Hugo Linn HQ-0730014832
Baise, Gary Howard HQ-0770107352
Baker, Bobby HQ-0580005520
Baker, Bobby HQ-0620098135
Baker, Bobby HQ-0920010995
Baker, Bobby — Body Recorder HQ-0660003286
Sub 25S2203X
Baker, Robert Bernard, et. al. HQ-1220002424
Balamuth, Lewis HQ-1000113938
Baldwin, Hanson HQ-1170001973
Gilpatric, Roswell L. HQ-1170001973
Baldwin, Hanson HQ-0940057090
Gilpatric, Roswell L. HQ-0940057090
Baldwin, Roger N. -ACLU Founder HQ-0610000167
Balos, Earl Loy – ITAR-Gambling HQ-1650002997
Baltimore Marxist Group HQ-1050280411
Bank Robber Ring in NYC HQ-0910032763
Banks, Dennis James HQ-0880066300
Banks, Dennis James HQ-0890003229
Banks, Dennis James HQ-0880062332
Peltier, Leonard HQ-0880066300
Peltier, Leonard HQ-0890003229
Peltier, Leonard HQ-0880062332
Reservation Murders (Resmurs) HQ-0890003229
American Indian Movement HQ-0880066300
American Indian Movement HQ-0890003229
American Indian Movement HQ-0880062332
Bank Robbery Shootout in Newark HQ-0910062495
Bapbomb (Bureau Special) HQ-0090000015
Bapbomb (Bureau Special) HQ-1570001025
Baratta, Michael HQ-0090000539
Berger, Joseph (Alias for Baratta) HQ-0090000539
Barbara, Joseph HQ-0620098316
Barbara, Joseph HQ-0920002976
Bardtetal, Paulette (Law Suit) HQ-0630016082
Barenblatt, Lloyd HQ-1000413236
Barker, Kate (Ma) HQ-0070000077
Barker, Kate (Ma) HQ-0070000576
Barker, Fred HQ-0070000077
Barker, Fred HQ-0070000576
Barker, Fred HQ-0120000870
Barker, Fred HQ-0260035222
Barker, Fred HQ-0260036140
Barker, Fred HQ-0310066922
Barker, Fred HQ-0320016384
Barker, Fred HQ-0480000176
Barker, Fred HQ-0620029637
Barker, Fred HQ-0760000585
Barker, Fred HQ-0910000569
Barnes, Albert James Jr. HQ-0770108346
Barnes, Joseph HQ-0260200657
Barnes, Joseph HQ-0260021189
Barnes, Joseph HQ-0520002319
Barnes, Joseph HQ-1050058058
Barnes, Joseph HQ-1000363335
Barnes, Joseph HQ-0070001336
Barnes, Joseph HQ-0180001702
Barnes, Joseph HQ-0230002968
Barnes, Joseph HQ-0250311138
Barnett, David Henry -Double Agent HQ-0650063942
Barnett, Ross HQ-0620105710
Barnett, Ross HQ-0620109289
Barnett, Ross HQ-1570027500
Barnett, Ross HQ-1570000401
Barr, Albert HQ-1830004620
Barr, Albert HQ-1370033837
Barrow, Clyde and Bonnie Parker HQ-0260031672
Barrow, Clyde and Bonnie Parker HQ-0520005645
Barrow, Clyde and Bonnie Parker HQ-0520005519
Barrow, L.C. Brother of Clyde HQ-0260031672
Barrow, L.C. Brother of Clyde HQ-0260027010
Barrow, L.C. Brother of Clyde HQ-0150010152
Barry, Jean P. HQ-0250051587
Barry, Marion HQ-0440035797
Barry, Marion HQ-0700021149
Barry, Marion HQ-0870066900
Barry, Marion HQ-0870114157
Barth, Theodore C. HQ-1000012501
Bartimoccia, Guisseppi HQ-0090000192
Buffa, Salvatore (see Bartimoccia) HQ-0090000192
Barton, Ramon -Informant in Nassco HQ-1000487085
Baruch, Bernard HQ-0150018083
Baruch, Bernard HQ-0940037803
Basketball – Brooklyn Coll. Bribery HQ-0580001249
Bates, Albert L. – Kidnapping HQ-0070000115
Bates, Albert L. – Leavenworth Pen HQ-0620029782
Battaglia, Sam – CG LCN HQ-0920008725
Battaglia, Sam – CG LCN HQ-0630004719
Battaglia, Sam – CG LCN HQ-0310049665
Battaglia, Sam – CG LCN HQ-0920005762
Battistella, Annabel Edith HQ-0650075726
Fox, Fanne — See Battistella A.E. HQ-0650075726
Battle, John J. – BOPNO HQ-0880000940
Bauer, Frederick E. – Espionage HQ-0650036142
Baum, Irving et al Intl Trade Consp. HQ-0710005969
Baum, Irving et al Intl Trade Consp. HQ-1050145561
Bauer, Frederick E. Espionage 38-43 HQ-0650036142
Bay Area Research Collective HQ-1000484191
Beard, Charles Austin HQ-0448003636
Beard, Charles Austin HQ-0620015758
Beard, Charles Austin HQ-1000153889
Beard, Dita — Lobbyist HQ-0620114965
Beard, Mary Ritter –Dies Committee HQ-1000337284
Beard, Samuel — Top Hood Mid 50s HQ-0620089564
Beaumont Texas Race Riots 1943 HQ-0440000800
Beberfall, Lester HQ-1000363758
Beberfall, Lester HQ-1210025533
Beck, David Daniel -Teamster Leader HQ-062000100749
Beck, David Daniel -Teamster Leader HQ-072000001052
Beck, David Daniel -Teamster Leader HQ-051000000442
Beck, David Daniel -Teamster Leader HQ-122000001403
Beck, David Daniel -Teamster Leader HQ-122000002152
Beck, David Daniel -Teamster Leader HQ-122000002090
Beck, David Daniel -Teamster Leader HQ-092000000345
Beck, David Daniel -Teamster Leader HQ-092000000136
Beck, David Daniel -Teamster Leader HQ-069000000516
Beck, David Daniel -Teamster Leader HQ-060000002838
Beck, David Daniel -Teamster Leader HQ-006000000128
Beck, David Daniel -Teamster Leader HQ-0580002242
Beck, David Daniel -Teamster Leader HQ-0920002423
Beck, David Daniel -Teamster Leader HQ-0920002555
Becker, Julius HQ-1000197065
Becker, Johannes Siegfried WW2spy HQ-1000140085
Becker, Johannes Siegfried WW2spy HQ-0640027116
Becker, Johannes Siegfried WW2spy RIO-0100000293
Bund Uniform Impersonation Compl HQ-0430000751
Beckwith, Byron De La -Evers Assn HQ-0440031489
Evers, Medgar Assassination HQ-0440031489
Beet, Robert – WW2 Traitor HQ-1000103780
Behrens, Theresa – NOBOP Sedition HQ-0650040157
Beldana, Julio M. – Homicide HQ-0450000490
Belafonte, Harry HQ-1000394716
Belew, George Lester HQ-0620004536
Belew, George Lester HQ-0870003195
Belew, George Lester HQ-0950039352
Belhomme, Albert -POW KoreanWar HQ-0610011561
Belhomme, Albert -POW KoreanWar SI-0610000062
Bell, David Sylvester Jr. – CRA-64 HQ-1730000478
Bell, David Sylvester Jr. – CRA-64 HQ-0440030085
Bell, Otho Grayson POW Korea War HQ-1000418930
Bell, Otho Grayson POW Korea War SE-1000022839
Bell, Otho Grayson POW Korea War DE-0610000083
Bell, Otho Grayson POW Korea War SL-1000013727
Bellah, Robert N. HQ-1000353553
Ben-Arzi, Ephraim – Israel Mil Attache HQ-0650058678
Begun, Isadore HQ-1000007964
Bellecount, Clyde – Wounded Knee HQ-1760002402
Benanti, Salvatore HQ-1390000518
Bentley, Elizabeth Terrell CPUSA HQ-0610006328
Bentley, Elizabeth Terrell CPUSA HQ-0650061222
Bentley, Elizabeth Terrell CPUSA HQ-1340000435
Golas, Jacob — see Bentley, E.T. HQ-0610006328
Bentz, Edward Wilhelm – Notorious HQ-0910000466
Bentz, Edward Wilhelm – Notorious HQ-0910007305
Bentz, Edward Wilhelm – Notorious HQ-0260034410
Bentz, Edward Wilhelm – Notorious HQ-0260036113
Bentz, Edward Wilhelm – Notorious HQ-0620029745
Beran, Robert George HQ-0070011019
Bentz, Edward Wilhelm – Notorious HQ-0910000342
Bentz, Edward Wilhelm – Notorious HQ-0910000057
Bentz, Edward Wilhelm – Notorious HQ-0910000077
Berger, Samuel -NY Dept Ag 1918- HQ-1000336186
Berger, Samuel -NY Dept Ag 1918- HQ-1460003684
Berger, Victor HQ-0070001180
Berger, Victor HQ-0610002195
Berger, Victor HQ-0150000741
Berkman, Alexander HQ-0390000442
Berkman, Alexander HQ-0390000132
Berkman, Alexander HQ-0390005164
Berman, Frank et al HQ-0490006243
Berney, Harold Jesse – Con Man HQ-0870007248
Bernstein, Samuel NOBOP HQ-052000026762
Bernstein, Samuel NOBOP HQ-071000001032
Bernstein, Samuel NOBOP HQ-087000016288
Bernstein, Samuel NOBOP HQ-015000003173
Bernstein, Samuel NOBOP HQ-046000014984
Berrigan, Philip –see Daniel HQ-098000047009
Berrigan, Philip –see Daniel HQ-100000449746
Berrigan, Philip –see Daniel HQ-100000460495
Berrigan, Philip –see Daniel HQ-098000047009
Berrigan, Philip –see Daniel LA-1000076727
Berrigan, Philip –see Daniel LA-1000075386
Berman, Arthur Irvin – Physicist HQ-1160135711
Berrigan, Daniel –see Philip HQ-1000448680
Berrigan, Daniel –see Philip HQ-0980049009
Berrigan, Daniel –see Philip HQ-0140003076
Berrigan, Daniel –see Philip HQ-0250572981
Berrigan, Daniel –see Philip HQ-0520102816
Berrigan, Daniel –see Philip HQ-1900005767
Berrigan, Daniel –see Philip HQ-1000460495
Berrigan, Daniel –see Philip LA-1000075386
Berrigan, Daniel –see Philip LA-1000076727
Berry, Chuck -Rock Star Mann Act HQ-0310086773
Berry, Chuck -Rock Star Mann Act HQ-0310087861
Bessie, Alva (Arnold) Cecil HQ-1000193162
Bessie, Alva (Arnold) Cecil HQ-1900008553
Best, Robert H. –WW2 Treason HQ-1000007660
Best, Robert H. –WW2 Treason HQ-1000103780
Best, Robert H. –WW2 Treason HQ-1160318482
Betancourt, Romulo – Pres of Venez. HQ-0640020517
Bethune, Mary McLeod -Black Edu. HQ-1010001823
Bethune, Mary McLeod -Black Edu. HQ-1210029089
Bibb, Leon — Folk Singer HQ-1000398040
Bibb, Leon — Folk Singer HQ-1900026821
Biberman, Dana Hope –break-in HQ-100000457986
Biberman, Dana Hope HQ-190000003682
Biberman, Dana Hope HQ-190000000583
Biberman, Herbert H. — Dies Comm HQ-044000005668
Biberman, Herbert H. — Dies Comm HQ-1000024499
Bierly, Kenneth –Kenby Associates HQ-0620095474
Biege, Frank — circa 1920 gangster HQ-0260021147
Billings, Warren Knox HQ-0610000105
Bingham, Stephen Mitchell -NewLeft HQ-0440026099
Bioff, William – NOBOP HQ-095000061386
Bioff, William – NOBOP HQ-060000002149
Bioff, William – NOBOP HQ-058000002000
Birch, John Society of HQ-0620104401
Birch, John Society of DE-1000027934
Birch, John Society of PH-1000045661
Bischoff, Johannes WW2 Germ spy HQ-0640020083
Bischoff, Johannes WW2 Germ spy HQ-0650055364
Bishop, James A. – FBI Script HQ-0940046567
Bishop, James A. HQ-0000196618
Bisson, Thomas Arthur – CP HQ-1010004571
Bittelmann, Alexander -CP HQ-0930036096
Bittelman, Alex. – CP Leader HQ-1000057691
Bittelman, Alex. – CP Leader HQ-0610001123
Bittelman, Alex. – CP Leader HQ-1000335968
Bittner, Van A. — Dies Committee HQ-1000025913
Black Bag Jobs (Surreptitious Entry) HQ-0620073212
Black, Fred B. Jr. – Bobby Baker HQ-0920006170
Black Legion Republic of New Afr HQ-1760001364
Black Legion Republic of New Afr HQ-0610007398
Black Legion Republic of New Afr HQ-0310044145
Black Legion Republic of New Afr HQ-0450001133
Black Legion Republic of New Afr HQ-0090001917
Black Legion HQ-0090002064
Black Legion HQ-0090002072
Black Legion HQ-0090002149
Black Legion HQ-0090002177
Black Legion HQ-0090002242
Black Legion HQ-0090001331
Black Legion HQ-0090002285
Black Legion HQ-0090002707
Black Legion HQ-0090002751
Black Legion HQ-0090003596
Black Legion HQ-0650004306
Black Dragon Society HQ-0650004306
Black Liberation Army HQ-1570010555
Black Liberation Army HQ-1760001268
Black Liberation Army HQ-0250555968
Black Muslims – Nation of Islam HQ-0090042932
Black Muslims HQ-1770000438
Green Hornet – Friend of Cato HQ-0470097531
Black Nationalist Movement HQ-1570002850
Black Nationalist Movement HQ-1570008415
Black Panther Party – Cleaver faction HQ-1000044251
Black Panther Party – Cleaver faction HQ-1570022627
Black Panther Party (BPP) (ONY) HQ-1700003340
Black Panther Party (BPP) (ONY) HQ-0620117442
Black Panther Party (BPP) (ONY) HQ-1570022862
Black Panther Party (BPP) (ONY) HQ-1050157435
Black Panther Party (BPP) (ONY) HQ-1050165706
Black Panther Party (BPP) (ONY) HQ-1970002866
Black Panther Party (BPP) (ONY) HQ-1050206570
Black Panther Party (BPP) (ONY) HQ-1570004825
Black Panther Party (BPP) (ONY) HQ-1570012777
Black Panther Party (BPP) (ONY) HQ-1570014701
Black Panther Party (BPP) (ONY) HQ-0920013682
Black Panther Party (BPP) (ONY) HQ-0090054606
Black Panther Party (BPP) (ONY) HQ-0620116909
Black Panther Party (BPP) (ONY) HQ-1570014957
Black Panther Party (BPP) (ONY) HQ-1570034891
Black Panther Party (BPP) (ONY) HQ-0920012827
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-0090048659
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-0090049168
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-0090050040
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-0090051094
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-0090051375
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-1760002111
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-1760001465
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-1760001493
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-1760001543
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-1760001552
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-1760001556
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-1760001564
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-1760001568
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-0440040400
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-0920011392
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-0920012718
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-1760001308
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-0440047895
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-1740000983
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-1760001379
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-1760001408
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-1760001582
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-1760001325
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-1760001335
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-1760001372
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-1760001403
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-1760001458
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-1760001300
Black Panther Party W-S, N.C. HQ-1760001323
Blackstone Rangers OCG 1960s HQ-0090045084
Blackstone Rangers OCG 1960s HQ-0090045278
Blackstone Rangers OCG 1960s HQ-0090045818
Blackstone Rangers OCG 1960s HQ-0090048010
Blackstone Rangers OCG 1960s HQ-0090048452
Black Tom WW1 Island Explosion HQ-0620001199
Black Tom WW1 Island Explosion HQ-0980017844
Thorne, Charles F. — see Black Tom
Hercules Powder Co.- see Black Tom
Counterrevolutionary Exped. Mexico HQ-0640000003
Counterrevolutionary Exped. Mexico HQ-0640000064
Counterrevolutionary Exped. Mexico HQ-0640000478
Blanco, Lucio – see Counterrev.
Murguia, Francisco – see Counterrev.
Gonzales, Pablo – see Counterrev.
Juarez, Jose – see Counterrevolution.
Blandi, Silvio — Hijacker HQ-015000025685
Blandi, Silvio — Hijacker HQ-015000025868
Blandi, Silvio — Hijacker HQ-015000026470
Blatnik, John A — Hr MN CP HQ-1000347769
Block, Albert Alexander HQ-1000261702
Block, Albert Alexander HQ-0620006464
Rosenberg, Ethel — see Block, A.A.
Block, Emmanuel — see Block, A.A.
Block, Emmanuel HQ-0090023728
Block, Emmanuel HQ-1010006691
Block, Emmanuel — see Rosenberg J.
Block, Harry –Phil. Labor Ldr 1907 HQ-0770013412
Block, Harry –Phil. Labor Ldr 1907 HQ-1000372572
Block, Samuel — SNCC HQ-044000020400
Block, Samuel — SNCC HQ-044000021563
Block, Samuel — SNCC HQ-044000021470
Block, Samuel — SNCC HQ-044000026310
Block, Samuel — SNCC HQ-044000020231
Block, Samuel — SNCC HQ-056000003218
Bloom, Marshall-Liberat. News Svc HQ-0250565437
Bloom, Marshall-Liberat. News Svc HQ-1050105988
Bloor, Ella Reeve –Labor Organizer HQ-1000000003
Bloor, Ella Reeve– Labor Organizer HQ-0610000153
Blount, Winton -Postmaster General HQ-004000043092
Blount, Winton -Postmaster General HQ-161000005820
Blumfield, Isidore – OC Financier HQ-0740001938
Blumfield, Isidore – OC Financier HQ-0720001306
Blumfield, Isidore – OC Financier HQ-060?
Blumfield, Isidore – OC Financier HQ-031?
Blumfield, Isidore – OC Financier HQ-162?
Blumfield, Isidore – OC Financier HQ-062?
Lansky, Meyer — see Blumfield, Isid.
Bogg, Franz-Ger Consul. OSF 1917 HQ-0620002748
Bluestein, Eugene HQ-1000387908
Boas, Franz HQ-1000153839
Bodde, Dirk (Derk) HQ-1000387911
Bodenschatz, Viola BOPNO ESP HQ-0650001067
Bodenschatz, Viola BOPNO ESP HQ-0730010454
Boeing Aircraft Co. Excess Profits HQ-0460026746
Bogart, Humphrey HQ-1000002256
Bogart, Humphrey HQ-0520019818
Bogart, Humphrey HQ-0650041055
Bogart, Humphrey HQ-0650051055
Boegner, Etienne-Free French Res. HQ-1000055480
Boehmler, Lucy NOBOP ESP HQ-0650033780
Bohm, David –see Oppenheimer, R HQ-1000207045
Bohr, Niels — Physicist 20th century HQ-1170000784
Natl Comm. Atomic Info. -see Bohr HQ-1000344452
Bolich, Daniel Anderson HQ-1160434785
Bolich, Daniel Anderson HQ-0620096685
Bombing McComb MS Black Homes HQ-1570000006
Bombing McComb MS Black Homes HQ-1610000148
BAPBOMB BH 1963 HQ-1570001025
Bombing AIM HQ-1740006620
Bombing, Anti-Castro 07 Procastro NY-1740001879
Bombings, Yugoslavian Missions CG-1740000163
Bombings, Yugoslavian Missions NY-1740000356
Bonanno, Joseph OC HQ-0460016802
Bonanno, Joseph OC HQ-0580006753
Bonanno, Joseph OC HQ-0630000316
Bonanno, Joseph OC HQ-0720001629
Bonanno, Joseph OC HQ-0920002710
Bonanno, Joseph OC HQ-1660005489
Bonanno, Joseph OC HQ-0420193161
Bonanno, Joseph OC HQ-0920003314
Bonanno, Joseph OC HQ-0920004225
Bonanno, Joseph OC HQ-0920007446
Bonanno, Joseph OC HQ-1370009274
Bonanno, Joseph OC HQ-0250600491
Bonanno, Joseph OC HQ-1790001810
Bonanno, Joseph OC HQ-0920017545
Bonanno, Joseph OC HQ-0870143997
Bonanno, Joseph OC HQ-0620112973
Bonanno, Joseph OC HQ-0920017878
Bonanno, Joseph OC HQ-0260448762
Bonanno, Joseph Charles OC HQ-1830001001
Bonanno, Joseph Charles OC HQ-1900026628
Bonanno, Joseph Charles OC HQ-1790000506
Bonanno, Joseph Charles OC HQ-1830000736
Bonanno, Salvatore Vincent OC HQ-1830000736
Bond, Julian HQ-0250529087
Bond, Julian HQ-1160362238
Bonilla, Joaquin-San Salvador 1944 HQ-0540000482
Bonus Army Marchers 1932 HQ-0610006700
Bonus Army Marchers 1932 HQ-0610007077
Bonus Army Marchers 1932 HQ-0620027038
Bookniga US Corp. USSR agent HQ-0650001674
Boorstin, Daniel CPUSA Member HQ-1000346076
Boorstin, Daniel CPUSA Member HQ-1610011150
Booth, Ernest Granville HQ-0870002661
Booth, Ernest Granville HQ-0910004629
Bohlen, Charles-US envoy to USSR HQ-0770056416
Borah, William E – Dies Committee HQ-0610003546
Borah, William E – Dies Committee HQ-0620022863
Borah, William E – Dies Committee HQ-0620022968
Borah, William E – Dies Committee HQ-0620023265
Borchardt, Paul T-BOPNO WW2spy HQ-0650033780
Borg, Dorothy HQ-0090063038
Borinski, Ernst –Tougaloo College HQ-1000361343
Bortwick Kidnapping 1976 WFO HQ-0070016447
Boudin, Kathy IS-SDS HQ-0910090904
Boudin, Kathy IS-SDS HQ-1000438168
Boudin, Kathy IS-SDS HQ-1760000038
Boudin, Kathy IS-SDS HQ-1760002167
Boudin, Kathy IS-SDS CG-1760000004
Boudin, Kathy IS-SDS CG-1760000008
Boudin, Kathy IS-SDS CG-1000047977
Boudin, Leonard-Atty w/rad. clients HQ-1000339869
Bourret, Richard C.- Defect to Cuba HQ-1000435918
Bowers, Sam HQ-1730003816
Bowers, Sam HQ-0440025706
Bowers, Sam HQ-1570001654
Bowman Transportation Company HQ-1670000019
Boyce, Christopher John Esp. R HQ-0650076128
Boyd, David – CWP Member HQ-1000454148
Boyd, David – CWP member HQ-1740008798
Boyd, E.M. NOBOP HQ-1730000391
Boyd, E.M. NOBOP HQ-1570005343
Boyle, W.A. -Tony- HQ-0560004372
Boyle, W.A. – Tony- HQ-1590003394
Boyles, Odell Carylyle HQ-0070000036
Bracky, Laurent Henrickus J. HQ-0650028933
Bradley, Francine B. HQ-1000398963
Bradley, Lyman HQ-1000340005
Bradley, Thomas O.– LA Mayor HQ-0620112843
Bradley, Thomas O.– LA Mayor HQ-1610011871
Bramblett, Ernest King MC HQ-0940042069
Bramblett, Ernest King MC HQ-0580002841
Bramblett, Ernest King MC HQ-0560001163
Bramblett, Ernest King MC HQ-0730015228
Brandeis, Louis D. – Justice HQ-1000153479
Brandel, Arthur ESP NYT corresp. HQ-1000400283
Brandel, Arthur ESP NYT corresp. HQ-1000346268
Brandenburg, Leopold MD for crim. HQ-0250056642
Brandon, Henry – London Times HQ-0400006004
Brandon, Thomas J. Films-1930 HQ-1000339377
Brady, Alfred -James Gang Manhunt HQ-0870000318
Brecht, Bertold HQ-1000190707
Bratcher, Everett M. HQ-0250227135
Bremer, Edward George – see Brekid
Karpis, Alvin — see Brekid
Barker, Arthur -Doc- — see Brekid
Karpis-Barker Gang — see Brekid
Brekid HQ-0070000576
Brekid HQ-0090002461
Bremer, Arthur –Assassin Wallace HQ-0440052576
Bressler, Joseph HQ-1000395344
Brewer, Ray HQ-0290062805
Brewster, Daniel B-US Senator Brib. HQ-0580007032
Bribing of Prison Warden–Rico HQ-1830004646
Brickle, Henry E. et al. HQ-0260084027
Bridges, Harry HQ-0390000915
Bridges, Harry HQ-0390000916
Bridges, Harry HQ-0390007550
Bridges, Harry HQ-0610000915
Bridges, Harry HQ-1050020972
Bridges, Harry HQ-1580000317
Bridges, Harry HQ-0600002580
Bridges, Harry HQ-0290007698
Bridges, Harry HQ-0630008460
Bridges, Harry HQ-1560000192
Bridges, Harry HQ-1220000234
Bridges, Harry NY-0390000155
Bridges, Harry SF-1220000137
Brighton Natl Bnk Unsecured Loans HQ-0290035745
Brighton National Bank HQ-0910018655
Brighton National Bank HQ-0870078831
Brighton National Bank HQ-1590001992
Brighton National Bank HQ-0290037613
Brighton Natl Bank JEH Briefs Pres. HQ-0940057090
Brilab Bribery Labor HQ-0620118432
Brilab Bribery Labor HQ-1830002736
Brinkley, John R – Quack MD HQ-0740001120
Brinkley, John R – Quack MD HQ-0250016547
Bringley, John R – Quack MD HQ-1000001312
Brinks Robbery HQ-0910005535
Brinsmeade, Robert T–Latin Am Bus HQ-0970004106
Brody, William H – Kidnapping HQ-0070014592
Brody, William H HQ-1900008672
Brokaw, Paul – Blowup RR Bridge HQ-0980006764
Brooklyn Extortion Case HQ-0070000452
Brooks, Early L -KKK SC/NC HQ-0070006277
Brophy, John HQ-1000044232
Brophy, John HQ-1210034983
Brophy, John HQ-0440088835
Brotherhood RR Trainmen HQ-0590002295
Brotherhood of RR Trainmen HQ-0590002286
Brotherhood of RR Trainmen HQ-0590002286
Brotherhood of RR Trainmen HQ-0590002254
Brotherhood of RR Trainmen HQ-0590002294
Brotherhood of RR Trainmen HQ-0590002015
Brotherhood of RR Trainmen HQ-0590000776
Brotherhood of RR Trainmen HQ-0560001527
Brotherhood of RR Trainmen HQ-1220000338
Brotherhood of RR Trainmen HQ-1190000004
Brotherhood of RR Trainmen HQ-1590002825
Brotherhood of RR Trainmen HQ-1220002291
Brotherhood of RR Trainmen HQ-1730005133
Brotherhood of RR Trainmen HQ-0950137870
Brotherhood of RR Trainmen HQ-0980006764
Brotherhood of RR Trainmen HQ-0620068437
Brotherhood of RR Trainmen HQ-1000421680
Brous, Bernard J – Simil Damage HQ-0980045626
Brous, Bernard J HQ-1050175997
Brous, Bernard J HQ-1000449723
Browder, Earl Russell CPUSA HQ-0400003798
Brown, Artie HQ-1220003162
Brown, Artie HQ-1580000002
Brown, Artie HQ-1000003282
Brown, Artie HQ-1000101967
Brown, Artie HQ-1000186952
Brown Beret Militant Mex-Am HQ-0520088699
Brown Beret HQ-1050180023
Brown Beret HQ-1050232511
Brown Beret LA-1000071172
Brown, Gerald C HQ-1000379296
Brown, Gerald C HQ-0520047751
Brown, H. Rap HQ-0090044386
Brown, H. Rap HQ-0250555653
Brown, H. Rap HQ-0880050610
Brown, H. Rap HQ-1200009428
Brown, H. Rap HQ-1760001498
Brown, H. Rap HQ-1730005669
Brown, H. Rap HQ-0890001456
Brown, H. Rap HQ-1050168197
Brown, H. Rap HQ-1900000962
Brown, Ida HQ-0310073307
Brown vs Board of Education Deseg HQ-0610101087
Brtabk, Joseph HQ-0150020167
Brunaeur, Esther HQ-1210000615
Brunaeur, Esther HQ-1000356936
Bruno, Angelo – Phil. Crime Boss HQ-1660003494
Bruno, Angelo HQ-1660000860
Bruno, Angelo HQ-1660003570
Bruno, Angelo HQ-0630000539
Bruno, Angelo HQ-1650001458
Bruno, Angelo HQ-1830003815
Bruno, Angelo HQ-1790000953
Bruno, Angelo PH-0920000444
Bryan, Helen — Contempt Congress HQ-1000206852
Bryan, Helen HQ-1000017828
Bryan, Helen HQ-0400051083
Bryant, Alice F. –Seattle Activist HQ-1050051083
Bosch, John HQ-0690000503
Bosch, John HQ-0460019132
Bosch, John HQ-1000064614
Bosch, John HQ-1050102049
Boston Draft Resistance Group Cross Ref. Only
Boutelle, Paul 69 SWP Mayor Cand. HQ-1760000837
Boutelle, Paul HQ-1000442545
Bucciero, Fiore HQ-1790000015
Buchalter, Louis – Murder Inc. HQ-0620028915
Buchalter, Louis HQ-0620054361
Buchalter, Louis HQ-0600001759
Buchalter, Louis HQ-0600001834
Buchalter, Louis HQ-0600001501
Buchalter, Louis HQ-0490005758
Buchanan-Dineen, Grace HQ-0650040157
Buckner, Korine Fern HQ-1040000767
Budenz, Louis Francis HQ-1000000063
Budzinski, Albert – Polish Commun. HQ-1050026382
Bufalino, Russell – PA LCN Head HQ-1790001409
Bufalino, Russell HQ-0920002839
Bufalino, Russell PH-0920000441
Bufalino, Russell NY-1790001457
Bufalino, Russell LA-1830000382
Bunche, Ralph Johnson HQ-1380000014
Bunche, Ralph J. HQ-1610000054
Bunche, Ralph J. HQ-1000006825
Bunge Grain Elevator Co (BGEC) HQ-0460017746
BGEC HQ-0490019765
BGEC HQ-0870074219
BGEC HQ-1200000525
BGEC HQ-1310000957
BGEC HQ-0580008722
BGEC HQ-0920014696
Bureau of Indian Affairs Occupation HQ-0520096843
Burch, Frank B. HQ-0970000391
Burgess, Ernest W. HQ-1210022014
Burgess, Ernest W. HQ-1000287323
Burgess, Guy Francis Demoney HQ-1000374183
Burglar Professional HQ-0880023407
Burgman, Herbert –Mil. Att. Berlin HQ-0650045242
Burgum, Edwin Berry HQ-1000113877
Burns, Joseph Cooper HQ-1920000076
Burns, Lucy K. — Suffragist HQ-0670675810
Burns, Milt — Union Leader HQ-1220000837
Burns, Milt HQ-1000053408
Burns, Milt HQ-1580000052
Burt, George — Labor HQ-0760046233
Burtan, Valentine G. – Dr. CPUSA HQ-1000262352
Burtan, Valentine G. – Dr. CPUSA HQ-0940057090
Bush, Vannevar HQ-1210009524
Bush, Vannevar HQ-0940041907
Bush, Vannevar HQ-0090020437
Bush, Vannevar HQ-1610004165
Bussmeyer, Donald Richard HQ-0910026457
Butler, Smedley D–Maj. Gen HQ-0620033617
Butler, Smedley D–Maj. Gen HQ-0620041602
Butler, Smedley D–Maj. Gen HQ-0620116606
Butler, Wm Augustus BOPNO HQ-0700021879
Butler, Wm Augustus BOPNO HQ-1400019425
Butterworth, W. Walton HQ-1210043345
Byrd, Molly Faye BOPNO HQ-0260288873
Byrnes, James John HQ-0260410999